Top 10 Benefits of Being A Vegetarian

benefits of vegetarianism

So, would you love to be a vegetarian? Although the world has gone gaga over chicken and beef recipes, there remains little powerful reason which makes them the healthiest diet till today. Thanks to science and research which have showed abundant proves of being vegetarian. Earlier days, people believed chicken and non vegetarian food to be completely enriched with vitamins and fats, but not to forget the reasons which make these plan based diet recommended and the healthiest diet. According to a survey an estimated 70 percent of diseases are related to diet and eating habits. A person following vegetarianism diet is said to have fewer chances of high blood pressure, fats, cholesterol, stomach disorders and heart stroke diseases.

Top 10 Benefits of Being A Vegetarian

1. Less Diseases

A research has proved vegetarian diets are more healthful than the average American or Indian non vegetarian diet. It helps to reduce the chance of heart diseases which results in prevents various type of cancer too. It also helps in progression of coronary artery diseases and is the best way to help to boost the brain functioning. But the mortality rate for cardiovascular disease is lower in vegetarians than in non vegetarians. A person eating vegetarian diet is actually consuming fewer amounts of animal fat and cholesterol which in return helps to keep him healthy. Vegetarian diet is rich in fiber and anti oxidants.

2. Always Keep a Check on Weight

Not new to any one of us but non vegetarian diet is high in saturated fats and processed foods and low in plant-based foods and complex carbohydrates which is actually the prime reason in making the most of the fat which leads to killing us slowly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and a division of the CDC, the National Center for Health Statistics, 64 percent of adults and 15 percent of children between 6 to 19 years of age are actually overweighed and also are at a risk of weight-related ailments including heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Only eating vegetarian food can actually help you to reduce 5 kgs of weight, which you gained while munching on meats.

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3. Longer Life

Think again before switch back to American non vegetarian diets. It is said, a person living only on veggies is expected to live 13 years more as compared to a person eating non vegetarian food. This is because of the insoluble fats and cholesterol which people collect in their body by eating four legged diet. Excessive fats lead to slow down of process in the body and also immune system. It leads in hyper reactivity and increased level of heart beat. You may start undergoing problems from the younger age.

4. Leads to Strong Bones

Health bone is actually a secret to health life. Once the person reaches the age of 40, it is only the bones which give immense trouble and pain. A single joint pain can upset whole of your body and lead to slow down the energy. Due to insufficient calcium in the main blood stream, the bones starts going brittle which leads to various problems further. When you are consuming non vegetarian diet, there are only sources through which you body can digest calcium for bones Vegetarian food is enriched with soluble fats, fibers and calcium too. There have also been traces of iodine and manganese found in the vegetarian food. The food supplies proper nourishment to the body resulting in proper body functioning. People who are mildly lactose-intolerant can often enjoy small amounts of dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and lactose-free milk. But if you avoid dairy altogether, you can still get a healthful dose of calcium from dry beans, tofu, soymilk and dark green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, collards and turnip greens.

5. Save Money

You will save pounds of money when you grab vegetarian food. Vegetarian food cost you less than rest non vegetarian food and they are nutritious too. Vegetarian food is stomach filling dish which helps to control the hunger and also increase the stamina within you. You can actually save 40% of money as compared to non vegetarian dish.

6. Lower Risk of Diabetes

Studies have shown that person suffering from diabetes is mostly non vegetarians. This is because of the excessive fats and cholesterol in the four legged meat. It does not completely help to eradicate the risk of diabetes, it helps the lowering the sugar level in the body. Soluble fibers in diet help to control the insulin in the body which results in lowering the risk of diabetes.

7. Lower the Risk of Blood Clot

Due to essential and vital vitamins and fibers found in the vegetarian food it lowers the risk of blood clot in the body. Vital elements required for proper blood circulation throughout the body

8. You’ll have more energy

Good nutrition and tasty foods generates more usable energy, Usable energy helps to keep pace with the kids, tackle that home improvement project or have better sex more often. You arteries may get blocked if there is too much of fat in the blood stream. It also helps to weaken your muscles. Vegetarian food helps to produce energy to the body and also improve the blood circulation throughout the cells. Too much fat in your bloodstream means that arteries won’t open properly and that your muscles won’t get enough oxygen. You’ll be more ‘regular’. Eating a lot of vegetables necessarily means consuming more fiber, which pushes waste out of the body. Meat contains no fiber. People who eat lower on the food chain tend to have fewer instances of constipation, hemorrhoids and diverticulitis.

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9. Moods in Control

A study has shown moods are in control and this remains constant with people eating vegetarian food. Vegetarian helps to balance the hormonal imbalance in the body by maintaining the mood swings in the person.

10. Lower Risk of Cancer

It has been proved that vegetarian diet has positive results on the people continuously eating them. The vegans have proved to lower the risk of cancer, diabetes among this clan of people. Eating vegetarian food is especially beneficial for women which lower the risk of breast cancer.

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