20 Amazing Benefits And Uses of Buckwheat

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Buckwheat is a cereal which has its roots in North Europe and china. It was found among the wild, till people started cultivating it after knowing the benefits. Buckwheat contains iron, proteins, amino acids, zinc, copper, carbohydrates and necessary vitamins & minerals. It is triangular in shape and the hull must be removed to consume buckwheat. Buckwheat must be added to regular diet. It can be in the raw form or roasted form. You can also make porridge out of Buckwheat if you dislike the taste of Buckwheat. Buckwheat can also be a substitute for cereals like oats, barley and so on. You can get the Buckwheat flour if you wish to substitute it for wheat. Buckwheat is a boon to the people who are allergic to gluten. Always opt for darker shades of as they are more nutritious when compared to the lighter ones. The following are the various benefits of buckwheat:(1)

Health benefits of buckwheat

Supplies Proteins to the Body

It has ample amount of proteins which is a must to generate energy. Vegetarians can completely rely on this cereal to avoid protein deficiency in the body.

Lowers Blood Pressure

The rutin present in buckwheat helps to stabilize the blood pressure. This rutin is extracted from the leaves of the buckwheat plant. Thus, it a way to control high blood pressure.(2)

Prevents Allergies

If you are looking for an alternative to stuff your pillow, use buckwheat. It is non-allergic in nature and prevents allergy pertaining to dust and pollen.(3)

Controls Diabetes

It is said to control diabetes due to the glycemic index. It has a glycemic index of 54 which controls blood sugar levels in the body.(4)

Smooths Digestion

The intestines must be cleansed on everyday basis for a smooth digestion to take place. Buckwheat has neutral thermal properties to help in digestion.(5)


People are allergic to gluten, can consume buckwheat as it is gluten free. Celiacs people can also try out this.(6)

Reduces Cholesterol

If you are a victim of high cholesterol and hypertension, do not worry. Buckwheat is a solution for it. It has properties that will suppress bad cholesterol in the body. Gallstones can also be prevented by regular consumption of Buckwheat.(7)

Supplies Antioxidants

Buckwheat contains antioxidants like flavonoids which are just not good for skin, but also for health. It protects the body from diseases due to the deficiency of vitamin C.(8)

Relaxes Blood Vessels

The magnesium present in Buckwheat relaxes the blood vessels, thereby improving the blood circulation in the body. This also strengthens the muscles and joints.

Controls Childhood Asthma

The fiber present in this triangle shaped grain prevents asthma in children. However, do consult a doctor if the asthma is severe.(9)

Protects Breast Cancer

Breast cancer can be prevented by Enterolactone. The phytonutrient plant lignan gets converted to mammalian lignans in the intestines, which prevents breast cancer.(10)

Prevents Liver Disorders

The vitamin B-complex present in buckwheat prevents the occurrence of disorders related to liver. The liver must be strong enough to carry out the functions of the body.(11)

Low-Calorie Food

Looking for a low calorie food that will help you in suppressing your appetite? Buckwheat can be used by all the obese people to manage their weight. It contains inositol which prevents fat formation. It is filling in nature and controls hunger. It also increases the metabolic rate of the body which burns the fats.

Prevents Depression

A common fear these days is depression. Everyone has a reason for stress. When the stress becomes unbearable, it turns to depression. It must be controlled at an earlier stage to prevent further damage to the body. The tryptophan present in buckwheat has a great influence on the mood swings. It boosts positivity in human brain and prevents depression.

Improves Gut Health

The gut health is important to prevent constipation. Buckwheat contains fibre which is essential to keep the guts healthy. Make a porridge or add to your recipes to get the benefits of buckwheat. Pancakes can also be tried out using buckwheat.

Food for Postmenopausal Women

Women are said to undergo a lot of mood swings postmenopausal. They also have hormonal changes which might lead to other ailments such as breast cancer, high cholesterol, strokes and so on. Munch few buckwheat seeds to add benefit to your health.

Skin Benefits of Buckwheat

Protects Skin Damage

The rutin present in buckwheat has a great impact on skin care. It prevents the sun damage to the skin, hence is used in most of the sunscreen lotions and creams. The ultraviolet rays has a permanent damage to the skin. Too much exposure to sun might cause skin cancer as well. Hence, take all the measures before stepping out in the sun.(12)

Prevents Ageing

The premature ageing of the skin can be prevented by antioxidants and flavonoids present in buckwheat.

Adds Glow to the Skin

Tried all the home remedies to add glow to the skin, yet lack that charm on your skin? The magnesium present in buckwheat calms the blood vessels, thereby increasing the blood circulation. This will add glow to the skin.

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Improves Skin Elasticity

The polyunsaturated fatty acids present in buckwheat increases the elasticity of the skin. This will improve the health of your skin.

Hair Benefits of Buckwheat

Increases Hair Length

Looking for a solution to add growth to your hair? The complex carbohydrates and Whole grain-carbohydrates are essential for hair growth. Buckwheat has both of them. It also has zinc and vitamins to strengthen the hair.(13)

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Improves Hair Texture

Vitamin B6 is soluble in water. As the body cannot produce vitamin B6, an additional source has to be chosen to fulfill the body’s need. Buckwheat is a source of vitamin B6 which makes it vital for hair care products.

Hope this article has been useful to you. It would be wise of you if you add buckwheat to your daily diet. The body needs lots of nutrition on a regular basis. We have a change in our lifestyle, which demands a change in the food habits as well.

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