The 3 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

3 Day Diet plan for Weight Loss

The three-day diet for weight loss is a quick and efficient way of bringing your weight back into track. Although it promises great results, it is important to note that the effect is dependent on every individual and their body type.

3 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

As this is a short duration for a diet, it essential to follow certain rules and regulations before starting the three-day diet. A few days before beginning this harsh diet, please make sure that the calorie intake is reduced slowly. This diet may have adverse effects on the energy levels if you do not regulate your eating habits before beginning the diet. Another tip is to start with eating nutritious and healthy food a few weeks before the diet. Cut off on any fast food or fried food as this will help enhance the effectiveness of the three-day diet. It is also referred to as the military diet.

The First Day of the 3 Day Diet

Your breakfast must begin with a glass of freshly squeezed apple and carrot juice that is better for your health in terms of reducing your weight easily. Remember that before your lunch you should not take anything as it is not recommended. Drink boiled water during the day. At lunch time consume boiled or even raw fruits and vegetables. Exclude potatoes and bananas from the food list. Take unsweetened juice or green tea at lunch.

Important Note:

  • It is quite simple that if you eat as minimal as possible your entire digestive process will function faster as the focus of the digestive system turns towards burning unwanted fat into energy rather than burning the food that is consumed.

The Second Day of the Diet

It is important to keep in mind that this is an extremely severe diet. On the second day you should drink only water with a bowl of low-fat yogurt for your dinner. Try to incorporate exercises into your schedule and ensure that you get some fresh air.

The Third Day of the Diet

There is not a lot of difference from the first day of the diet except that in the morning you need to drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice. The dinner must include salad of all veggies like cabbage, carrots and greens, season with lemon. At evening time take 2 green apples and one orange. Drink a glass of water (preferably boiled) when you get thirsty or hungry.

In your three day diet you should alternate your menu along with high-calorie meals that include vegetables, fruit, salad vegetables and herbs. You must exercise as it benefits to your skin and improves the skin complexion too.

As a young healthy adult you can follow this diet without any restrictions. However, for pregnant women and young children this diet is strictly restricted. It is also forbidden for those people who have high blood pressure, kidney problem, liver trouble and cardiovascular dysfunction.

Cucumber 3 Day Diet for Weight Loss

Cucumber is the best vegetable that helps to reduce your weight easily and is perfect weight loss option for people. Throughout the day it is recommended to eat only 2 kg of cucumbers. As cucumber composes of 90% water it is very effective in reducing weight. This can however be accompanied with a few glasses of boiled water or green tea.

Kefir 3 Day Diet for Weight Loss

Kefir and buckwheat are a perfect choice for the three day diet as a mono-diet that helps to decrease up to 3kgs of weight. Drink low fat milk products to lose weight instantly and better to consume steamed buckwheat water without adding any salt.

Watermelon Juice 3 Day Diet for Weight Loss

This is an amazing diet for weight loss and perfectly helps to decrease your weight quickly. In this process to lose weight you should not eat any other high-calorie foods. Start drinking lots of fluids and exercise daily.

Although diets are recommended to maintain your body weight and help in effective functioning of various organs, it is important to consume enough calories that are required by the body to perform metabolic activities.

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