20 Most Stylish Bob Braids Hairstyles

Braided Bob Hairstyles

Women with bob haircuts often look for stylish bob braids hairstyles to give them a chic look. In this regard, we have curated a blissful collection of 20 stunning bob braid styles that will blow your mind. When having trendy twists with a bit of elegance and style in mind, nothing seems better than a braided bob. Explore our collection of bob braids and discover how you can elevate your personality even more with them.

Style Your Hair with These Amazing Bob Braids Hairstyles

1. Bob Braids with Curls

Bob braids with curls and some hair accessories

Just a look at these curly bob braids can make anyone go gaga. The stunning curls bouncing on the shoulder add extra oomph to the character.

2. Afro Braided Bob Hairstyle

Afro braided bob hairstyle ties with hair beads

When you have a shoulder-length bob, this bob braid hairstyle looks amazing. Here, individual braids are made and sealed with a band, allowing them to stay for long.

3. Side Swept Multiple Bob Braids Hairstyle

Side swept multiple bob braids hairstyle

Style your bob haircut in this striking braided hairstyle to bring an extra chic look. It looks even better when you have colored your hair with a tinge of brown and black.

4. Tight Side Swept Knotless Bob Braids

Tight and neat side swept knotless bob braids

For the love of black, this braided hairstyle goes well on all occasions. When the bobs are slightly longer than the shoulder, such braids make hair look extra gracious.

5. Side Parted Bob Braid Hairstyle

Side parted bob braid hairstyle

The side partition of hair and then the creation of braids give an alluring look to the shoulder-length bob. End the braids by tucking the extra hairs inside to create a neater look.

6. One-Sided Bob Braid Hairstyle with Knotless Braids

One-sided bob braid hairstyle with knotless braids

Create braids on the shoulder-length bob hair and sweep them all on one side. It will give you an edgy and extra bouncy look.

7. Mid-Parted Bohemian Knotless Bob Braid Hairstyle

Mid-parted Bohemian Knotless bob braids hairstyle

Girls with square or round faces and big foreheads can create bob braids with mid-partitions. It will accentuate the overall look of their face.

8. Knotless Bob Braid Updo Hairstyle

Knotless bob braids updo hairstyle

For this striking bob braids hairstyle, just make braids without tying them with knots at the end. Now, take some braids and tie them together on the upper part of the scalp, creating an updo. It will give you a stylish and more chic look.

9. Tight Braids with a Side Sweep and Hair Beads

Tight braids with a side sweep and hair beads

Women with hair length slightly longer than the shoulder can go for this astounding bob braid hairstyle. It gives you a classy and sophisticated look. Add a few silver beads here and there to complete the look.

10. Boho Small Bob Braided Hairstyle with Updo

Boho small bob braided hairstyle with updo

If you love the typical boho look, this bob braided hairstyle is your go-to option. Take a few braids from either side and tuck them up on the left and right side of the scalp. Leave a few braids on the forehead and on the back for a full look.

11. Knotless Bob Braided Hairstyle with Curls

Knotless Bob braided hairstyle with curls and hair accessories

Get this chic look by creating a few curls on the forehead. While the braids will make your bob hairstyle alluring, the extra curls will add to the oomph even more. Adding a few hair accessories makes you look even more fashionable.

12. Rope Twists Short Bob Hairstyle

Rope twists bob hairstyle for short hair

If you are looking for something different in your bob haircut, rope twists in the braid will go an extra mile, giving you a statement look.

13. Short Curly Bob Braids Hairstyle

Short Curly bob braids hairstyle with side swept knotless braids

A few curls and a lot more braids are the perfect recipe to create a beautiful and attractive look, and this hairstyle talks about it. Here, you can see how beautifully the curls are created, highlighting the braids even more.

14. Square Textured Bob Braid Hairstyle

Square Textured bob braids hairstyle with mid partition

When you create a few textures on the scalp with the hairstyle, the personality is enhanced, and it can be seen through this braided hairstyle. The knotless braids look extremely beautiful.

15. Boho Bob Crochet Hairstyle

Boho bob crochet hairstyle

Half curls and half braids on the bob-cut hairstyle enhance your personality a lot. This side-parted hairstyle will bring grace and increase your persona multiple times.

16. Curly Knotless Braided Bob

Curly knotless braided bob hairstyle for short hair

This hairstyle looks unique as here some hairs are braided and the rest are kept curled. Additionally, a bouncy look is given to make the hairstyle look even prettier.

17. Multiple Bob Braids with Curls

Multiple Bob Braids with Curls and Open Hair

Another stunning hairstyle in the category is this, wherein you can see how beautifully the hairs are styled with a few braids and some curls. The carefree look that you get with this hairstyle will definitely become the talk of the town.

18. Knotless Rope Twist Braids on Bob

Knotless rope twist braids on bob

Adding another striking rope twist braid, this knotless hairstyle will give you an energetic look. At the same time, it adds a beautiful pattern on the scalp that makes you the center of attraction instantly.

19. Simple Medium Braids with Bob

Simple medium braids with bob for mid-partitioned hair

If you are not fond of experimenting with anything unusual, just go for this simple and elegant medium bob braids hairstyle. This mid-parted hairstyle looks decent on every face.

20. Bold Mid-Parted Bob Hairstyle

Bold mid-parted bob hairstyle with knotless braids

For all those women who love to get a bold look, this striking hairstyle could become their favorite. It adds glamour and class to your otherwise ordinary look and makes you the center of attention.


These bob braids hairstyles are enough to enhance your overall personality. You can try any of these to get a statement look, appear more fashionable, chic and classy. Experiment with these trendy hairstyles and look unique.

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