Can You Eat Pizza With Braces?

Can You Eat Pizza With Braces

Once you get braces, suddenly you have to start following a lot of rules and regulations, especially when it comes to eating. Although braces help correct crooked or irregular-shaped teeth, they also bind you to take certain eating precautions that prevent damaging your braces.

Eat Pizza With Braces

Activities to Avoid After Getting Braces

  • Eating chewy, hard, or crunchy foods
  • Biting your lips
  • Breathing excessively through your mouth
  • Pushing your tongue against your teeth

It is advised to always cut crunchy food into smaller or bite-size pieces before consuming it. It will keep the braces intact, and you can also enjoy your favorite crunchy foods at ease.

By the age of 7 or 8, milk teeth start breaking, and new teeth start coming out. While some children get properly shaped teeth, some develop crooked or space between the teeth. Teeth may also become irregular after an accident. In such cases, you need to get braces that help correct the teeth’ shape and make them properly aligned.

Now let’s talk about braces and eating pizzas, which is the major concern among kids and adults alike. Pizza, one of the most popular dishes, is loved by people of all ages. But when they hear about eating precautions after getting braces, pizza is the main concern.

Is Pizza Okay to Eat After Getting Braces?

The answer is yes; you can still eat pizza after getting braces. However, you need to make a few minor changes to your pizza to relish it anywhere and anytime. Firstly, you have to get down to the type of pizza because now you can’t have any of them. Even though the choice is limited, you can still enjoy pizza slices.

The two major parts of a pizza are its crust and toppings. Find out how to alter them to Bon Appetite.

1. Pizza Crust:

Different types of pizza crusts are available- thin, soft, and tough crusts. Once you get the braces, you can have pizza with soft crust only. It is because the other types of crusts being hard can damage the braces. They may get stuck between the brackets, wires, and teeth.

2. Pizza Toppings:

When it comes to pizza toppings, pick those that come in small pieces and are soft in texture. For instance, you can go for crumbled bacon or mushrooms. If you love having pepperoni in your pizza, make sure the slices are thin and don’t have chewy skin.

So, whether you order pizza or make one at your home, make sure it suits your orthodontics. You can easily get a customized pizza in the shop. When you are making one at home, you have the freedom to make it perfect for your braced teeth. Ensure that the crust is soft and toppings are cut into smaller pieces.

A Perfect Pizza for The Teeth With Braces

Pizza and braces do not go hand in hand but after making a few efforts and following the right pizza-making strategy, relishing it becomes easy. If you are giving up the idea of having pizza for the time you have got braces, do not worry.

Some tips to keep in mind while enjoying pizza are-

1. You Can Have a Cheesy Pizza: Even though mozzarella may seem sticky, it is not as sticky as caramel or toffee. So enjoying a cheesy pizza is alright with only one condition- you floss after having it.

2. Take Small Bites at a Time: If you want to have a pizza after getting braces, you can have it, but only by taking small bites. It may sound tedious and time taking, but you can do that for your favorite food, isn’t it? Or else, you may end up breaking the braces that no one wants.

3. Enjoy Deep-Dish Pizza: Deep dish pizzas are the best for people having braces. It is because the delicious soft-crust deep dish pizzas are cheesy, saucy, and soft. You can eat such pizzas in small bites only due to their heavy texture. It is perfect for all those who have got braces.

They say pizza is not healthy and not good for orthodontics but eating in limited quantity and once in a while does not make any huge difference. Sometimes all we want is taste. So, people with braces can still enjoy pizza guilt-free by making a few changes to their palate.

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