Can You Eat After Whitening Strips?

Can You Eat After Whitening Strips

Pearly white teeth are enough to make any smile prettier. When the teeth shine behind the smile, it instantly enhances the beauty and attractiveness of a person. White and shining teeth give you a gorgeous smile and boost confidence.

While some people are born with the blessing of shining white teeth, some undergo teeth whitening treatment to achieve it. There are multiple ways to attain white teeth, like teeth whitening strips and bleaching procedures; however, people undergoing it have a major concern regarding food. So,

Can You Eat After Whitening Strips?

The answer is probably yes. There is no need to fast when you have undergone a teeth whitening treatment. However, at the same, what you eat and how soon you eat matter the most. It will decide how long you can preserve your white teeth.

If you have undergone professional whitening treatment, you should avoid taking pigmented or acidic food for at least the first 48 hours. Let’s discuss this in detail and understand the prerequisites of whitening strips.

How Soon Can You Eat After Whitening Strips?

Using whitening strips or undergoing teeth whitening procedures opens up the teeth pores. It is because different chemicals are used to remove the stains from the teeth. Since the teeth’ pores are open, they become susceptible to staining.

Therefore, it is advised to wait for at least two hours before eating anything acidic or colored. A white diet is recommended after the whitening treatment that includes ‘stain-safe’ foods and beverages.

How Long will Teeth’ Pores Remain Open?

Under the whitening procedure, teeth are bleached to remove all types of stains. It opens the teeth pores that take a few hours to seal up again. If you have undergone a teeth whitening treatment in the morning, it is advised to avoid dark pigmented food until later in the evening.

The longer you can wait, the longer you will be able to preserve the whiteness of your teeth.

It is suggested to eat enough before going for whitening treatment as whitening aftercare is vital. However, if you still feel hungry after the treatment, consider only the food and beverages listed in the ‘White Diet.’

White Diet consists of stain-free foods and drinks that will not damage your teeth. You must commit to this diet for at least one week to retain the results of the whitening procedure longer.

Here is the list of foods that are included under the White Diet-

Vegetarian Foods:

  • Tofu
  • Bread without coloring in ingredients
  • Rice
  • Yogurt without food coloring
  • Fruits like- apples, bananas, pears
  • Vegetables like potatoes, cauliflower,
  • Chickpeas, mushrooms, white corn
  • Porridge or oatmeal
  • White pizza

Non-Vegetarian Foods:

  • Fish and chicken
  • Egg pasta with cream- or butter-based sauces
  • Egg whites


In beverages, you can have water, white tea, and apple juice. Basically, everything which is not pigmented and acidic is suitable for eating and drinking. Maybe the diet seems infuriating, but it will help you keep preserving the whiteness for a longer period.

Food to Avoid After Whitening Strips

As already told, the whitening procedure opens up the pores and makes them susceptible to staining; stay extra cautious for at least two days when it comes to eating. The thumb rule is to avoid food that is pigmented or stained and leaves color.

If you have had anything accidentally, do not panic. Rinse your mouth with water and brush your teeth immediately.

Do not let the food stay on your teeth any longer.

Some foods that you should completely avoid for the first week include dark chocolate, colorful jellies, jams and candies, berries, orange, pineapple, red meat, sugary breakfast meals, lemon, tomato, sauces like tomato sauce, soy sauce, hot sauce, all types of spices and foods with vinegar dressing. While some of these foods are pigmented, some are highly acidic that can damage the open-pored teeth.

In beverages, you should avoid red wine, dark beer, coffee, black tea, and vinegar. Basically, carbonated beverages high in sugar must be avoided as they affect tooth enamel.

Is it Okay to Drink Water After Whitening Strips?

Yes, you can drink water unless it is not infused with any acidic or coloring agent. In fact, it is advised to drink plain water after the treatment to keep the gums hydrated.

White teeth look attractive. If you have undergone whitening strips, make sure to follow the whitening aftercare to preserve its effects. Try to have only the foods listed under White Diet. Prefer making your meals rather than ordering and customizing from a restaurant. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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