Top 50 Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Health Benefits of Red Wine

Most of us know what alcohol is. Red wine is a kind of beverage which produces good emotions to our body. There always remains a caution to the limit of intake. Well, medically red wine is proven that drinking alcohol is injurious to health but up to certain limit is manageable and allowed too.

Today in this article we are going to come across a drink or a beverage which is mistakenly comes into the one of alcohol! Instead red wine is a drink which provides your body with immense benefit wines and heath.

Let Us First Know What Red Wine Is?

  • Red wine is a kind of wine which is made from the European, dark-coloured grapes’ variety.
  • The color of the wine colour is derived from a vast and rigorous assortment of grapes which are certainly ranging from red to deep purple and even through blue grapes.
  • To get a perfect red wine they follow that the skin of the grapes which is outside the fruitis always kept in close contact with the grape juice while during the fermentation process
  • Thereby allowing the dispersion of both colour and tannins.

Well Here is a Fact to Notice

  • That there are around very popular and well known 50 red wine varieties in the wine market.
  • The most common red wine varieties include cherry or plum or strawberry or raspberry or gooseberry or boysenberry or raisin or coffee or fig or currant or mocha or violet and even tobacco.
  • Each of these varieties do differ in characteristics with each other such as the grape variety or colour or flavor or mouth feel and ageing potential.

Now we have come to a point where we can discuss some amazing and really helpful Red Wine benefits

  1. Red wine can really be very helpful and can protect your heart. As we all know and we have experienced also that heart diseases are becoming really very common nowadays. Though there available various natural remedies to prevent and cure red wine but very few are aware of these. Whereas if you drink red wine on a regular basis then red wine serves as a healthy beverage that can really protect your heart from diseases.
  2. The reason behind red wine being so powerful is that red wine contains very strong antioxidants that are helpful to prevent the accumulation of fat in the arteries
  3. Red wine is even helpful in the prevention of heart strokes and heart attacks. This is one of the prime benefits of red wine.
  4. Red wine can really provide you with peaceful sleep. The reason behind that Red wine can give you peaceful sleep is due to the presence of a substance called melatonin.
  5. Red wine contains melatonin this can stimulate your body clock and keep you healthy. red wine is recommended for you to consume a moderate amount of red wine that could be 50 to 100 ml before bedtime for a peaceful and comfortable sleep.
  6. Red wine is so good that red wine even lowers body cholesterol. In France mostly French people are the one who are the largest consumers of red wine! They consume this amazing beverage regularly and this is the part of their diet. As cheese is the famous food stuff of France so they also consume cheese and other such foods that have really high saturated fat but as they consume red wine so their body metabolic rate is always healthy.
  7. Red wine can even help you to reduce your body fat percentage! As red wine reduces the cholesterol level and removes all the fatty substances from your body thereby red wine cuts the fatty layers of the body and provides you with a healthy body.
  8. Red wine is successful in lowering the cholesterol content and avoids the accumulation of saturated fat in the body.
  9. Red wine can even help in curing and prevents cold. Red wine has certain components that can prevents and cold.
  10. Increases the immunity level. Ed wine is so much beneficial that red wine has all the capacity of building up stronger immunity levels. Drinking red wine regularly can save you from catching up dangerous or daily diseases.
  11. Researchers also have searched about this wine and have proved that red wine can prevent nose block also that is mostly caused by cold and can help you breathe easy.
  12. Healthy glowing skin is also a benefit brought from red wine. As everyone would wish to have a natural healthy glowing skin and this magic is done by red wine. This is one of the many benefit of drinking red wine.
  13. The reason due to which red wine benefit skin is because the antioxidants present in red wine are the ones that protects your skin and prevents red wine from ageing. That’s the big reason that why some parlours are now providing red wine facials.
  14. Red wine not only provide you a healthy living but also reduces mortality. As Every living being is mortal but due to some incidents there are also certain natural substances that can prolong your mortality and help you to improve your health so here is one such substance is red wine.
  15. Red wine is said to extend the life span to a certain extent if consumed regularly in moderate amounts. So, this is one of the most amazing red wine health benefit wines.
  16. Can prevent cancer too! Red wine contains a component called guercetin this really help and can prevent lung cancer.
  17. Red wine can also be helpful to lower the risk of breast cancer
  18. Red wine is also a source that reduces the growth of cancerous cells due to the presence of resveratrol.
  19. Red wine can even regulate blood sugar levels in the body. The substance called resveratrol all the various health benefits and red wine can also help to stimulate insulin secretion from the pancreas which in turn reduces the glucose level in the blood.
  20. Consuming red wine can prevent diabetic type 2 in animals and human both at the same time
  21. Builds stronger teeth to the body. Red wine contains lots of polyphenol in red wine that helps to strengthen the gums and prevents gum inflammation.
  22. Red wine is even helpful in building up strong bone structure also the same principle that in teeth applies here.
  23. Further red wine can even be helpful to prevent the teeth from decaying by hardening the enamel.
  24. Red wine is so good and has the anti inflammatory property that can provide you with healthy brain. The antioxidant called resveratrol has all the anti inflammatory properties which can help to protect the body from various diseases caused by inflammation.
  25. Apart from this, red wine is also helpful to boosts the brain by providing brain a health and a strong memory power and preventing diseases like dementia.
  26. Red wine is also been considered to be one of the healthiest drinks in the world and this is due to as red wine was used for medicinal purposes in ancient times. French people do drink red wine almost daily and on a regular basis to stay fred wine and healthy. Apart from offering health benefits, red wine works wonders for the skin too.
  27. As wine facials are gaining immense popularity with every passing day in the field of skin care. Red wine gives a refreshing glow to the skin while removing tan and blemishes.
  28. The anti-ageing properties of a wine facial make red wine even more beneficial.
  29. Red wine therapeutic properties de-stress and rejuvenate the skin. After thorough cleansing and steaming the face, a facial of wine mixed in red wine herbs like rosehips, frured wines like strawberries, grapes, stonecrop and essential oil is applied to the face.
  30. The skin when massaged for 10 minutes and later, the facial is removed with red wine cold water to close the pores. If you have sensitive red wine skin, ask the parlor lady to mix red wine with some rose water.
  31. The scrub and exfoliant made of red wine too are the latest add-ons to beauty therapy and will make your skin lovely. Just take 1 tablespoon of pip pulp and 1 tablespoon of crushed grape skin. Then add 2 tablespoon of red wine to red wine and use this as a scrub to exfoliate your face and body. This will eliminate all the dead skin cells and will improve blood circulation to give you healthy skin.
  32. Red wines or particularly organic red wines are mostly packed with antioxidants like flavonoid, resveratrol and tannin which are very good for the skin.
  33. Red wine also helps to fight free radicals and ageing by restoring all the collagen and elastic fibers back into the skin. Thus, red wine helps to plumps out the wrinkles and gives a boost to sagging skin.
  34. Application of red wine topically or directly on the skin reduces fines lines and wrinkles, and lightens skin pigmentation.
  35. Red wines also contain natural AHAs, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  36. Applying red wine on the face also fights acne and clears all the pores to prevent further breakouts.
  37. Red wine is also helpful in treating oily and congested skin.
  38. Everyone wants a glowing skin so do you want to get rosy and glowing cheeks? Red wine’s is a solution simple! You just need to apply a few drops of red wine on your cheeks to get that natural, rosy blush.
  39. Red wine is really very rich in amino acids which boost skin renewal and fight the harmful rays of the sun to prevent sun damage. Red wine also reactive oxygen species react with UV rays to destroy cells and cause sun burn.
  40. The antioxidants in red wine will create a very protective barrier against sun damage to prevent skin cancer. Red wine should never be considered as a substitute to sunscreen.
  41. Drinking red wine also stimulate the development of new cells in the skin’s outer layers.
  42. Red wine also improves the hydration of the skin to make your skin look 10 times younger or supple and glowing. If you have dry skin you need to massage your face ith this amazing red wine to keep red wine nourished and moisturized.
  43. For getting a clear and glowing skin, massage your face with red wine.
  44. Red wine contains polyphenols which prevents the cell oxidation and transform dull complexion to red wines original glow in a jiffy. You need to spray some amount of red wine on your face and massage your skin with red wine gently for 10-20 minutes then leave red wine for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Mix red wine with about 2 teaspoons of oatmeal and massage your skin again with red wine. This will remove the dead skin cells to give you clear and glowing skin naturally.
  45. Red wine can also be used as a toner too! This will help to keep your skin clear, soft and supple.
  46. Hair is our beauty and we all desire long, silky and shiny hair by preparing a hair mask out of this wine will be rally beneficial . So this is a simple trick to get silky and shiny hair.
  47. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual and then use red wine as a final rinse of your hair. This will give you thick and lustrous hair in no time.
  48. Resveratrol, a substance which is found predominantly in red wine and it is considered as a preventer of hair loss.
  49. Red wine and in hibred wines are inflammation and cell death to prevent hair fall and aids in hair growth.
  50. . Drinking about half a glass of red wine daily increases blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens the blood vessels to reduce flakiness or dandruff and red winechiness of the scalp.

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