25 Best Aphrodisiac Foods That Helps to Boost Your Performance on Bed

Top Aphrodisiac Foods

So, are you looking to boost your performance on bed? Never let your partners intimacy and fantasies with you take a back seat. Physical intimacy is one among those things that can help to build up confidence between both the partners and also help to reconnect each other.  For centuries and centuries, there are few fruits which are said to be aphrodisiac that helps to boost your performance on bed. So, if you feel sleepy in your bedroom that next time, you are probably in need of these aphrodisiac fruits.

25 Best Aphrodisiac Foods That Helps to Boost Your Performance on Bed

1. Chocolate

Chocolate have been always been represented as the sensual thing associated to sex. Eating dark chocolate helps to trigger the sex hormones and make you feel aroused.  Chocolate contains phenyl ethylamine (PEA) which helps to stimulate the same hormone of your body which is released while having sex. Not only this but eating more of dark chocolate can also help in dopamine production in brain which helps it to actively participate in sex. Due to its sensual and finger licking taste and the aroma, it is widely associated with activities related to sex.

2. Honey

Honey is one of the aphrodisiac foods that help to regulate estragon and testosterone levels in the body. Did you know where did the word honeymoon come from? Studies say honeymoon is derived from an alcoholic beverage which was basically made from honey, which was first served to the bride and groom for their first night.  This also contained boron, which helps in arousal in a person.

3. Basil

Basil is no longer a herb, which helps to just refresh the dish with its smell and taste but it can actively help to make you more active on bed.  Munching more on basils or adding them on the top of soups, can help to arouse you and increase the sex desires in you by increasing the blood supply and hear beat rate in a person’s body.

4. Garlic

The Best Aphrodisiac Foods

You are no more getting a bad breath by eating more of garlic and garlic based foods. Besides this property, garlic can helps to improve blood circulation in the body which is due to a substance called, Allicin in it. Allicin helps to improve the sexual energy in a person and also increase the stamina.

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5. Watermelon

Various studies and researches have suggested, watermelon is the lycopene king that carries the same effect of that of a Viagra. Eating watermelon can help to relax the blood vessels and improves the blood circulation in the body, which in turn results in performing better on bed.

6. Cardamom

Cardamoms are the ancient spice which is widely used in cooking. Besides being extremely helpful in cooking, it is also considered as an aphrodisiac food that benefits you with improved performance on bed. The warming and the pungent flavour of this spice can help to increase the blood flow in the body, which makes the body more comfortable while making out.

7. Celery

The Celery

Celery is one of those sensual vegetables, which not only helps in adding flavour and aroma to the food but also proves beneficial in arousing estrogen and testosterones in a person. Celery is high will all those nutrients and proteins which are necessary for sex and also increases the sexual desire in a person. Study suggested that, celery can make you physically more attractive.

7. Coffee

I am sure, you are aware about the thing ‘caffeine’ present in the tea. The caffeine in the coffee acts as a stimulant in the body, resulting in increase of heart rate and blood circulation in the body. Not only this, but recent study says that coffee can put a women in a mood of sex!

8. Hot Chillie

Surprisingly, hot chillies can help to improve your performance on bed and also can help you to be something more than usual. Hot chillies generally contain Capsaicin which helps in stimulating the endorphins, which makes the brain feel good. Also in various tradition and countries, hot chillies are considered to be symbol of love due to its reputation of being an aphrodisiac food and the bright red color.

9. Almonds

Have you ever felt the smell of almonds? Well, they are one among the most sensual smell which serves as a sexual attachment.  Almonds are high in fats, vitamin E and fibers which serve the need of being sexy on bed. Almond nuts have been traced as a symbol of fertility extending back to the Biblical times.

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10. Asparagus


Asparagus is extremely rich with vitamin C which in return proves extremely beneficial in churning out hormones like the testosterones, estrogen and progesterone. This helps to improve the blood circulation throughout the body, and work as a sensual fruit known to man.

11. Pomegranates

Sources say the formidable fruit in the bible is not apple, but the red fruit pomegranate. Recent study says that drinking pomegranate juice or munching whole of this fruit resulted in decrease of the cortisol level in the body, which can further correspond in increasing the testosterone level in both men and women. If this was not enough, let me let you drinking pomegranate juice before going to bed can give you wet dreams.

12. Avocado


Since the Aztec times, avocado is considered as the aphrodisiac fruit that can help to improve your performance and add some interesting factors in your sexual life. It is due to high amount of vitamin C in this mild fruit, it helps in increased heart rate and blood circulation in the body.

13. Carrots

While some consider the shape of carrots as the symbol of sex or the fruit is highly related to sex, but the fact says essential vitamins and nutrients found in carrots can help in producing sex hormones in the body.

14. Coconut Water

Coconut water is not anymore only related to people who are sick and serving hard. But coconut water is beloved to carry the same level of electrolytes which is already present in your blood. Because of its property of being a metabolism booster, coconut water is also considered among top aphrodisiac food. Coconut water is enriched with vitamin C and other fibers and nutrients which make us consider in this list.

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15. Bananas

Due to its bright yellow and the shape, bananas have always made our body feel better right from being low on sugar up to constipation problems. Bananas are feeling good fruit that is also included in the list of aphrodisiac fruit, which is mainly due to brome lain, an enzyme which helps to trigger the sex hormones in the body. Also, high amount of Vitamin B in the fruits helps to maintain high energy levels.

16. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is considered in the list of aphrodisiac food due   to its property of stimulating a person’s behavior. In Hindu culture, nut Meg is considered as aphrodisiac food as its warming properties helps to stimulate the sexual appetizers and the sweet smell and breath helps to increase the attraction between both the partners.  You can try nutmeg in various forms, or just grating them and adding to your dish can help you benefit with this.

17. Arugula

Arugula is not quite famous plant which is used. But in detail, arugula is a peppery plant that was considered as the aphrodisiac food since first century. Aurgula helps to trigger the sex hormones and also destroys those alien agents and contaminates which destroys the mood of the person. It is of the mood booster, says various studies and researches.

18. Olive Oil

Olive Oil

Mother of all oil, olive oil surely cannot miss to be in the list. Due to high anti-oxidants, olive oil is famous since ages for benefiting a person with several health benefits. Greeks says, olive oil makes men more wild and sensual on bed and is the most affected aphrodisiac food. Being a rich source of mono saturated and poly saturated fats, have proven to add romance in the relation.  It also benefits in hormone production and also improves blood circulation in the body.

19. Sea Vegetables

Many cultures value sea vegetables for their aphrodisiac properties. This may because sea vegetables are high in vitamins B1 and B2, which aid in production of sex hormones. It is also a source of manganese, iodine, and selenium, which may all have an effect on metabolism and mood. Sprinkle a little dulse on your salad for some salty flavor.

20. Cilantro

Since ages, cilantro have always offered a pungent taste and bite to the food. Cilantro is tradition herb, which helps to spice up every food and meal with just a bash of it. This spice has the warming property which is one the basic property of being an aphrodisiac food. It serves as a great agent to trigger the sex hormone in the body and bring a considerable change in your sex life.

21. Red Wine

Red wine is highly related to having sensual sex between the two partners. With the increase intake of red wine, it helps in lowering the inhibitions, increases the blood flow and relax your nerves. This is the reason, why every couple loves to have red wines with their dinner.

22. Beets

Beets have considered as the aphrodisiac food in many cultures and countries. Ancient cultures and Romans have believed that beets and its juice can help to promote amorous feeling. Beets are good source of both tryptophan and betaine which helps in promoting well-being in a person.  Due to high level of boron, it helps to increase the level of sex hormones in the body.

23. Strawberries


Strawberries are Roman goddess of love, due to its heart shaped which is also associated to Venus. Eating strawberries and berries have believed to carry innumerable power that helps to arouse both men and women. The sweetened smell of strawberries is sure to attract the opposite sex. Also in various culture, breaking strawberries into half and sharing it with your loved ones is a symbol of true love.

24. Figs

Figs are one of the most modern fruit where the fruit is termed to be sensual, its seeds are associated to fertility and their leaves are related to modesty. The erotically shaped pear is rumoured to be aphrodisiac fruit which is highly related to sexuality in all the cultures. Figs are enriched with antioxidants, flavonoids, fiber and potassium which makes them fit in the list.

Here were the top aphrodisiac fruits suggested by us. Would you like to add some more?

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