What Are the Benefits of Eating Fruits Daily?

What Are the Benefits of Eating Fruits Daily

Everyone has been taught at home or in school the advantages of including fruits and vegetables in their daily diet. It is a well-known fact that everyone agrees on and tries to consume as much as possible. Nutritionists and dieticians across the world swear to the health benefits provided by the fruits.

However, in today’s fast life, we seldom forget to add fruits as a necessary item. This article will explain in detail what happens when you eat one fruit daily.

Why Should You Eat Fruits?

Eating sufficient fruits everyday can help to prevent chronic illnesses like heart ailments, gastrointestinal and skin diseases. Most people do not take enough fruits in a day and hence they lack nutrients in their diet. People who consume enough fruits are 16% less likely to die from cardiac diseases than people who eat less (1).

How Eating Fruits Every Day Makes You Healthy?

Fruits not only gratify hunger in a satisfying way, they also are a perfect solution for sweet cravings. Eating fruits everyday makes you healthy and prevents many illnesses. Some of the diseases that can be controlled and even avoided by eating fruits daily are:

Cardiac Diseases

Cardiac Diseases

Several cardiac diseases like strokes and coronary heart diseases can be controlled by regular intake of fruits. The soluble fibres present in fruits reduce reabsorption of cholesterol from the intestine (2). This lowers the blood cholesterol level.

Moreover, Vitamin C, found in the citrus fruits, is an antioxidant that controls artery-damaging inflammations. Vitamin C also increases the production of nitric oxide that relaxes the arteries for better blood flow.

Various minerals responsible for lowering blood pressure are found in the fruits that lead to reduced chances of stroke. Fruits are rich in electrolytes like potassium, that also contribute to reducing chances of heart diseases by lowering blood pressure.



Fruit fibres also reduce the rate of glucose absorption and help control blood sugar levels.

Brain Disorders

Consuming an appropriate quantity of fruits helps to live with better mental health, including reduction in depression (3). The vitamins and minerals present in fruits result in better brain functioning and mental health.

Additionally, fruits increase blood flow to the brain and prevent memory loss and dementia. They also reduce inflammation and protect brain cells from beta-amyloid plaques that result in Alzheimer’s disease.


One of the causes of cancer is an unhealthy diet and faulty health style habits. Orange, and green fruits are most recommended for prevention against carcinogens and DNA damage.


Many people around the world are suffering from high Body mass index (BMI) due to being overweight. Many diseases are associated with being overweight or obese. Fruits play a major role in healthy weight management. Fruits help to control weight as their major content is water and fiber that reduces weight issues and keeps one full for a long time (4).

The calorie consumption can be largely controlled by including the proper number of fruits in the diet. The fiber-filled fruits need proper chewing, and hence teeth and mouth get proper exercise that is further an advantage.

Bacterial and Viral Infections

Fruits are a rich source of vitamins and minerals and hence rich in antibacterial and antiviral components. These components enhance the functioning of the immune system and prevent bacterial and viral infections (5).

At the same time, fruits are a major factor in building up cellular immunity that fights infections and prevents the onset of various diseases. They are also rich in folic acid that increases the formation of red blood cells.

Fruits are also good sources of biochemicals that further prevent the formation of free radicals and impart good health.


Eating a good portion of fruits ensures that you remain hydrated the entire day. The loss of body fluids due to heat or other reasons can be prevented by consuming fruits.


Fruits are rich sources of fibers, vitamins, and minerals. Consuming seasonal fruits provides innumerable advantages to a person’s health. Fruits fulfill nutritional requirements and reduce additional calories and the risk of obesity. The fruits stop the growth of strong carcinogenic nitrosamines and cancer cell proliferation and also maintain and regulate acid balance in the body. As fruits help to prevent diseases, people who consume fruits daily have greater chances of living longer and healthier lives.

Fruits contain many antioxidants like flavonoids that function as health-boosting agents. Hence, they reduce the risks of developing cardiac ailments. Respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases can also be largely controlled by eating fruits daily. They also improve mental health and increase chances of living longer.

So, ensure that you religiously stick to consuming an appropriate daily number of fruits to have improved health.

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