What To Eat Before A Workout: The Right Type of Foods to Eat Before Working Out

what to eat before a workout

Workouts are the most fundamental requirements for anyone who wishes to be healthy. There are many forms of workouts that anybody can choose. In the recent century, a lot of innovations have been brought about in the sports sector due to high technological advancements. This has resulted into various workouts that range from flexibility to strength exercises. However, there factors and conditions that need to be met by those who undertake workouts. This article addresses some issues related to workouts that you probably did not know.

The Right Type of Foods to Eat Before Working Out

Is it Best to Eat Before or After a Workout?

Most people find this question somehow challenging bearing in mind that many prefer attending to some other issues like eating and taking a shower after a workout. This is true is most occasions but it is necessary to eat something before going for a workout. Likewise, after finishing your exercise, eating is an automatic response as I may put. Any physical exercise regardless of whether it is slight or heavy utilizes the energy from our bodies. As a matter of fact, a lot of energy is usually used up when doing exercises. If the type of exercise you are undertaking requires a lot of energy then you have to take in some more of energy giving food than the one doing a simple exercise. Understanding your body is very crucial while exercising.

Biologically, the rate at which food break down increases in our bodies depends with the workload being undertaken. What if the stomach is empty? It is usually very dangerous to have an empty belly and at the same time exercising. This is because the body tissues will, in turn, be converted to act like the food whereby they will be converted into energy giving foods such as glucose so that you can get the strength.

On the other hand, taking in some food after exercising is something obvious and automatic. This is because all the food that you consumed earlier will have been used up already in releasing the energy.

Emphasis should, however, be directed towards eating something before going for your exercises to avoid exposing the body tissues to the dangers of being broken down which can result to adverse health conditions.

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The Best Foods to Eat Before a Workout

what to eat before a workout to lose weight

There are a number of foods which can be taken for the purposes of fueling the body properly before an exercise.


Proteins are perhaps one particular type of food that should never be ignored by anyone attending a workout. This can be attributed to the fact that proteins are the main bodybuilding product in the body. They help in the growth and strengthening of the body tissues by a greater part. They also increase the performance of the muscles and promote effective anabolic response. A considerable amount of foods containing proteins should be consumed prior to the exercises.

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Foods that are rich in carbohydrates mostly contain sugars. Sugars are very essential especially when it comes to exercising. The body uses sugars as a direct source of energy. During exercises, the readily available energy comes from the sugars which are stored in form of glycogen in the muscle tissues. If the workout intensity is high to the extent of depleting the stored glycogen, then the food you consumed before starting your exercises will provide the strength directly to the muscles to enable the body to continue with the task.


Apparently, fats are the harbours of energy that is needed for long-term exercises. In case the body puts to use all the available energy sources, then fats come in as a supplement. A single calorie provides a lot of energy. Foods rich in fats should, however, be taken sometimes back before the exercise since they take a lot of time to get digested.

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When is The Best Time to Eat Before a Workout?

For meals that take a little time to be digested like the normal glucose or sugarcane, taking them a few minutes before the exercise is advisable since they are usually absorbed directly into the body. Those meals that require quite some time to be digested should be taken 2 or 3 hours earlier so that they can get enough time to be broken down. Heavy food should also be consumed some hours before the exercise provided that the workout that you are going to undertake is intense.

Lastly, always remember to feed on something before exercises to make your body strong and to avoid exposing it to muscular malfunctions.

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