30 Different Types of Kisses – What They Mean

types of kisses

Well, if you ever had that one perfect kiss in your life, you would probably know the magic of this beautiful thing. A relation without kiss is nothing and a kiss without doing is properly is incomplete. Although you have mastery the job of kissing and know every element on how to seduce your partner by just one kiss, there are few more things you did not know about kisses. Well, just like my and your name, it has a significance value and meaning, all these kisses have some logical meaning behind them.

Types of kisses and Their Meaning

1. Lingering Deep Kiss

Usually when you kiss, the tongues get involved to add some extra sensuality to it. Lingering deep kiss don’t have tongue involved in the process and usually stays for more than 20 to 30 seconds.  Due to involvement of only lips, lingering deep kiss means sharing deep love with each other.

2. French Kiss

This is one of the popular types of kiss, which is abstracted from the French Culture. Usually, French kiss is when tongue of one person comes in contact with the tongue of another person. French kiss is generally adopted easily and hence it does not show intense and deep love.

3. The Hand Kiss


As the name says, here the lips are not involved in kiss. Hand kiss involved gentling talking your partners hand and kissing from front and back side. This demonstrates love and respect to the partner. Hand kiss is mostly appreciated by all women, as she feels respected every time.

4. The Forehead Kiss


The forehead kiss generally takes place between two partners or can happen between friends too. Forehead kiss shows companionate love for each other and also deep affection. Generally, all women love to start their relation with the forehead kiss.

5. The Perk

Perk is generally short type of kiss which is not more than few seconds. Perk shows a formal friendship between two people and can also help to add romance in relationship. These are generally the shortest kiss ever done.

6. The Single Lip Kiss

Single lip kiss is generally one time of kiss that can arouse a person instantly and maintains high level of sensuality in the relation. It involved gently sucking another person’s lip by getting more intense a bit latter.

7. The Wake Up Kiss


The wake up kiss is definitely a pleasant way you were ever waked up. Wake up kiss is generally kissing from forehead till you chin, when you partner wakes up in the morning.

8.The Talking Kiss

If you were talking and got caught with his lips which proceeded in kissing back you, we say ‘talking kiss.’ Generally talking kiss may happen between any two adults while in conversing in personal.

9. Sip Kiss

Drink your favorite juice and let some drops remain on your lips. Now kiss your partner and transfer some of your juice into her mouth.  Sip kiss shows you are quite comfortable with each other and there is some sense of joy in your relation.

10. Shoulder Kiss


Shoulder kiss is a benefit for a women wearing backless. Well, simply come from behind, get hold of her, catch her hands and then kiss her from behind. The kiss shows sign of connectivity and love between both.

11. The Australian Kiss

The Australian kiss is absolutely same like the French kiss but it is down under. Australian kiss means your partners values your joy and is completely concentrated in pleasuring you.

12. The Belly Kiss

Get down on your knees, lift up her shirt upto belly and then kiss their softly. However, belly kiss shows in intimate and soft love between both. If you wife is pregnant, she would perhaps love to get the belly kiss now and then.

13. The Cheek Kiss


Cheek kiss is a gentle kiss on cheeks which shows you’re like towards the person. Generally, cheek kiss can happen between friends, lovers or on first time meet.

14. The Back Kiss

Remove your partner shirt, make her lie on the floor on the belly and then start kissing from behind starting from neck to all the way down, till the place you want too. Back kiss generally shows some exciting and sensuality in the relationship.

15. The Angel Kiss

Angel kiss is kissing gently on your partner’s close eye or on her eye lids. Like the word says, angel kiss comforts a person and make her believe in love and care given by her partner.

16. The Eskimo Kiss

The Eskimo kiss generally takes place between the elderly or sometimes children who are excited for kissing each other. Eskimo kiss involves rubbing against your partner’s nose to and fro, back and forth. This is a type of kiss which was done by Eskimo, and hence the name derived is Eskimo kiss.

17. The Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe kiss is generally kissing the earlobe by keeping in between the ears. You can leave your breath at the place you have kissed to increase the intensity of the person. You can also rub the tongue gently round the earlobe, and make her feel loved. Earlobe shows a sign of love and modesty.

18. The Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly kiss means grapping someone so closer than your eyelashes feels that they are been connected to each other.  Now, blink the eyelashes so fast that it somewhat looks like butterfly wings. Such type of kiss is generally done for fun.

19. The Lip Gloss Kiss

Lip gloss kiss is generally something out of box, which helps to return the romance and spark in the relation. Generally, you apply generous amount of lip gloss on the lips and then rub against your partner’s lips. Continue doing this until the complete lip gloss is transferred to your partner’s lips.

20. The Teaser Kiss

The teaser kiss is generally those kiss which you do when you want your partner to turn on, or know you’re feeling without saying. This involves kissing from forehead to lips and then to arms and hands. Once you reach hands, the process gets reverse and you go back to lips and forehead.

21. The Biting Kiss


The biting kiss is similar to the French kiss which involves tongue and also teeth’s. When you kiss the person, you put your teeth’s into use and generally grab the tongue using them. Biting kiss shows your dominance yet loving nature towards partner.

22. The Vampire Kiss

The vampire kiss is generally biting and sucking your partner’s neck which may turn him on instantly. However, there are few people who get irritated by such kisses and therefore it is important for you to know, whether he likes it or not.

23. Bubble Bath Kiss

Fill a tub full of water and add bubble to it. Now take your partner to the tub and wash and kiss back together having fun. Bubble bath kiss is generally a fun element which helps to return the lost lust and romance in relationship.

24. The Jawline Kiss

Jawline kiss takes place between couples who have spent together years after years with each other. This involves kissing on the lower side of the jaw and slightly rubbing your nose.

25. Sniff Kiss

Sniff kiss is popular in ancient countries and does not involve the use of lips. It generally means putting your nose near to his cheeks, ears, lips, neck and the jaw area. You can find this interesting which shows decent love against each other.

26. Lip Sucking Kiss

This involves less of kiss and more of sucking.   Lip sucking kiss is sucking your partner’s lips gently. Believe me; this will surprise your partner!

27. Fruity Kiss


Place a grape, bit of pineapple or strawberries on your lips and transfer it to your partner’s mouth while nibbling.  Break off the fruits in your mouth and let the sweetness overload your mouth.

28. Hot & Cold Kiss

Hot and cold kiss results in sensual explosion in your partner. Give an intense kiss to your partner and then gently blow the lips. Hot and cold kiss can refresh your partner and fill your day with enjoyment.

29. Mistletoe Kiss

This type of kiss is suitable for shy people and their first date. You can surprise your shy partner by kissing them on mistletoe and then kissing back on lips.

30. The Cotton Candy Kiss

Put a big piece of cotton candy in your mouth and start kissing your partner. As the cotton candy melts, it tastes amazing!

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