50 Funny & Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Despite the fact that there is deep love and connectivity between both of your relationship, there are some questions which you have talked around which makes the relationship look sometime dry and dull. However, be your guy you need to question him about all those silly, logical and sometimes illogical things that you wanted to know.  Conversation being the most important ingredient in the relationship, you should try to know each and everything about him. Now, imagine you have a boring atmosphere and you are not up to anything, than this makes it the perfect atmosphere to ask them this question. Here we mention some literal, good, bad, funny and sometimes romantic questions to ask your boyfriend.

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50 Funny & Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend:

1. Do You Love Cleaning?

  • And do you clean your own home and house? This will perhaps help you know his habits and attitude towards cleanliness.

2. Do You Snore at Night?

  • This seems to be very important question, if you are planning your future here.

3. Whom Would You Choose First? Your Family or Friends?

  • Don’t include yourself here; he may come with an inappropriate answer.

4. What Would you Choose to Have More? Money or Respect?

  • I hope he is not monetary in nature.

5. How Would You Like to Convince My Parents while Having the Marital Issue?

  • You know, you will get to know his way to solve problems!

6. How Would You Describe the Word ‘LOVE’

  • Just hope, he lands up speaking your name.

7. What Do Think About, The Word Lust and Like.

  • He would answer his seriously!

8. What is your view towards the generation of everything shorter, even the cloths?

  • Get to know his choice!

9. Would you like to get drunk and spend a night together?

  • I think, yes he would.

10. What would be your dream destination?

  • Plan to take him there.

11. What is the most valuable thing you ever got with yourself?

  • You must try to value the things the same he does.

12. What kind of books or video games you would love to read?

  • A personal question that will help you to know him better.

13. Who is your best friend, amongst the group of your best friend?

  • He would answer this generously and also know you the reason why.

14. Do you believe in love first sight?

  • If you both had the same experience, than leave this question.

15. What would you do further next, if you were jobless suddenly?

  • He would always have a backup plan!

16. What do you think about the age of getting married? Should boys get married younger soon?

  • He would come with a justified reason with his answer.

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17. What are your opinions for the caste system that prevails in the country?

  • We hope he hates it just like we do.

18. What is the first movie you ever watched in theater?

  • You made him refresh his childhood memories.

19. Tell me a moment, when you lied to your parents or friends to save yourself?

  • Yes, he certainly had that one moment when he chose to speck lie.

20. What about his school life? Did you have any crush those days?

  • Look at the gentle smile on his face!

21. What was your first job and how were you able to crack it?

  • Know the facts right!

21. In early careers, what has been the worst job that you have ever experienced in life.

  • He would still enjoy saying this!

22. Remember a moment when you created chaos on streets after getting drunk.

  • Perhaps, he would start narrating you the whole story.

23. Which was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

  • Oh, he is embarrassed again.

24. How did you deal with the situation when you were heartbroken?

  • You would find him, young and bold.

25. What is your favorite movie character and would you like to resemble him in real life?

  • You need to agree with this choice here!

26. If you would not have been an engineer, what would you be?

  • Probably if he is really an engineer!

27. What was the biggest goal in his life!

  • Hope he says, “You” are the biggest goal in his life.

28. If you won a lottery today, how would you use up the money?

  • Get to know how economic he is.

29. You need to ask him, what he thinks is the sexiest thing in him.

  • Target that thing the next time.

30. What Is his opinion of love making

  • Hope, he have a good opinion.

31. How was your first love making experience.

  • He seems rather excited.

32. Do you love to cook? If asked for him, what would you love to cook?

  • You know, get prepared for that delicious dish.

33. How comfortable are you with current job.

  • You would know what his current situation is.

34. How was your first experience to watching porn?

  • He would let you know, how many friends accompanied him here.

35. What is the worst thing, you have ever done to get your love back.

  • Sometime, crazy questions can make you get things right.

36. How would you imagine your life without me?

  • Tell me speak the truth, and not manipulate you.

37. What do you enjoy more? Love making or pornography?

  • He would rather answer him correctly.

38. What was the first time you had wet dream?

  • Haha, he would be ashamed this time.

39. What did you like the most in me? And why?

  • Get ready to know the facts true.

40. What do you think, who is more hotter on bed. Me or you?

  • The secret of perfect sexual life!

41. With whom do you imagine your future with?

  • Hold down your weight and count down for your name.

42. What is your opinion about women working after marriage?

  • From this answer you would perhaps try to figure out your situation after marriage.

43. What was the age, when you lost your virginity?

  • Hope, he gives you the honest answer!

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44. Have you ever double dated anyone?

  • Umm.. most of the men had this feeling once in their life.

45. Would you accept the person or me, if I cheat on you?

  • This does not indicate I’m deciding to cheat on you.

46. Who has been your inspiration of role model throughout your life!

  • Try to know more about his ideas and quotes.

47. Did money mean to you everything? And why?

  • I’m sure; he is not much a materialistic person.

48. What are your regrets to life?

  • Everyone has regrets, realization is a great feeling.

49. If given a chance, which is that one mistakes you would like to correct in your life?

  • Oh! He has sad moments too.

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