What Is The Difference Between Love And Infatuation?

what is the difference between love and infatuation

Love and infatuation are opposite to each other, despite their perceived similarities. They often cause different feelings and lead to unique long-term outcomes. In this article, we present 30 essential differences between love and infatuation. Before we learn their differences, let’s first understand infatuation and love. 

What Is Infatuation? 

Infatuation is the feeling of growing attracted to someone through a sensation of unreasoned passion. The feelings experienced by the infatuated person are strong, bold, and often lustful. Infatuation is also said to be the beginning stage of a relationship, that is, before it develops into mature intimacy.  Infatuation could depend on several factors, such as the perception of someone and the current situation. Overall, infatuation tends to be temporary and does not have the emotional intensity of love. 

What Is Love?

Love consists of strong feelings of affection and attachment. It makes someone care for another person, help them, resolve problems, and express positive emotions. Love is a more complex emotion than infatuation and has several contextual forms. For instance, the love between a mother and child is different from the love between a couple. 

30 Differences Between Love And Infatuation 

Occurs instantlyHappens slowly
Desire for physical intimacyFocus on a deeper connection
Makes mind sillyand irrationalCalms minds and emotions
Highly intense, but ends soonRemains comfortable and lasts longer
Reckless with emotionsConsiderate and empathetic
Hidden motivesGenuine intentions
Brings obsession and jealousyDevelops understanding and trust
Blunt and drainingKind and energizing
Makes a big deal out of small thingsLove forgives
Ideas related to fantasyGenuine efforts to have a serious relationship
Keeps grudges Allows things to move on
Keeps guessing the feelings Answers all questions in heart
Thrives on playing games Exists on meaningful connections
Tumultuous and conditionalSerene and unconditional
DelusionalLove is real
Changes with timeTimeless
Unrealistic expectationsRealistic standards
Grows with desireGrows with friendship
Stems from selfishness Stems from selfishness
Makes you revengefulMakes you peace-loving
Lose sense of life’s directionHelps set the right course of life
Leave unannouncedProvides explanations
Never content with same person Monogamous
Undefined Exclusive
Loud Quiet
Self-destructiveHeals you
Obsession with perfection Embraces all imperfections

The emotion usually has several positive effects and may improve the overall well-being of both the person being loved and the one in love. On the flip side, a person is more emotionally invested in love than infatuation. Thus, any shortfall or complication that affects love may cause negative effects, such as heartbreak. Highly intense, but ends soon.

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