How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

How To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

There is a reason the initial phase of a relationship is often called “the honeymoon period.” While starting a relationship might seem like the hard part when you are still trying to woo your love interest, relationships also take work to maintain once they have begun. Like all relationships in life, even romantic ones need constant nurturing to keep them healthy, active, and engaged. Keeping your girlfriend happy is the key to grow your relationship and strengthen your bond. We have put together a list of some tips that can help you keep your girlfriend happy.

35 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Happy

1. Keep surprising her

We typically enter a relationship once we feel we know a lot about someone. But constantly surprising your girlfriend with gestures, favors, and plans will keep her excited and invested in the relationship. It will cut the monotony and keep things interesting for her. It can also keep her on her toes, waiting for the next pleasant surprise, so your relationship never grows stale.

2. Be a good listener

We all have many things on our mind, whether it’s anxiety, stress, ambitions, or just thoughts on how our day is going. As social creatures, humans need to bond and share these things. Being a good listener goes a long way in keeping your girlfriend happy. It is the fundamental part of sincere communication. The subject need not always be a crucial one, and the main point is to be a genuine listener irrespective of the matter.

3. Let her know she’s always on your mind

It could be small things, such as dropping a romantic message when you are at work or asking her how the day has been so far for her. It can help reinforce that she’s constantly on your mind even when she’s not around. It is a subtle display of commitment, and it will earn you major brownie points from her.

4. Focus on her when you are together

No matter whether it’s a social gathering or a date between the two of you, your girlfriend should always be your focus. It can be easy to get distracted when close friends, work colleagues, and family members are around, but she should always feel like the center of your attention.

5. Make sure your time together is uninterrupted

We all have responsibilities and commitments that could arise at any moment. However, as far as possible, ensure that your time with your girlfriend is interruption-free. Put your phone on silent, or don’t take anything but absolutely urgent calls if necessary. Set up your dates when you are free and least likely to be interrupted.

6. Be a boyfriend she can brag about

Make sure that whatever she has to say about you is positive. If you do such a good job of being a good boyfriend that her friends have a high esteem for her, it will go a long way in making her happy as well as increasing her social standing with friends and family.

7. Remember small things about her

Everyone appreciates when someone remembers unique characteristics or little details about them. It could be getting her favorite perfume, buying her an outfit she always wanted, or even preparing or ordering her favorite comfort food. Regardless of the act, these small gestures can go a long way in making her feel special.

8. Make a sincere effort with her family

Being a good boyfriend in her friends’ eyes is a big plus, but having her family’s approval is almost guaranteed to make her happy. If her parents and siblings all approve of her choice, she will likely be more inclined to trust and like you. It also takes away the element of hiding something from her parents or having them disapprove of her relationship, which can be a major stress factor in serious relationships.

9. Value her opinions, even when you don’t agree with them

Whether it is politics, career, or finances, people can have different opinions, and it is true for persons in a relationship. Even smaller things, like fashion or choice of cutlery, come down to preference and subjective factors. Listening to your girlfriend’s opinions and giving them due respect is a good way to gain her affection.

10. Be flexible and open to change

People naturally leave an impact on each other when in a relationship. Showing your girlfriend that she has positively affected your life will reinforce her faith in the relationship. Be willing to change certain habits or compromise on certain things. It shows her that you are open to suggestions and, if the situation requires, are willing to accommodate her over your own preferences.

11. Be the one to make her laugh

A little humor can go a long way in a relationship. Having a good sense of humor and making your girlfriend laugh will endear you to her and make her look forward to talking to you. It can also be helpful when she’s low or going through a difficult time. Make an effort to keep your interactions light with humor relevant to the situation.

12. Communicate with her

Good communication is the key to any relationship, and in a romantic relationship, it is even more crucial. Good communication ensures that you are always aware of each other’s intent and meaning. This helps avoid conflict and confrontation while making it easy to talk through any issues that may arise in a relationship.

13. Create a sense of security for her

We don’t mean you become a full-time bodyguard for her! Instead, ensure your girlfriend feels secure and comfortable around you. Spending time with you should be a relief and make her feel like she’s insulated from all her worries and fears. She should associate you with a sense of security where she’s comfortable being vulnerable if she wants to.

14. Give her thoughtful gifts

Being surprised with a thoughtful gift is one of the nicest things couples share. There are obvious occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries but you can always surprise her with a gift, any time of the year. The choice and timing of gifts demonstrate that you know and value your partner, especially if you get her something that she’s only mentioned rarely. And guess what! Receiving gifts could be one of her love languages.

15. Don’t be afraid to be open with her

This is something that people do to different degrees. If you are open with her about your fears, insecurities, and problems, it shows that you trust her enough to be vulnerable around her. This gives her the sense that you see her as a solid, reassuring presence in your life and as someone to whom you can confide anything.

16. Be a gentleman

While this sounds like something you should be doing by default anyway, it never hurts to turn the chivalry up a notch. Go out of your way to ensure her comfort, even at the expense of yours. Pick her up, be early for dates, drop her home, and help her carry things even if they aren’t so heavy. These small gestures go a long way in making her see you as a gentleman.

17. Be honest with her

It is good to be honest, especially when interacting with your girlfriend. Being honest will go a long way in earning and keeping her trust. While lying or making excuses can often be an easier way out of a tough situation, it takes real strength of character to be honest which strengthens the bond between both of you.

18. Involve yourself in her life

Make an effort to be a part of her life by blending with her tastes and hobbies. For instance, you could join her in her favorite hobbies or do things that may be in her comfort zone rather than yours. Regardless, show her you are willing to weave yourself into every aspect of her life because of how much you care.

19. Give her compliments

There are the obvious compliments one might get from anyone on their birthday or when they are promoted. However, a good boyfriend will compliment his girlfriend more often but not unnecessarily. If you know her well enough, you will notice small things about her, such as a small change in hairstyle or a new perfume or outfit or even if she’s lost a bit of weight. Use such situations as a chance to compliment her often and sincerely.

20. Make her a big part of your life

Feeling needed is something that brings joy to a lot of people. If your girlfriend feels like your life is incomplete without her, it will show her how indispensable she is to you and how much your world revolves around her. Incorporate her into your daily schedule, even if it is a phone call at a fixed time. Involve her in your social outings and plan your free time around her.

21. Don’t be afraid to show her affection

This is something that many couples can be insecure about, especially in public. Don’t be afraid to show your love in ways appropriate for the social setting. Holding hands, greeting each other with a warm hug, or even a goodbye kiss all show that you are more interested in connecting with her than wondering what people think.

22. Appreciate her for the little things

When we become used to someone’s company, we can often take some things for granted. Avoid becoming complacent and taking your girlfriend for granted. Acknowledge her efforts and be grateful for whatever she does for you. Whether it is cooking dinner for you or buying you a gift, nothing your girlfriend does for you should go unappreciated and unrecognized.

23. Do more than your share of the work

If you are in a live-in relationship, it goes without saying that the chores should be spread equally. If you are willing and able to occasionally go a little above and beyond on the harder chores around the house, it will be a huge relief for your girlfriend. Even small acts can add up and score you several brownie points.

24. Ask for her advice

Everyone gets caught up in situations where they need someone’s help. If you always seek her advice on crucial matters, it demonstrates that you trust her. It will also show that you value her advice and think she is wise and trustworthy. Asking for help and then accepting it also shows her that you have faith in her opinions.

25. Support her ambitions

There are always people who doubt and question your dreams and ambitions. Don’t be that person when it comes to your girlfriend. Support her ambitions and goals and encourage her to try to achieve them. Let her think of you as a pillar of support.

26. Be independent when there is a need for it

It is good to spend the lion’s share of the day with your girlfriend, but it does not mean you become clingy. There could be tasks or chores that your girlfriend might have to do alone, and during these moments, you must display your capacity to be independent. Staying independent when the situation or girlfriend requires could give you, your girlfriend, and your relationship some refreshing break.

27. Plan ahead

Whether it’s date night for the weekend or your annual vacation, it is always a good sign that you plan in your relationship. It shows your girlfriend that you are thinking long-term and look forward to spending the future with her. If there is uncertainty about the relationship on her end, it can reassure her that you are committed to this relationship.

28. Be the bigger person when you have an argument

Arguments are part and parcel of any relationship, and some might even say they are unavoidable. What shows true character, however, is how you recover from a fight. It makes for a huge show of love when you are willing to let some things go, swallow your pride, and take the first step to reconcile. Be the bigger person, forget insults and small issues, and be the one who builds bridges between you and her after an argument.

29. Take the time out to call her

Nothing can match the sound of your partner’s voice. Have a sweet conversation at the end of her day or the start of a new one. Make sure you call her at least once a day, no matter how busy you are. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, but the gesture goes a long way and will help strengthen your bond.

30. Ask her friends about her

No matter how close you might be to your girlfriend, there are some things she is likely to tell only to her friends. Find out these things, such as likes, vacations spots, dislikes, gift ideas, and try to incorporate these in your gifts or gestures. She will appreciate that you not only made an effort to connect with her friends but also gave her something or did something for her that she never asked or even mentioned.

31. Cook for her

You don’t need to be a master chef to make a simple meal that you and your girlfriend can enjoy. You can make it a surprise and set up the table and the right atmosphere. There is every chance that she will appreciate the sheer effort and intent behind the gesture, regardless of the quality of the meal.

32. Send her sweet text messages

You could make a point of starting her day with a compliment in her inbox and checking in on her from time to time throughout the day. She will always have her phone with her, and it can be a nice break from a busy day to read a compliment or the occasional cute text.

33. Remember and celebrate milestones in your relationship

Every romantic relationship has major milestones such as anniversaries, but you can take it one step further by remembering even small occasions, such as your first vacation together. If you can remember the first time you met, that could be an even more precious memory to commemorate. Celebrate the little things because they add up in a big way.

34. Follow through on your promises and be truthful

It’s very easy to commit to something and make promises. But it is a true testament to your character if you always follow through on your promises and never lie. If you can commit to whatever promises you make and stay truthful, it will show that you match your words with your actions and do not lie or boast just to get her approval.

35. Tell her you love her

You may have been in a relationship for so long that you do not remember the last time you said “I love you” to your girlfriend. There is never a bad time to tell your girlfriend you love her. The simple act of saying those words carries a lot of weight when it is said sincerely. Don’t underestimate the power of expressing love to your girlfriend, no matter how old your relationship.

Relationships can be tricky. But like everything else worth pursuing in life, it requires work to keep it vibrant and flourishing. Getting complacent once you’ve been in a relationship for a long time is often the reason the spark dies out. If you follow these steps and keep your girlfriend happy with small acts, it can add up in a big way to make your relationship to flourish through the passage of time.

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