What Is a Cowlick and How To Get Rid of It

What Is a Cowlick and How To Get Rid of It

Cowlick hairline got its name from the adorably cute swirl of hairs seen on a calf after the mother cow has licked it. It is a tuft of hair that grows at a different angle than the rest of your head. This tuft gives the same appearance as seen in a calf hence it’s named cowlick.

Cowlicks are sometimes misplaced as calics. They are one of the worst nightmares you could have as you step out of the bed. Imagine yourself rushing for the office, quickly setting up the breakfast table, doing the last-minute check in the mirror and there it is, your cowlick hairline. 

Fixing it means another couple of minutes that will definitely make you late for the office.

What Is A Cowlick Hairline?

cowlick hairline

Cowlicks appear differently in people. Mostly appearing as a spiral pattern or a whorl, it can range variously depending on hair style and texture. The whorl is completely visible if a person has short hair. Also, if a person parts from the middle, it can be easily visible.

Cowlick Hairline Location

Cowlick hair lines can be found at various locations of the head. It is usually located at the crown of the head and is referred to as cowlick crown. It might also be found in the middle of the forehead or near the hairline front, referred to as the cowlick hairline. Other places, though rarely, where a cowlick might appear are the sides of the head and nape of the neck.

The location of the cowlick plays a significant role as that decides whether it’s adding up to the volume or making a person appear bald. 

The cowlick appears most evident if it is located at the front of the hair or along the hairline.

Reasons For Having Cowlick Hairs

Almost everyone has a cowlick. Most people have more than one cowlick, but it does not show as the weights of hairs pull it down. The primary reason for having hair cowlick is genetics. It usually passes across generations. External factors like surgery or an injury may cause a cowlick. 

Some people also get cowlick after a hair transplant procedure. 

How To Fix A Cowlick Hairline

Fixing a cowlick hairline is often an issue as it becomes unmanageable to style a particular section in a different pattern. You should consider managing cowlick hair if you want to change your hairstyle or if your hair is thinning out.

However, the good news is cowlicks add advantageous volume to the hair as they grow straight up. If styled properly, they can make the hairstyle look better.

Styling a cowlick hairline is tedious but doable. Most times, to fix a cowlick hairline, you need to hide it. There is no permanent way to fix a cowlick hairline as it is simply a natural hair growth pattern that one is born with. However, there are a few methods in which it can be temporarily fixed.

1. Blow Drying

Blow drying

It is an easy method to style a cowlick hairline, though after the hair wash, your hair will go back to its usual way. All you need to do is blow dry your cowlick in the opposite direction of its natural growth.

To begin with, first, wet your hair. Then prime cowlick strands with a heat protectant to avoid hair damage. Now blow dry the hairs using a round brush in the opposite direction of its natural growth. Keep constantly combing the hairs until they are fully dry and the cowlick is unnoticeable. 

Once they are set the way you want, set the blow dryer to a cool temperature setting and cool off your hair. This will set the hairs and keep them in place for a longer time. Ensure that this is the last thing you do before you step out as dressing up and putting on makeup after blow drying might spoil your efforts. You can also top your hairstyle with a strong hold spray.

Here are some additional tips:

  • If the hairs are very short, twist them and scrunch them tightly. Finish off with a hard wax.
  • If the hairs are long, part the hair on the opposite side of the cowlick. This will give the cowlick some lift and add to the hair volume.
  • If the hairs are wavy or curly, add some tension to your strands using a pre-styling product. Usually, curly hairs are coarse, allowing the hair to weigh down more cowlick prone areas. Hence, the cowlicks occur less troublesome and blend in with the wildness of the curls.
  • If the hairs are straight and thick or long, the cowlick can easily be managed due to hairs weight.

2. Hiding

Part your hair where the cowlick lies naturally. This will not only enhance the volume of your hairs but also save your time and prevent you from the unnecessary stress of setting the hairs. After all, who does not enjoy the natural look!

In case your cowlick is at the front, try middle or deep side parting of your hairs.

Use hair styling products that have an extra strong hold to control the stubborn cowlick. To have a long-lasting hairstyle that keeps your style for the entire day and your look stays put, ensure to finish off with a strong hold spray.

You can also consider tying hairs as a bun, braid or neat ponytail to make the cowlick appear less noticeable.

3. Laser Hair Treatment

Laser hair treatment may eliminate the hair in the offending area but cannot obliterate the cowlick as the hair follicles are positioned in such a way that they can’t be moved.

4. Growing Hair

One easy way to camouflage the cowlick is to grow the hair. The weight of the hair lessens the tendency of the cowlick to stick up straight. Alternatively, ask your hairstylist for a haircut that blends the cowlick in.


Cowlick hair is an entirely harmless section that, if properly planned, can be easily managed. A person looks the best when they are comfortable in the clothes they are wearing and the hairstyle they are carrying. As long as the cowlick adds to your overall appearance, embrace your hair’s uniqueness.

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