Does Wearing a Hat Damage Your Hair?

Does Wearing a Hat Damage Your Hair

People use different hair accessories, among which some are believed to cause hair damage, such as hot glue hair extensions. Luckily, there is no scientific evidence that wearing a hat damages hair.

Studies have proved that hair extensions cause excessive pressure on hair follicles that lead to hair thinning and traction alopecia. In the same way, people think that hat could also rub the hair follicles to an extent that they get damaged, weak and fall off.

Even though it could be possible, but requires long-term research to prove the fact. In this article, we will find out does wearing a hat damage your hair and the possible reasons behind hair damage.

Hair Damage or Hair Loss due to Hat

Hair Damage or Hair Loss due to Hat

The most common reason behind hair damage is ill-treatment of hair. Not maintaining hair hygiene, chemically treating hair excessively, using hair styling tools (1) and subjecting hair to low-quality haircare products are all reasons behind hair damage.

As a result, the hair starts to fall, and you experience hair thinning or hair loss.

Besides these reasons, hair loss also occurs due to genetics (2), underlying health conditions, or hormonal changes in the body. While all these factors are scientifically proven, there is no evidence proving that wearing a hat can damage the hair.

Scientific Research in the Area

Often men experience hair loss and they are the one who wear hat more than women. In this regard, a study was conducted on 92 pairs of identical twins to see how environmental factors contribute to hair damage and hair loss (3).

It was found that twins who wear hat experienced less hair fall than those who do not wear them at all. Thus, this study contradicts the fact that wearing a hat damages your hair.

Should I Worry About Hair When Wearing a Hat?

You should worry only when you wear a tight or ill-fitted hat for long hours. Due to tight fitting, the blood flow to the hair follicles may be interrupted. If you continue wearing such a hat every day for long hours, there will be an interruption in the blood flow, causing stress on the hair follicles. All this will result in hair fall.

Such hair loss is temporary and the hair will grow out again when the normal blood flow is maintained. However, if you keep wearing tight or ill fitted hat the hair loss could become permanent.

Therefore, you should always wear loose-fitting hats to prevent repeated pulling or tension over the scalp.

How to Avoid Hair Damage?

How to avoid hair damage

Hair damage can occur due to multiple reasons. It could be the use of heat styling tools for one person and chemical treatment for the other. Constant rubbing of hair follicles due to sustained use of excessively tight-fitting hat is also one of the reasons.

However, if hair loss is happening due to genetics, there is little you can do about it. Below are some preventive measures that you can take to avoid hair damage-

  • Avoid wearing hats that are tight for your scalp or cause hair to pull.
  • Do not style hair in tightly pulled buns, ponytails, or braids.
  • Don’t twist, tug, or stroke your hair excessively for long hours.
  • Be gentle while massaging, washing, and brushing your hair.
  • Always use a wide-toothed comb when brushing to avoid pulling.
  • Do not use heat-styling tools such as straighteners or curlers excessively.
  • Always protect hair from excessive sun exposure by wearing a hat or scarf.


It is not uncommon for people to search ‘does wearing a hat damages your hair’, especially when they are experiencing the same. Since damaged hair is more likely to fall off, wearing a hat is often blamed for baldness.

There is no scientific evidence to prove it; in fact, the study has suggested that wearing a hat protects hair from environmental abrasions and harmful UV rays. All you need is to wear a hat that fits your head perfectly. There should be no tugging or pulling of hair.

If you consider all these while wearing a hat, the hair will stay protected under it. So, wear the right hat and keep your hair well protected from damage.

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