Top 5 Dances to Help You Lose Weight Easily

dances to help you lose weight

Many countries around the world are now registering a big number of people having obesity each day. Medically, overweight has been greatly linked to lack of exercises and more importantly consumption of food that contain a large percentage of calories. Its effects are pretty much more than what people can imagine. Heart-related diseases, reduced sleep hours and increased blood pressure are some of the commonly known effects of obesity. In the UK, about 36% of the total population has been diagnosed with obesity with the number rising at a fast rate every year. Although most of the people have chosen to go for commonly known physical exercise, there are dances which also work best when it comes to weight loss as discussed below.

Top 5 Dances to Help You Lose Weight Easily

1. Salsa Dance for Weight Loss

salsa dance for weight loss

How to do:

Is a stylistic dance that cuts weight at a faster rate and involves a series of body movements. To do it, stand upright and relax your body freely. Push one leg forward and maintain the position of the other leg. Through the arms sideways as you engage the upper body to rotate freely.

How it benefits: Salsa dance stretches the whole body, therefore, making it more flexible.

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2. Hip Hop Dance for Weight Loss

hip hop dance for weight loss

How to do:

Stand upright and let your oblique’s relax. Spread the legs, one to the back and the other in front of the body. Lower your body down and lunge the front foot forward. Slightly bend the back foot for the knee to approach the ground as you flex yours periodically in free air.

How it benefits:

  • Tones the abdomen and the back muscles.
  • Makes the joints more flexible.

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3. Belly Dance for Weight Loss

belly dance for weight loss

How to do:

Stand in an upright posture and let your hands to cover the back of your head. Slightly move the right leg some inches away from the body to the front then step with the left toes on the heel of the right foot. Inhale deeply and hold your breath then engage the back muscles and the abdomen to push the tummy forward and backwards simultaneously as the rest of the body is kept calm without moving before falling back and then stepping on the left heel.

How it benefits: Flattens the belly by engaging it through a series of connections.

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4. Zumba Dance for Weight Loss

zumba dance for weight loss

How to do:

Stand upright and spread legs some inches away from each other. Bend the right arm at the elbow so that the fingers can touch the neck. Elongate the left arm away from the body but let it align with the shoulder. Engage the core and start moving the hips backwards and towards the straightened arm. Increase the back and forth movement pace of the hips with a little shaking of the whole body.

How it benefits: Tightens the thighs and hips by getting rid of excess fats.

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5. Hip Hop Abs for Weight Loss

How to do:

Stand upright and bend both arms to allow the elbows to point away from the body and the fingers to touch the sides of the body. Open the legs and lunge them forward as you begin to lower the body down. Rest while at the hips height for some seconds then stand up.

How it benefits: Tones the lower abs and the oblique muscles.

You can lose weight efficiently by consistently taking part in the above dances since they work the whole body out.

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