10 Simple Dances To Help You Lose Weight Easily

Being overweight is really disheartening. You tend to lose your confidence very easily. If you are conscious enough then you will always have only one thing in your mind “am I looking really fat?” well, it is good that you accept the fact as soon as possible that yes you are fat. After accepting that you must do something to reduce it. There might be many reasons that you do not want to exercise or want to go out and walk. It is better if you choose such an alternative that help you to enjoy what you are doing and not become a big boredom for you. One such way is to dance your heart out. Well, there might be any person who does not like dance! There are various types of dance that can actually help you to loose your weight and that to very effectively. As the main motive for you is to put some extra effort to your body so that you loose that extra weight. So why not choose dancing. Below there are 10 different styles of dance that you can choose and loose weight.

10 Simple Dances To Help You Lose Weight Easily

1. Freestyle:

  • This is a kind of free dance form.
  • This type of dance form enables you to move freely
  • You do not have to bother much about the dance steps or body movements.
  • This is also one of the easiest of all dance forms
  • This can also be done by all age groups.
  • This dance form also helps to make your body more flexible
  • The only condition is to have fast beats should to boost up your energy levels and this would ultimately tease you to dance non-stop.
  • You must give at least 30 minutes every day to lose weight.
  • Dance alone or in group it is up to you.

2. Hip Hop:

  • You must have heard about this superb dance form
  • It is an urban, street form of dance and mostly people perform in nightclubs to take attention.
  • It involves the quick succession of movements
  • That involves the exercises of the entire body.
  • This dance form is a super high energy workout that is good for both beginners and veterans.
  • The name of the dance form “hip-hop” explains that it mostly involves the movement of hips and waist and thus it helps to firm and tone your abs.
  • Just by dancing while watching a video or at a club just for an hour or so will enable you to burn around 250 calories very easily.

3. Hip Hop Abs:

  • You can judge it as it is an extension of hip hop only.
  • This dance used such moves that will shape up and tone abs so there is no need to lie on the floor and do crunches.
  • This also involves an isolation exercises in combination with an intense cardio workout that is much needed to enable you lose fat and build a strong six pack. Wow!
  • On the other hand it is gift for women as they lie to the greater advantage as they can cut down those extra pounds in abs and look in shape.
  • Hip hop abs should be practiced for at least 2 to 3 days a week.

4. Cabaret/Belly Dancing:

  • This dance form helps to tone the most problematic areas like hips, back and abs.
  • Just by Shaking up the belly or lower body will burn lot of calories and helps to shape up your buttocks.
  • In addition, it will also burns thigh and abdominal fat very effectively.
  • This will also give a lot of help to strengthen muscles and improving posture, it also prevents back pain that is often an obstacle to exercising.

5. Salsa:

  • One of the most popular dance form that you know.
  • Salsa dance form usually consists of a pattern of six steps danced these are to be danced over eight counts of music and also along with several turns
  • This can be danced side to side.

6. Zumba:

  • This is a new trend in the era of weight loss these days
  • Zumba classes are being offered by many centers also chain gyms as well across the country and aim to make people enjoy while working out simultaneously.
  • The best thing is unlike salsa it does not need and partner.

7. Jazzercise:

  • This one was founded in 1969.
  • Yes it is the oldest one.
  • This dance form combines jazz dance and strength training to tone muscles
  • It also builds muscles during the workout
  • some classic Pilates and yoga movements are also been performed which lengthen muscles while cardio
  • this enables you to burn up to 600 calories in an hour!
  • It should be done 2 to 3 times a week to lose weight effectively.

8. Ballet:

  • Though Ballet is often viewed as a slow-moving dance form in real the dance which is slow requires more patience and more flexibility.
  • it plays a great role in shaping up your body.
  • As written above that this dance forms demands a lot of flexibility and it a lot of strength and precision to perform
  • It is not at all easy to perform most ballet positions and movements.

9. Pole Dancing:

  • You might have a doubt that how this dance form could help?
  • But as it involves some climbing and rotating on a pole this would definitely help to increase your flexibility
  • This would definitely help you burn down some calories.
  • You can even calculate the amount of energy spent in gym as compared to a pole dance as a pole dance of 30 minutes is equivalent to 20 minutes in a gym.
  • You can try pole dancing to lose weight.

10. African Dance:

  • It is a super fun dance form this one involves combination of contemporary and traditional African dance forms
  • This is extremely aerobic dance form.
  • It introduces some great music and culture and is suitable for beginners as and also for experienced dancers.
  • You just need to wear proper dancing clothes you just can’t wear anything.
  • You must go out for loose ones such as trousers and pajamas that will make you feel comfortable.
  • So those willing to sweat more and more wear your dancing shoes!

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10 Simple Dances To Help You Lose Weight Easily
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