8 Simple Exercises for People With Arthritis

exercise for arthritis patient

Arthritis can simply be explained as an inflammation of joints. An infection or an injury to the joints can cause it. However, arthritis can also occur naturally. It is characterized by red skin around the affected joint or even stiffness and joint pains. When not handled properly, an arthritis patient can find walking a difficult task. Apart from using over the counter medications. Arthritis patients should try working out to strengthen the joints and also relieve pain in the joints. Here are some workouts that arthritis patients should try out.

8 Simple Exercises for People With Arthritis

1. Walking

walking for arthritis

How Walking is Helpful to an Arthritis Patient:

  • Walking is a simple but essential workout for an arthritis patient. It strengthens their joints and helps relieve joint pains.
  • Obesity is also a major cause of arthritis. Walking helps an arthritis patient keep their weight in check hence reducing pressure and pain on the joints.

How to Engage in a Walking Work Out:

  • Arthritis patients are encouraged to walk instead of using a car to move around short distances.
  • They can also wake up early in the morning and walk for a mile and different paces to increase the intensity of their work out.

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2. Pilates

pilates for arthritis

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Pilates is one of the most popular but straightforward workouts.
  • Pilates works outs do help arthritis patients rehabilitate weak or injured joints.
  • This work out uses the weight of the body to put pressure on the joints hence strengthening them without damaging them further.

How to Engage in a Simple Pilates Workout:

  • While engaging in a Pilates workout, joints do move regularly which is essential for an Arthritis patient.
  • Start this work out with your legs 0ne meter apart.
  • Slowly lean towards the left knee until it is at an angle of 45 degrees then slowly rise.
  • Do this for both sides to strengthen both knee joints.

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3. Water Workout

water exercises for arthritis

Benefits of Water Workouts:

  • Also known as hydrotherapy, water workouts helps in making an arthritis patient more flexible which is important in relieving pressure from the joints and rehabilitating joint injuries.

How to Engage in Simple Water Workout:

  • Walking through the water offers enough resistance to help strengthen the joints.
  • An arthritis patient should walk from one end of the pool to the other.
  • They can also squat in the water slowly with their back straight to strengthen their knees and ankles.

4. Stretching

stretching exercises for arthritis

Benefits of Stretching:

Stretching strengthens and rehabilitates affected joints. It also improves flexibility which helps in relieving tension from joints which may cause pain to an arthritis patient.

How to Perform a Stretch:

  • The quadriceps stretch is an excellent way to stretch and strengthen the leg muscles and knee.
  • An arthritis patient should lie on their left side then hold their right heel and pull the leg back until they feel muscles on their thighs stretch.
  • In order to get effective results, they should repeat the same process on the other leg.

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5. Weight Lifting

dumbbell exercises for arthritis

Benefits of Weight Lifting: Weight lifting exercises helps arthritis patients strengthen and rehabilitate weak or injured joints.

How to do a Simple Weight Lifting Workout:

  • A squat is one of the simplest but very essential work out.
  • An arthritis patient can use a dumbbell or a barbell in this workout.
  • They should stand straight with legs apart and a barbell on their shoulders or a dumbbell in their hands.
  • They should ensure that their back is always straight when doing squats.
  • Then slowly go down until their knees are at an angle of 45-degrees then slowly go up.

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6. Elliptical Training

elliptical for arthritis

Benefits of Elliptical Training:

  • Elliptical movements do strengthen arthritis patient joints.
  • Elliptical training is a good cardio work outs which makes an arthritis patient become more energetic.
  • This releaves joint pains hence allowing them to do more without pain.

How to do a Simple Elliptical Workout:

  • Most elliptical workouts can be done on elliptical machines.
  • A simple machine such as an elliptical cross-trainer does strengthen the lower body and shoulders.
  • Most elliptical workouts start by stepping on the pedals and holding on the metallic handlebars.
  • Slowly start to peddle as you move the handlebars with your hands in the alternate direction as your feet.
  • You should increase your pace to increase the intensity of the workout.

7. Yoga

bridge pose for arthritis

Benefits of Yoga:

  • Yoga has been around for ages. It helps in making an arthritis patient more flexible by relieving tension and pain in their joints and muscles making them more energetic.
  • Some yoga poses such as the bridge pose use the body weight to strengthen and rehabilitate injured or weak joints.

How to do a Simple Yoga Pose for Arthritis:

  • A simple yoga pose such as the bridge pose can work wonders.
  • An arthritis patient should start this pose by lying on their back looking upwards then bend their knees.
  • Then slowly lift their tail bone until their back is straight.
  • Then hold for a few seconds then drop your tail bone.
  • They should repeat this severally to relieve knee and back pain.

8. Chair Stand Exercises

chair stand exercise for arthritis

Benefits of Chair Stand Exercises:

  • Chair stand workouts are one of the simplest exercises on this list.
  • They help an arthritis patient become more stable by having control of their body movements.
  • Chair stand exercises also help in strengthening their joints.

How to Perform a Chair Stand Exercise:

  • While seated an arthritis patient should open their legs apart, then slowly lift themselves without using their hands.
  • Once they are up they, should slowly go down again while controlling their movement.

The above workouts are very simple and can be done even at home. However, arthritis patients should consult a professional fitness coach who will guide them through these workouts safely.

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