Top 10 Exercises For Back Muscles

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Our back is made up of four different groups of muscles. Back exercises are mostly aimed at either gaining a deep, tapered V look and at making your back injury proof. The V taper means a big and broad back that is achieved by working on the deltoids, lats and obliques. If you want to try out some different kinds of exercises for your back day you can read on below and check out our top ten picks from the list of back exercises along with a brief description of which tools to pick to help you build a stronger, thicker and wider back musculature. These workouts would also improve your posture, strengthen your spine and neck as well as your core muscles. Each of the following exercises is unique in its own way.

Top 10 Exercises For Back Muscles

1. Barbell Dead lift

This exercise does more than just improving the tone of your back muscles. It helps to improve the strength of your entire back side starting right from your calf muscles to upper trap muscles. This technique helps to recruit maximum of your muscle mass and also stimulate the release of your muscle building hormones. This set of exercise not only strengthens your back but also conditions them. Regularly doing this exercise also strengthens your bone structure. You can start by doing the conventional deadlifts in the initial stages of your workouts and consequently move to other variations like the sumo style deadlift that also engage more muscles of back in the activity.

2. Bent Over Barbell Row Exercise

Doing this form of barbell lift helps to engage and strengthen a larger muscle group of your upper and lower back muscles. So, this happens to be a great workout to build your overall back musculature. It is suggested that you do the bent over Barbell in the early part of your workout session with heavy weights in 6 to 8 or 8 to 10 repetitions, as it puts appreciable load on your lumber region. You do not want to do it towards the end to save your back.

3. Standing T Bar Row

This exercise involves piling up some weight. It is the bac, knees and hips that are chiefly involves. If you feel it is becoming quite difficult to maintain a straight back while doing this exercise, you can switch over to the supported version of the same. While doing the standing T Bar, focus on stretching and contracting the muscles of your back. Be careful that while performing this workout, you must keep your legs set in a bent angle throughout this exercise.

4. Wide Grip Pull Up

Including at least one overhead pull up movement in your exercise routine is a positive thing. To give emphasis on your upper lat. Group of muscles, wide grip pull ups are one of the best for of work out. If you do the wide grip pull up, it is possible for you to load up more while a closed grip on the suspended bar allows for more range of motion. This exercise allows you to have an ideal starting joint position. When you start your pull up, your scapula should be retracted backwards and the blades of your shoulders should be down and towards each other. Ideally, you should try to do 8 to 10 repetitions of this pull up. Try to include this pull ups towards the start of your session. As a warm up, you can do several of these pull ups in light repetitions and not the full-fledged ones to maintain your form.

5. Close Grip Pull Down Exercise

The close grip pull down engages the lateral muscles of the back. The closer grip in this type of pull down exercise allows for a longer range of movements and allow more time to hold your Lateral muscles under tension which is great to build your muscle mass. This exercise can be counted as a good warm up move for your shoulder muscles but when you want to do it as a part of muscle building, it is best included at around the end of your session. Do 8 to 12 repetitions and keep the repetitions widely spaced as in, you need to slow down the tempo of the repetitions. Allow a good stretch to your muscles at the top of each repetition and give a good squeeze at the bottom.

6. Bent Over Single Arm Dumbbell Row

This is a type of workout where each side of the body works unilaterally and independent of the other side. By doing this, you allow each side a greater range of motion. While performing the single arm seated cable row, you would be able to support your lower back much better by keeping one hand on the bench. You can engage your core muscles by allowing a slight rotation. This exercise is beneficial for your lower lats. and is better done either towards the middle of your workout or towards the end. You may do 10 to 12 sets as per your choice.

7. Renegade Dumbbell Rows

Hold two dumbbells in neutral grip and take up the push up position. You should keep your back straight and your core muscles tightened. Next, you need to row up your right arm until it is above the level of your torso, slightly. Hold on to the contraction for an interval of 1 second and then return to the bottom. Repeat the process with the left arm.

8. Chin Ups

Hold the pull up bar with an underhand grip. Your shoulders should be wide apart. Hang up with the help of pull up bar. Next, you need to contract your biceps and then pull up your chest, powerfully to the bar.

9. Dumbbell Pullovers

You need to lie down straight on the bench with dumbbells raised straight in your hands. The dumbbells are to be held in such a way that your palms are pressing on the top disc of the dumbbells. Next, you need to tighten the muscles of your core and lower the dumbbell behind your head, a little below the height of the bench that you are using. Now, the weights need to pulled up back to the starting point.

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