How to Use Derma Roller and Minoxidil Together

How to Use Derma Roller and Minoxidil Together

Hair loss is one of the common problems among men and women. Gone are the days when hair loss was experienced only after a certain age or due to a poor diet. Today, even youngsters are dealing with the issue due to hormonal imbalance, workload, stress, environmental factors, etc.

Luckily, science has advanced and offered multiple solutions for different hair conditions, such as minoxidil. Moreover, the cosmetic industry has also developed and introduced new and effective devices such as derma rollers for hair follicle stimulation. 

The function of both minoxidil and derma roller is different, but the end result is the same- beautiful, lustrous, and shiny hair

If you are dealing with hair loss and wondering if you can use derma roller and minoxidil together, keep reading to find the answer. 

What Is a Derma Roller?

What Is a Derma Roller

Utilizing microneedling technology, derma roller (1) stimulates the body’s innate ability to repair wounds and encourages the creation of new hair. Additionally, it enhances the scalp’s cellular growth, blood flow, and collagen synthesis.

The derma roller (2) consists of a handle and a little rolling stick covered in spikes. When applied on the affected areas, these spikes encourage hair growth and skin healing. Most people have found the derma roller beneficial, although individual results may differ.

What is Minoxidil?

What is Minoxidil

Minoxidil (3) is a tropical remedy that helps to restore dormant hair follicles, halt hair loss, and encourage the new hair formation. By increasing blood flow to the hair follicles, this solution can enlarge the hair shaft’s diameter and the follicles’ size.

Minoxidil is applied topically to the scalp once a day for a minimum of a year. It comes in three distinct concentrations: 2%, 5%, and 10%. 

Research indicates that approximately 85% of individuals respond well to this medication. To prevent adverse effects, you must speak with a dermatologist before using minoxidil.

Combining Derma Roller and Minoxidil

The synergistic effects of minoxidil and derma roller complement each other, amplifying their respective effects. The derma roller’s micro-injuries could accelerate minoxidil’s absorption into the scalp and thus improve its effectiveness. 

Moreover, the derma roller’s increased blood flow and stimulation may support and stimulate hair development.

How to Use Derma Roller and Minoxidil Together

Using a derma roller and minoxidil together requires cautious arranging and adherence to best practices. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Cleanse your scalp: Begin by washing your scalp with a tender cleanser to remove any soil, oil, or item buildup.

2. Prepare the derma roller: Clean it by splashing it in isopropyl liquor for 10-15 minutes. Wash it with hot water before use.

3. Minoxidil application: Apply minoxidil to the regions of your scalp to stimulate hair development. Allow it to dry completely before proceeding.

4. Use the derma roller: Delicately roll the derma roller over the regions where you applied minoxidil. Roll in one direction; at that point, lift and rehash in another direction to guarantee the scope. Maintain a strategic distance from squeezing and difficulty avoiding irritation.

5. Apply minoxidil again: After using the derma roller, apply another layer of minoxidil to the treated regions. This ensures that the minoxidil enters the skin correctly.

6. Clean and store the derma roller: After using the derma roller, wash it with hot water and clean it once more with isopropyl liquor. Allow it to dry completely before storing it in a clean, dry place.

7. Repeat the process: Use the derma roller and minoxidil combination 1-3 times weekly, depending on your treatment plan. Follow the instructions given with your minoxidil product and consult with a dermatologist if you have any concerns or questions.

Possible Side Effects

Derma rollers and minoxidil may make skin irritation more likely, especially if you have sensitive skin. Itching, flakiness on the scalp, redness, and dryness are common adverse effects.

It should start with a lower concentration and gradually increase as tolerated until inclusion to reduce the danger of adverse effects.


Combining minoxidil and derma rolling can be a promising way to encourage hair growth, especially for people with hair loss or thinning. However, to reduce the possibility of adverse effects, it’s crucial to use these drugs cautiously and under best practices.

If you’re considering using derma rollers and minoxidil together, consult a dermatologist or other healthcare provider to determine the best course of action for your requirements.

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