Why Is The Skin Around My Nose So Dry?

Why Is The Skin Around My Nose So Dry

As we approach the colder months in winter, we begin to experience dryness in the skin. Harsh weather and cold air all lead to scaly and flaky skin. Dry skin around the nose is a common problem that people with dry skin face often. 

Let’s understand why certain parts in the face are more susceptible to drying. 

A few areas that get dry quickly and more often are the elbow, the corner of the mouth, and the area around the nose. No matter how much we moisturize this skin area, it does not last long and dries up quickly. We even experience the peel coming off around the nose area. 

What Causes Dry Skin Around The Nose?

Besides the cold weather, there are many other reasons that contribute to dryness of the skin around the nose. These are-

Harsh Weather

One of the most common reasons for dry skin is the harsh weather. Skin exposure to cold and dry air outside and insufficient care can lead to skin dryness. 

Among these, exposure to sun/ sunburn can also cause skin irritation and make the skin peel off the nose. This condition most prominently affects during the winters. Using proper skin protection and moisturizer would help the condition.

Hot Showers

During winter, taking long hot showers or washing our face with warm water adds to dryness around the nose and cheek area.

Allergic Reactions 

People suffering from allergies or colds also tend to be likely to get dryness in the area around the nose. Both seasonal allergies and colds make people sneeze and get runny noses; cleaning and rubbing the nose repeatedly irritates, resulting in dryness and inflammation around the corner of the nostrils. 



The lack of water dries and pales our skin inside out when our skin doesn’t get moisture. If we tend not to drink not enough water to keep our body hydrated, that will show in our skin, not immediately, but lead to flaky skin over time. 

Winters is dominantly that time of the year when we forget to achieve our daily dose of required hydration level. The colder it gets outside, the warmer we heat inside to stay cozy; the extreme climates inside and out also lead to dehydration for the skin.

Skin Conditions 

Skin Conditions

Everyone has different skin types, and each has its ups and downs; people with already dry skin are most likely to experience the dryness of skin around the nose. Some people get skin diseases or conditions such as psoriasis, rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis, and atopic dermatitis, resulting in dry and scaly skin around the nose. 


As we age further into years, our skin becomes thinner and tends to lose moisture, both of which can also be a reason for dryness around the nose.

Skin Care Products 

Using complex skin care products that do not suit our skin type could also harm our skin, resulting in skin dryness, especially around the area surrounding the nose.

How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin Around The Nose?

Dry skin around the nose can be treated; however, taking preventive measures ensures that we don’t get it on the first hand. 

Here are some ways to treat or prevent dry nose around nose-

1. Winter Care

To avoid skin dryness around the nose, we should take extra care during winters. Using moisturizers and sun protection that suits our skin type to keep the skin from getting dry. If it is already a dry and flaky nose, we should try using ointment, glycerin or cream that would treat the dry skin of the nose instead of regular lotion.

2. Cover face

Covering the face properly with a cap and scarf before stepping out will help to protect from harsh wind and getting dryness around the nose.

3. Moisturize Daily 

The best way to avoid dryness of the skin is to apply cream or moisturizer right after washing the face with a gentle cleanser when the skin is still damp. This act would make sure that the moisture is intact in your skin and not dried out by the effect of hot water. 

4. Avoid hot showers 

Do not take a shower with very hot water, instead use slightly warm or lukewarm water to bathe. 

5. Use humidifier  

If suffering from cold or seasonal allergies, it is best to use the nasal spray that could help decongest a blocked nose. Even a humidifier would be a great help to keep the air moist during the dry winters.

6. Drink Plenty of Water 

Staying hydrated is the key; drinking more water will moisturize the skin from within. You should make sure to drink an adequate amount of water every day.

7. Use Right Skin Care Products 

People dealing with skin conditions should wear appropriate skin products that would help them from getting dryness around their nose. The best would be to consult with their dermatologist for their skin condition.

Besides, a proper skincare routine should be followed before bed and morning after showering. Face and nose should be appropriately moisturized to avoid dry skin around the nose.

Moreover, it is advised to avoid getting OTC (Over-the-counter) ointments and skin products if your face is highly sensitive or the usual products do not keep the face moisturized.

To avoid getting flakes around the nose, people also like to use the most effective products that can easily be found in the kitchen such as coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, etc. these readily available ingredients can be used to treat the dry and flaky area around the nose.


Dry skin around the nose can be prevented by taking the right measures. We can treat skin dryness with proper precautions and self-care, especially the most affected sensitive area around the nose. But if conditions worsen, like the skin hurts, or the skin getting drier, or you see blood around the skin, it is advised to see the doctor or dermatologist immediately.

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