Hair Length Chart: Every Single Cut Length You Need to Know

Hair Length Chart Every Single Cut Length You Need to Know

When it comes to getting the right haircut, understanding your hair length and face type plays an important role. Often, we end up getting the haircut that is trending but doesn’t suit the face. It is when starting with a reference point and knowing the hair length chart that comes in handy. 

Describing Hair Length

Describing how much hair length you want is one of the most difficult things to do while sitting in the hair stylist’s chair. Even if you know what hairstyle you need, telling the right length becomes tricky. This is the reason why people sometimes come out of the salon a little disappointed. 

If that’s the case with you, too, know that hair length can be divided into three- short hair, medium hair, and long hair. There are some amazing haircuts that fall into these categories, as mentioned below-

Hair Length Chart for Short Hair

Hair Length Chart for Short Hair

1. Buzz Cut: Getting Buzz Cut is one of the best ways to escape the lengthy hair styling routines. It is the shortest haircut wherein the hair length stays above the neck. To make this hairstyle spicier, you can add some stunning hair color to your look. Buzz Cut makes you look super stylish and carefree. 

2. Ear Length Pixie Cut: Getting your hair cut by ear gives you a pixie cut. Women with great cheekbones can get this hairstyle to flaunt it. Even though pixie suits everyone, it looks adorable on women with curls. This hair length helps them maintain and show off their curls without much effort. The best thing is pixie cuts always stay in trend and give you a stylish look. 

3. Chin Length Bob Cut: Falling right around the jawline, a classic bob cut never goes out of fashion. Women who prefer short hair length often go for a bob cut as it is a no-brainer. The good thing about bob cut is you can try a number of variations in it, such as-

  • Asymmetrical bob
  • French-inspired bob
  • Inverted bob
  • Bob with bangs
  • Middle part bob
  • Shaggy bob

While some add a carefree personality to your look, others make you look extra sophisticated. 

Hair Length Chart for Medium Hair

Hair Length Chart for Medium Hair

Women who have beautiful, lustrous hair want a haircut without compromising the length and can go for medium-length haircuts. Medium hair length is easy to manage compared to long length and can be styled in different ways. 

While short hair length sets limitations in creating styles like braids or buns, the medium length allows you to experiment with different hairstyles suitable for your face type. Here are the two major hair length chart for medium length-

1. Shoulder Length: Getting any cut around the shoulder gives a flattering look. You can try multiple hairstyles at shoulder length, and at the same time, you can pair them with different forms. For instance, you can get layers with bangs, bob with depth right up to the shoulders, and much more.

Here are some stunning hairstyles for shoulder length that are worth trying-

  • Layered hair- medium-layered or densely layered
  • Asymmetrical lob 
  • Long curtain bangs
  • Wavy hair with a middle partition 

Shoulder-length hair can be styled as braids or buns and make you look different every day. 

2. Armpit Length: Women who desire long hair but find it a little tricky to maintain and style every day before stepping out can get armpit length. It increases the chances of experimenting more with your hair length. From getting stylish messy buns to sleek French braids, you can do anything with your armpit hair length. 

Armpit hair length also looks great on women with curly hair. However, you would need curly hair styling products to give definition to your rings, improve their texture, and enhance how they look. 

Hair Length Chart for Long Hair

Hair Length Chart for Long Hair

Once your hair length has reached past the shoulder, it comes under the long hair length category. While some women prefer it up to mid-back, others go for tailbone length. So, for long hair, the hair length chart is divided into two types-

1. Mid-back length: Women with thick and coarse hair can opt for mid-back length as their hair is one of the assets to flaunt. Even though it takes effort to maintain such hair length, you can slay all the time if you have the right products. Some hairstyles that you can get with mid-back length include-

  • Layered medium length 
  • Messy waves
  • Side swept fringe
  • Feather bangs
  • Bouncy layers 

2. Tailbone length: When the hair length reaches past mid-back and extends further, it falls under the category of tailbone length. If you are opting for this length, don’t forget that it may take a lot more effort than any other hair length to maintain. You may also need to spend a lot of time on their care. 

However, once you know the art of maintaining tailbone length, believe me, you’ll look nothing less than a goddess. Style the tailbone length hair in different ways and let it become the center of attention. 


Now that you have learned the hair length chart and know what the different hair lengths are called, it will be easy to style in multiple ways. Make sure you know what hair length and style suits your face cut to get the best look. 

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