How To Apply Estrogen Cream Without Applicator?

How to apply Estrogen Cream with your Finger

Estrogen: A cream that treats symptoms of menopause, vaginal dryness, and painful menstruation. In addition, it treats urinary incontinence, such as the inability to control urine flow. Thus, most women go with it as an option. Do you have any of these issues? Need to know how to apply it to your vaginal area? Just get into the blog.

How To Apply Estrogen Cream With Finger?

Estrogen creams render estrogen directly to your female genitalia with less absorption. Applying estrogen can restore the thickness of your vaginal skin and enhance its flexibility. It is not necessary to apply the cream high into the female genitalia area. Applying the estrogen cream to the vaginal opening for two to three weeks is more effective. But how do you apply it with your fingers?

1. Wash your hands thoroughly by applying soap and water.
2. Dry your hands.
3. Squeeze the estrogen tube and put some cream on your index finger.
4. Now, locate your vaginal opening or urethra.
5. Ensure to spread the cream carefully into the urethral area or vaginal region.
6. Make sure you have covered the opening with estrogen.


Estrogen dosage varies from person to person. Follow your doctor’s prescription. It is available in the following dosage terms:

● Cream
● Capsule
● Liquid filled
● Inset, extend, & release
● Tablet

What To Do If I Miss A Dose?

If you miss any dose, take it as early as possible. If it is almost time for your next one, skip the missed dose and continue with the regular dosage schedule. Don’t double-dose yourself if you missed one.


Always keep your cream away from the children. Store the medicine either at room temperature or away from moisture, heat, and direct light. Else, freeze it. Do not use an expired one. So, before you apply, check whether the medicine is outdated.

Benefits of Estrogen Cream

When your body is in shortage of estrogen hormone, replacing it with Estrogen cream is a good choice. It works perfectly in your body by increasing the normal discharge from the female genitalia. As a result, it makes the urethra and vulva healthy in a person. Because estrogen helps in:

● Reducing soreness and dryness in the vaginal region.
● Lessen the redness, itchiness, and soreness on the vulva.
● Urging to urinate more often than expected could be frustrating for a person. Using Estrogen cream helps to relieve it.
● Relieves pain during sexual intercourse.

Using the estrogen cream vaginally absorbed into a person’s bloodstream more effectively rather than taking it orally.

However, don’t take it on your own. Before you use it, consider your doctor and make sure it is safe to use or not.

Side Effects Of Using Estrogen Cream

Estrogen cream is a form of hormone therapy. Hence, it gives few side effects like other hormone treatments. Normally, the hormones in our body are in balance. Changes in hormone balance can occur due to certain factors such as changes in your diet.

Estrogen cream can help balance hormones if used in moderation. Perhaps if you use too much at a time or for too long, the chances of side effects such as pulmonary embolism, coronary heart disease, deep vein thrombosis, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer increase.

On the other hand, using too little estrogen cream can lead to the following side effects.

● Vomiting
● Bloating
● Breast tenderness
● Headache

What is the Perfect Time To Apply Estrogen Cream?

Estrogen products usually come with usage directions. Estradiol lotion should be used in the morning. Estradiol gel can be used at any time of day but should be used at the same time each day.

Read and follow the directions on your prescription carefully before using them, use it only as directed by your doctor and it is good to ask your doctor for clarification on anything you do not understand and do not use it longer than recommended.

The full effect of estrogens may not be seen for up to four months.

Changes In The Body That May Occur With The Use Of Estrogen Cream

Once you start hormone therapy, you may lose or gain weight depending on your lifestyle, genetics, diet, and muscle mass. Because estrogen affects the way your body distributes fat, low estrogen levels contribute to your gaining belly fat.

However, estrogen replacement treatment helps redistribute this fat to various areas of your body, rather than just your stomach area.

Along with estrogen, collagen and elastin levels also decrease, making your skin thinner. Estrogen, the hormone that causes the skin to look younger, produces hyaluronic acid. Estrogen affects not only your skin, but also your metabolism, muscle mass, and energy levels.

Age To Avoid Taking Estrogen

Because estrogen is only effective for a short period of time, most experts advise that you can take estrogen depending on your health and that if you are healthy, HRT is safe to use at a very low estrogen dose. If you are 59 or older, you should take estrogen only with a doctor’s approval.

Bottom Lines

This medication can rarely cause some problems like blood clots. Always consult a doctor before you with the medicine!

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