How to Untangle a Tight Knot in a Necklace

How to Untangle a Tight Knot in a Necklace

We often find ourselves in tight situations when we have to dress up and rush to an event. Imagine the stress if your favorite necklace comes up tangled at such a time.

We understand how freaked out you may get at such times, but do not worry. Here are a few steps you can follow when you are wondering how to untangle a necklace and keep it untangled for future use.

Fixing an Untangled Necklace

Fixing an Untangled Necklace

Fixing a tangled necklace may feel daunting, especially when you have little time to get ready for the event. In such cases, either you decide not to wear it or start detangling. If you are choosing the latter case, here are a few ways to remove tangles and twists of necklaces.

1. Find the Right Place for Detangling- Contrasting Background and Flat Surface

  • Find a place with a contrasting background so that you can easily see the knot. Also, ensure that there is sufficient light so that the knots and tangles are easily identified.
  • Keep the necklace on a flat surface carefully. Ensure that the knot doesn’t pull up tighter than it already is.
  • Holding the ends together, undo the fastener cautiously.

2. Reduce Friction- Light Oil, Baby Powder or Windex 

  • Baby Oil: Apply a very small amount of baby oil or olive oil to the knot. Slowly rub the oil over the knot to loosen it up. The oil reduces the friction and allows the strands of the necklace to easily slide past each other during the untangling process.
  • Baby powder: You may also use baby powder over the knot while untangling. If you do not have baby powder, use either cornstarch or flour to spread over the knot. Keep in mind not to use both oil and powder at the same time, as it may result in a messy mixture over the knot that may get stuck at the necklace strands. It can even result in harming the necklace material.
  • Windex: If the necklace knots are spread all over its length, you may also use Windex to loosen them up. In case your several necklaces are tangled up with each other, Windex will be a great option to untangle them. 

3. Use a Needle to Untangle 

  • Put the needle at the center of the knot and tenderly move back and forth to make space between the knot strands. This will create a space between the knots. Once that space is big enough to pass a strand between it, try to open the knot. In case you feel the knot is still tight, apply more baby oil to lubricate it well. 

4. Points to Consider While Untangling a Necklace

  • Avoid using a screwdriver or other big equipment, as they have the potential to harm your necklace.
  • If you are untangling a multi-layered necklace, start untangling center knots first and then move towards the knots at the ends of the necklace.
  • Put a little mild face wash in warm water and lather it. Spray a thin layer of Windex that acts as a lubricant and helps to unknot the tangles without damaging the necklaces.
  • Keep the necklace in the soapy solution for thirty seconds.
  • Rinse off the necklace to remove the soap residue.
  • Keep the necklace flat on a towel and leave it to dry. You may pat it with a tissue paper or soft cloth piece to speed up the drying.
  • You can also use jewelry cleaner available at the market to remove soap residue.

How Do You Prevent Necklaces from Having Knots?

The necklaces get knots when they are kept carelessly in a box after wearing them. Being careful while storing the necklaces will help a lot in avoiding the knots of the necklaces. Follow the simple tips below to prevent knots from forming on the necklace.

  • Use a straw to hang the necklaces separately. 
  • You can also use a jewelry tree available in the market to hang the necklaces.
  • Alternatively, you can use snap-closure bags to store the necklace.


Storing the jewellery properly prevents unnecessary fuss and efforts of untangling at the last moment. It not only saves time but also saves from frustration while getting ready for a special time. 

However, sometimes things may go unplanned, and you may find yourself tangled between the necklace knots. At such times, use the guidelines above and get your favorite jewelry back in its original structure to use. 

In case you are unable to untangle the necklace, you may take it to the jewelry shop to get it untangled.

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