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Nicole Kidman – American film actress, winner of the “Oscar”, best actress of different years according to all kinds of versions of the jury at various international festivals. Among the most famous films with her participation are “Eyes Wide Shut”, “Moulin Rouge”, “The Clock”, “Cold Mountain”, “Panic Room” and others.

Nicole Kidman Short Biography

nicole kidman bio

She has Australian roots, since both of her parents were from this continent. Nicole Kidman spent the first years of her life in Australia. There she began studying in a ballet studio, then went further – began to study the history of theater and attend classes of the youth troupe of the Australian Theater and the Philip Street Theater. Here the talent of the future world star began to emerge. Already at the age of 15, she appeared on the screen. Although her first work was just a game in a video. Then she began acting quite often for television.

Since 1980, she regularly appeared in films, but all her roles were almost invisible. Only in 1989, the actress took part in the first Hollywood project – the film “Dead Calm”, which was successfully held worldwide.

It was after the role in this film that Nicole Kidman’s American career began. She received an invitation to participate in the filming of the film “Days of Thunder”. During this work, she met and became close to Tom Cruise. Then they played together in a couple of films, among which there is the last film of the genius Stanley Kubrick “Eyes Wide Shut”, filmed in 1999. After this collaboration, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman broke up.

Nicole came to her senses after parting for a long time, but after a couple of years she returned to the cinema. From that time on, her successful period began – the beginning of the twenty-first century was the peak of her career. In 2001, she played in “Moulin Rouge!”, Where she not only played the main role, but she herself performed all the vocal parts of her heroine. In the same year, the film “Others” was released, where the actress showed an excellent game. After the premiere of The Others, it became clear that the credited name Nicole Kidman could make the film a box office.

And it paid off, in 2003 for her role in the film “Watch”, the actress won an Oscar. She has won numerous other awards and has appeared in over 40 films.

Nicole Kidman Body Measurements

nicole kidman height

  • Height: 1.8 m (5 feet 11 inches)
  • Weight: 58 kg (128 lb)
  • Bra Size: 32B
  • Breast Size: 86 cm (34 in)
  • Waist Size: 60 cm (23 in)
  • Hips Size: 86 cm (34 in)
  • Shoe Size: 8.5 US
  • Dress Size: 2

Nicole Kidman Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: June 20, 1967
  • Born Place: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
  • Birth Name: Nicole Mary Kidman
  • Nickname: Nic, Nicole Urban
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Nationality: Australia
  • Occupation: Actress, model
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Race/Ethnicity: White, She has English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry.
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Eyes color: Blue
  • Hair color: Blonde

Nicole Kidman Family Details

nicole kidman family

  • Father: Antony David Kidman
  • Mother: Janelle Ann
  • Children: 4
  • Spouse: Tom Cruise (m. 1990; div. 2001), Keith Urban (m. 2006)
  • Siblings: Antonia Kidman

Nicole Kidman Profiles

Nicole Kidman Interesting Facts

nicole kidman interesting facts

  • In August 2004, the Australian BRW magazine named Kidman the richest woman in Australia under the age of forty (her fortune was estimated at 155 million Australian dollars)
  • Ranked second in People magazine’s list of the most valuable actresses in 2005. Nicole’s average cost for a film was estimated at $ 16 million
  • Received the 2003 Fashion Icon Award from the US Fashion Designers Association
  • The face of Chanel No. five
  • A fan of the Sydney Swans in the Australian Football League. Her favorite player is Barry Hall
  • The BMX Bandits song of the American pop-rock band Wheatus is dedicated to the film of the same name with Nicole Kidman in 1983
  • He is actively involved in social activities: participates in societies to combat breast cancer and help street children; in 2004 she was named a “citizen of the world” by the UN and was also nominated by UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador
  • The face of the Swiss watch company Omega
  • Nicole Kidman has an acute allergy to strawberries

Nicole Kidman Filmography

nicole kidman filmography

  1. Scandal (2019)
  2. Goldfinch (2019)
  3. Time of retribution (2018)
  4. Erased personality (2018)
  5. How to talk to girls at parties (2018)
  6. Aquaman (2018)
  7. 1 + 1: Hollywood Story (2017)
  8. Killing a sacred deer (2017)
  9. Fatal temptation (2017)
  10. a lion (2016)
  11. Genius (2016)
  12. The Fang family (2015)
  13. Foreign country (2015)
  14. The mystery is in their eyes (2015)
  15. Desert Queen (2015)
  16. A foreign country (2015)
  17. Queen of the Desert (2015)
  18. Family Fang (2014)
  19. The Adventures of Paddington (2014)
  20. Princess of Monaco (2014)
  21. Before I Fall Asleep (2014)
  22. Retribution (2013)
  23. Vicious games (2012)
  24. Hemingway and Gellhorn (TV, 2012)
  25. Newsboy (2012)
  26. What lies hidden (2011)
  27. Pretend to be my wife (2011)
  28. Rabbit hole (2010)
  29. Nine (2009)
  30. Australia (2008)
  31. The Golden Compass (2007)
  32. Margot at the wedding (2007)
  33. Invasion (2007)
  34. Close-up (TV series 2006 – …)
  35. Happy Feet (2006)
  36. Fur: ​​An Imaginary Portrait of Diana Arbus (2006)
  37. Witch (2005)
  38. Translator (2005)
  39. I Love the 90s: Part Two (TV series 2005)
  40. Birth (2004)
  41. The Stepford Wives (2004)
  42. Cold Mountain (2003)
  43. A tarnished reputation (2003)
  44. Dogville (2003)
  45. Clock (2002)
  46. Birthday Girl (2001)
  47. Others (2001)
  48. Moulin Rouge (2001)
  49. Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
  50. Practical Magic (1998)
  51. Peacemaker (1997)
  52. Portrait of a Lady (1996)
  53. Batman Forever (1995)
  54. Die in the Name (1995)
  55. My life (1993)
  56. Ready for anything (1993)
  57. Far – Far (1992)
  58. Billy Bathgate (1991)
  59. Flirting (1991)
  60. Days of Thunder (1990)
  61. Bangkok Hilton (miniseries 1989)
  62. Dead Pool (1989)
  63. Emerald City (1988)
  64. Window to life (TV, 1987)
  65. Small Part (1987)
  66. The Code (1987)
  67. Australian in Rome (TV Movie 1987)
  68. Vietnam, on demand (mini-series, 1987)
  69. Rider on the Wind (1986)
  70. Melbourne Cup (TV Movie 1985)
  71. Phantom World (1985)
  72. Matthew and Son (TV Movie 1984)
  73. Pursuit in the Night (TV Movie 1983)
  74. To the bone (TV, 1983)
  75. Bicycle Bandits (1983)
  76. Christmas in the Bush (1983)
  77. Primitive country (TV series, 1981 – 1993)


  • 2015 – The Fang family
  • 2011 – Monte Carlo
  • 2010 – Rabbit hole

Nicole Kidman Awards and Nominations

nicole kidman awards and nominations

  • Golden Globes, 2013. Nominations: Best Supporting Actress (“Newspaper”), Best Actress in a Miniseries or Film on TV (“Hemingway and Gellhorn”)
  • Saturn, 2013. Nominations: Best Supporting Actress (“Newspaper”)
  • Actors Guild Award, 2013 Nominations: Best Supporting Actress (“Newspaper”), Best Actress in a Television Film or Miniseries (“Hemingway and Gellhorn”)
  • Golden raspberry, 2012. Nominations: Worst Supporting Actress (“Pretend to be My Wife”)
  • Emmy, 2012. Nominations: Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film (“Hemingway and Gellhorn”)
  • Oscar, 2011. Nominations: Best Actress (“Rabbit Hole”)
  • Golden Globe, 2011. Nominations: Best Actress (Drama) – Rabbit Hole
  • Actors Guild Award, 2011 Nominations: Best Actress (“Rabbit Hole”)
  • Actors Guild Award, 2010 Nominations: Best Cast (“Nine”)
  • Georges, 2008. Nominated: Best Foreign Actress
  • Golden Globe, 2005. Nominated: Best Actress (Drama) – Birth
  • Saturn, 2005. Nominated: Best Actress (“Birth”)
  • Golden Globe, 2004. Nominations: Best Actress (Drama) – Cold Mountain
  • Oscar, 2003. Winner: Best Actress (“The Watch”)
  • Golden Globe, 2003. Winner: Best Actress (Drama) (“The Watch”)
  • British Academy, 2003. Winner: Best Actress (“The Watch”)
  • Berlin Film Festival, 2003. Winner: Silver Bear for Best Actress (“Watch”)
  • Actors Guild Award, 2003 Nominations: Best Cast (“Watch”), Best Actress (“Watch”)
  • Oscar, 2002. Nominated: Best Actress (Moulin Rouge)
  • Golden Globes, 2002. Winner: Best Actress (Musical or Comedy)
  • Moulin Rouge), Nominations: Best Actress (Drama) (Others)
  • MTV Channel Award, 2002. Winner: Best Actress (Moulin Rouge),
  • Best Music Stage (Moulin Rouge). Nominations: Best Music Stage (Moulin Rouge), Best Kiss (Moulin Rouge)
  • British Academy, 2002. Nominations: Best Actress (“Others”)
  • Goya, 2002. Nominations: Best Actress (“Others”)
  • Saturn, 2002. Winner: Best Actress (“Others”)
  • Actors Guild Award, 2002 Nominations: Best Cast (“Moulin Rouge”)
  • Golden Globe, 1996. Winner: Best Actress, Musical or Comedy (To Die in the Name)
  • MTV Channel Awards 1996 Nominations: Most Desirable Woman (“To Die in the Name”), Most Desirable Woman (“Batman Forever”)
  • British Academy, 1996. Nominations: Best Actress (“To Die in the Name”)
  • Saturn, 1996. Nominated: Best Actress (“To Die in the Name”)
  • MTV Channel Award, 1993 Nominations: Best Screen Duo (“Far – Far”)
  • Golden Globe, 1992. Nominations: Best Supporting Actress (“Billy Bathgate”)
  • Saturn, 1991. Nominations: Best Actress (“Dead Pool”)

Nicole Kidman No Makeup

nicole kidman no makeup

Nicole Kidman Images

nicole kidman as a child

Nicole Kidman as a Child

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Nicole Kidman Young

nicole kidman and tom cruise

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise


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