12 Pine Bark Extract Benefits for Health – Why It’s Good for You

Proven Pine Bark Extract Benefits

Pine bark extract is extracted from inner bark of certain European pine trees. Pine bark extract, also known as Pyncogenol, which is rich in anti oxidants and various other active compounds like oligomeric proanthocyanidin compounds. There was a research conducted in Germany in which women between the age group above 40 and below 60 were given some supplements of pine bark extract for 6 weeks and latter extended up to 12 weeks. The study proved that talking supplements of pine bark extract regularly improve the life style of the people, which maintained them healthy and also benefited with skin benefits. According to them, Pyncogenol found in pine bark extract helps in stimulating the human skin. Here we brought you some benefits of pine bark extract over human body.(1)

Here are Some Amazing Pine Bark Extract Benefits

1. Treats Asthma

Pine bark extract is extremely enriched with natural compound called Pyncogenol which helps in treating asthma. According to studies, Pyncogenol contains bioflavonoids which are as high as it is found in high concentration in grapes, red wines, Cocoa.(2)

2. Aids Allergies

Pine bark extract being rich in anti oxidants helps to aid various allergies in the body. It helps to kill the free radicals inside the body. While research done in Germany it was found that people taking supplements of pine bark extract regularly for 6 weeks were able to fight against disease.(3)

3. Beneficial for Dry Skin

People with dry ski usually contract various skin diseases including skin rashes. This is due to low level of natural oil on the skin and sometimes the skin has no traces of oil. Due to absence of oil, there are high chances of contracting diseases and allergies over skin which may further lead to various disorders. It also helps in giving a radiant skin restoring back the elasticity.(4)

4. Boots Fertility in Men

According to study, few men’s were given supplements of pine bark and prior to this thier sperm count and mobility was analyzed. All the men were kept under observation for 90 days and tested again. After continuously taking supplements, it was found that the count of abnormal sperm was decreasing and the mobility in men’s was increasing. Thus it was proved that taking supplements of Pine bark extract can lead to normal functioning of sperm and hence it can help couple to conceive properly. According to survey, there no other ingredient better than pine bark extract which can help in boosting the fertility in men rapidly.

5. Increases Fertility

Supplements were given to both men and women and these groups of people were kept under observation. Extracts of pine bark extracts contain photochemical called proanthocyanidins which are responsible in increasing the sperm count. High anti oxidants help in increasing the fertility count in men and women which further leads to give them a healthy sex life.

6. Boost Kidney Function

Regularly talking supplements of pine bark extract also helps in boosting the kidney function thus decreasing the risk of damaging them due to its primary cause hyper tension. According to research, people who took supplements of pine bark extract showed lower level of hypertension , decrease in blood pressure and also improvement in kidney functioning.(5)

7. Strong Bones

Due to vitamins and Pyncogenol found in pine bark extract, it helps in keeping your bone strong. Research have proved people above 50 years of age mostly have brittle bones and talking pine bark extract supplements can help to restore the strength. It also prevents the condition of osteoporosis.(6)

8. Reduces Inflammation

The research says Pyncogenol helps to decrease the inflammation in the bones and body. Besides avoiding the condition of osteoporosis it also reduces the inflammation on the body. They discovered that osteoarthritis patients taking Pyncogenol for three months experienced decreases in C-reactive protein and fibrinogen values, both indicators of inflammation,(7)

9. Helps to Treat Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is a medical condition that causes inflammation to the veins. Earlier scientist did not knew about this affect of pine bark extract but latter it was observed 7 days of regular supplementing a person suffering from Hemorrhoids can help to lower the pain and also bleeding from the anus (which is the most common problem for a person suffering from hemorrhoids) In addition to this, it was also observed the duration of pain was also reduced.(8)

10. Improves Deliver of Oxygen

Feeding on pine extract bark can help to increase the delivery of oxygen to the body. Due to right amount of anti oxidants present in the extract, it enables to purify the blood and carry them to the various parts of the body. It was also observed in a research; taking pine bark extract does not clot blood and also can cure anemic patients.

11. Oral Contraceptives

Women who use oral contraceptives are also benefits by pine bark extract. Due to pycnogenol helps to live you a healthy lifestyle and also prevent from any internal damage. Due to regular intake such contraceptive pills, the sperm count tends to decrease after some time. Pine bark extract helps to maintain the sperm count and lead you to a healthy life.

12. Increase Immunity

The good news is here for smoking, taking supplements of pine bark extract can help to give you a healthy life which prevents damage to lungs and brain. This is due to high amount of anti oxidants in the body. Anti oxidants are molecules which tend to combine with the free radicals moving in the body. Oxidants terminate the chain and destroy the cells which may further lead to any disease. Anti-oxidants help to boost energy and immunity in the person’s body. It also helps in treating disease including heart disease, stroke, arthritis, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.(9)

Who Might Benefit with Pine Bark Extract ?

• Those with arthritis
• Others with general cardiovascular problems
• People suffering from varicose veins
• Children with ADD or ADHD
• Supports brain function
• Reduces leg and ankle edema

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