13 Wonderful Benefits Of Witch Hazel For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefits Of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is well-known as a winter blossom flower shrub. Witch hazel is recognized from its amazing invigorating properties. There are many witch hazel products available in the market such as witch hazel lotions, witch hazel oil, witch hazel beauty products, witch hazel hair care products, witch hazel products for kids and many more.

Some of the Benefits Of Witch Hazel Listed Here

1. Treat Acne

Witch hazel treats acne fast as it carries anti-inflammatory property that helps to lessen your acne and acne scars easily. Dip a cotton swab into witch hazel oil and pat on the affected area.

2. Unclog Blocked Pores

Witch hazel oil is harsh but it helps to dry out your skin and helps in unclogging clogged skin pores. It helps to cut through skin pores making skin clean and soft to touch.

3. Get Rid Of Baggy Eyes

It is seen often that because of improper sleep and working late nights, bags appear under your eyes that look very odd. Witch hazel cream helps easily to tighten the portion under your eyes and get rid of baggy eyes in few months.

4. Relieve From Pain

Witch hazel acts like a magic wand for your rough skin condition. If you are suffering from eczema and skin allergy, use witch hazel that contains anti-inflammatory properties that is the best to provide 100% relief from redness, stinging, and swelling of the skin.

5. Kills Dandruff

Witch hazel is good for itchy scalp or dandruff. Just apply witch hazel oil and it treats your dandruff and gives instant release from itchy scalp.

6. Relieve Irritation of the Scalp

If you are worried due to damaged scalp, use witch hazel product to get rid of the itching sensation and broken scalp right away.

7. Provides Volume to Hair

Witch hazel helps with providing growth and volume to your hair. There is also witch hazel hair care spray bottle available. Spray on your hair and wait for ten minutes then you can style your hair and by doing this strengthens volume of hair and grow your hair without any hair loss.

8. Eliminate Hair Fall

Witch hazel is the best product to protect your hair. It increases blood circulation to your hair roots when massaged onto the hair scalp.

9. Cures Hemorrhoids

Witch hazel is believed to treat hemorrhoid. This cream contains anti-inflammatory properties that lessens swelling and tightening of the skin as well as soothes hemorrhoids.

10. Treats Sore Throat

Witch hazel has many soothing properties that ease your sore throat at once. You can use leaves and bark of witch hazel. Boil barks and leaves in water and then let it remains for few minutes to cool and make some herbal tree that provides relief from sore throat instantly..

11. Eliminates Digestive Problems

Taking witch hazel tea is good to ease your digestive problem. Witch hazel herbal tea will soothe upset stomach and helps to improve digestion properly.

12. Relief from Chicken Pox

Adding water with witch hazel and apply on the infected area that will easily and quickly soothe chicken pox infection.

13. Prevent Razor Burn

Men and women both suffer from razor burn when they use razor on their skin to shave hair. Sometimes due to sharp razor some parts of the skin gets scratched and start burning. You can use witch hazel that has anti-inflammatory properties and it easily helps to get rid of razor burn.

Witch hazel is not commonly heard of but is now gaining extreme popularity in the field of both beauty and health. It is available at any super market or cosmetic store and you can also try and find the plant to have a more natural source.

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