50 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Tamanu oil For Good

surprising tamanu oil benefits

Tamanu oil is extracted from tropical tamanu plant which is found in south Asian parts of the country. The oil has many benefits due to its antibacterial, antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. The unique categorised property possessed by tamanu oil isexplained in science as the most effective ingredient. Here we brought you a list of 50 which will explain you the benefits of tamanu oil over body, skin and hair.

Tamanu oil Benefits for Skin

1. Cleanses Skin

  • Tamanu oil is used to clean the skin due to its anti-bacterial properties.
  • It helps to kill the dead layer of cells on the skin and also has the unique power to regenerate new cells and replace the old ones.(1)

2. Treats Irritated Skin

  • Tamanu oil is excellent in treating sensitive and irritated skin.
  • You are mostly found to get redness, inflammation and itching over your irritating skin.
  • Tamanu oil holds a unique property to kill the bacteria responsible for any skin problems.(2)

3. Treats Minor Wounds on Skin

  • Along with anti-inflammatory properties, tamanu oil is also known for its anti-biotic and anti-oxidantproperties.
  • It helps to treat any minor wounds on skin which includes any kind of skin rashes, presence of fungus or sun burns.(3)

4. Treats Acne

  • As it is good for acne prone skin, it helps to treat acne too. Acne is mainly caused due to bacterial activities taking place on skin.
  • Tamanu oil has anti-oxidant properties to kill the bacteria and give you a carefree look.(4)

5. Treats Wrinkles

  • Yes, tamanu oil is a great ingredient to treat the wrinkles and fine lines over face. It helps to reverse the ageing process in you.(5)

6. Treats Dullness and Damaged Skin

  • Tamanu oil has an effect which lightens up the skin instantly.
  • It helps to treat dull dead and dry skin by repairing the damaged ones and altering with new cells.(6)

7. Helps to Get Rid of Scars over Face

  • Scars stay for long which extends to longer and then sometime become sort of permanent types over skin.
  • Application of tamanu oil over the affected area helps to treat the scars over face.(7)

8. Treats Eczema

  • Eczema is a skin condition with various problems which includes fungus problems too.
  • Tamanu oil helps to treat this condition of skin and continuous use can help to treat eczema completely.(8)

9. Treats Fungal Infection on Scalp

  • Fungal infection may be anywhere, sometimes on your skin while sometime on the scalp.
  • Tamanu oil helps to treat the fungal infection on scalp due to its antioxidant properties.(9)

10. Provides Natural UV Protection

  • Tamanu oil is a better sunscreen in itself. It helps to provide protection against harsh UVB and UAB rays.
  • It keeps your skin away from any skin burns and rashes.

11. Cleans the Uneven Pigmentation

  • As mentioned before tamanu oil has a unique quality to repair the damaged cell and regenerate the new once.
  • It helps to treat the uneven pigmentation on the skin and tries to balance them.

12. Treats Nail Fungus

  • If you do not clean the cuticles most often, they are high chances for you to contract fungus on nails.
  • Rubbing your nails with tamanu oil helps to remove the fungus on the nail.

13. Used to Clean Cuticles

  • Cuticles are the delicate part of the nail, and hence they should be cleaned with at most care so that there is no fungus and bacterial activities taking place.
  • Tamanu oil acts as a great cuticle cleanser.

14. Good for Acne Prone Skin

  • People juggling with their acne prone skin have to be very cautious about their diet and cosmetics.
  • You can use tamanu oil based cosmetics or use raw tamanu oil over face, as it helps to reduce the problems over face.

15. Treats Freckles

  • Freckles are anundesirable condition often observed on people with while skin.
  • It gets extremely red followed with brown spots.
  • Tamanu oils helps in the pigmentation of skin and also treats the freckles within a month.

16. Treats Clogged Pores

  • Clogged pores are caused mainly due to dirt and dust accumulated on the skin, which enables the skin to breathe freely.
  • Tamanu oil helps to open the clogged pores so that the skin can breathe freely.

17. Treats Psoriasis

  • Psoriasis is a condition when you are extremely irritated with your skin due to its redness, inflammation and itching over again and again.
  • Tamanu oil enriched with goodness of anti-biotic properties helps to treat this condition.

18. Treats Cloths Infection

  • Many of them have infection due to cloths, which are mostly on the inner parts of the body.
  • Apply tamanu oil is no harm to the skin, and hence it helps to treat the infection and protect your skin from any microbial game.

19. Treats Dry and Scaly Skin

  • Tamanu oil helps to moisturise the dry skin well and avoid it from further breaking and loosing scaly.
  • It helps to restore the hydrating value to the skin so that I results in smooth and supple skin.

20. Great for Oily Skin

  • The biggest problem for people with oily skin is the skin secretes lots and lots of oil due to which the makes the looks extremely oily and shining.
  • Tamanu oil helps to control the oil released on the face and keeps it balanced every time.

21. Used as a Body Deodorant

  • Tamanu oil is a natural body deodorant which helps you to smell fresh and clean everytime.
  • Besides feeling fresh, it benefits you to be hygienic too.

22. Used to Treat Body Odour

  • Tamanu oil is a natural ingredient which helps to treat the stinky odour realised from body.
  • It may be used under armpits or body parts which you tend you sweat more.

23. Used to Treat Stinky Feet’s

  • Adding little tamanu oil to the Luke warm water and soaking your feet’s upto 15 minutes will help to treat the stinky feet’s completely.
  • It acts as a natural deodorant too.

Tamanu oil Benefits for Hair

24. Combats Hair Thinning

  • Hair thinning may be due to various reasons which further leads to a complete hair loss.
  • Tamanu oil helps to combat the hair thinning problems and boost the immunity of the scalp.

25. Makes the Follicles Strong

  • Scalp massage with tamanu oil is a great idea which helps to make your hair follicles grow stronger and healthier.

26. Treats Split Ends

  • Split ends further harness the growth of the hair, so it is important to treat spilt ends immediately.
  • Rubbing some tamanu oil to the lower ends of the oil helps to treat the spilt ends.

27. Treats Damaged Hair

  • Most of the time hair is damaged due to bleaching of it or over exposure to sun.
  • Massaging your scalp with tamanu oil helps to treat the damaged hair which gives birth to new strands of tresses.

28. Natural UV Protection to Hair

  • Tamanu oil is a UV protector not only to skin, but also hair.
  • It helps to keep you hair away from harsh sunlight and also maintain the texture.

29. Boost Hair Colour

  • If you have recently coloured your hair, tamanu oil can help to boost the colour.
  • Scalp massage with tamanu oil not only helps to combat other hair problems but also boost hair colour.

30. Thicker Hair

  • Yes, the most important benefit of using tamanu oil on the scalp.
  • It has anti biotic properties which helps to treats the hair follicles and make the roots grow strong. This results in thicker hair.

31. Treats Flaky Scalp

  • Sometime you may see layers and layers of scaly skin over scalp, which is due to dust accumulated over it.
  • Tamanu oil helps to release the heat trapped between the layers of dust and helps to penetrate deep inside the scalp.

32. Penetrates Deep Inside The Scalp

  • Tamanu oil never forms a layer over your scalp neither do it get trapped there.
  • The oil is light in Weight and has smaller molecules which help to penetrate deep inside the scalp.

33. Combats Hair Loss

  • As tamanu oil helps to strength the roots of the hair follicles, it helps to combat hair loss too.
  • Giving a hot oil tamanu massage over scalp helps you with these benefits.

34. Calms your Nervous System

  • Tamanu oil helps to calm your nervous system which results in soothing of senses and body.
  • Getting a tamanu hair massage helps you with the mental well being too.

35. Treats Dandruff

  • Dandruff can is the common problem with each one of us. Getting rid of dandruff is not an easy task.
  • But this is quite easy if you have tamanu oil with you.
  • Tamanu oil helps to eradicate these lumps of dandruff over scalp.

36. Natural Conditioner

  • You don’t need to use any artificial conditioner to get silky smooth hair, massaging your scalp once in a week helps to naturally conditioner your hair.

Tamanu oil Benefits for Health

37. Boost the Blood Circulation

  • Tamanu oil helps to boost the blood circulation throughout the body, which helps to keep you more energetic and fresh.

38. Treats Athlete’s Foot

  • Tamanu oil not only helps in releasing stinky smell from feet’s but it also helps in treating athlete’s foot.
  • It is has a unique anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to treat this condition.

39. Combats Skin Cancer

  • According to many studies and researches, use of tamanu oil can help a person to combat skin cancer.
  • It has the ability to fight about the tumour cell and further research is been done in this area.

40. Reduces Bruising

  • Rubbing tamanu oil on the bruises helps to speed up the healing process which results in lesser appearance of bruising.
  • Oil helps to improve the blood circulation in the treated area.

41. Treats Insects Bites

  • Applying tamanu oil is an effective remedy to treat insect bites.
  • It helps to reduce the inflammation and redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties and it helps to treat the wounds due to its anti-oxidant and antibiotic properties.

42. Helps to Release Gout Pain

  • A person suffering from gout undergoes to immense pain between his joints and other parts.
  • Massaging the body parts with tamanu oil helps to release the gout pain easily.

43. Treatment for Ringworm

  • In ancient days, it was only Neem and tamanu oil which was used to treat ringworms.
  • Now, people have realised the importance of these traditional oils and again used to treat the ringworms over skin.

44. For Pets

  • Using tamanu oil or pets is a great awareness, as it helps to keep them hygienic and also away from any fungal activities.
  • It protects their skin and kills the bacteria and germs present on them.

45. Sores on Doges

  • You need to take care of your pet and just like we human; they can contract diseases and problems any time.
  • Tamanu oil helps to treat the sores on dogs or any other pet animals.

46. Babies for Diaper Rash

  • Tamanu oil is a great oil to be used on baby’s body too.
  • It helps to treat the diaper rash on the baby’s body and also fights against the germs and bacteria affecting the baby’s body.

47. Blisters

  • Contracting a blister is an unfortunate condition, where everything seems to be slow and you are unhelpful according to the condition.
  • Now, you don’t need to find running the first aid to treat blisters. Applying tamanu oil can help to treatthis problem.

48. Treats Cuts on Skin

  • Tamanu oil has great healing properties which help to treat the cuts on the skin.
  • It helps to restore the skin back to the place by generating new cells rapidly.

49. Used While Shaving

  • You can also use tamanu oil while shaving because if you often run out of fear of cutting yourself, tamanu oil will help to keep it safe.
  • Tamanu oil prevents you from cutting the skin and also glides easily on the face.

50. Used In Making Of Cosmetics

Now, tamanu oil is used in making of various cosmetic products due to its unique properties. It is used in many deodorants, body lotions, body mists, creams, night creams and many more.

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