How To Use Essential Oils For Whiplash?

Essential Oils For Whiplash

Your neck has to undergo a lot of exploitation because of your daily work and sports activities.  This is not realized most of the times.  We take our actions for granted until we wake up one fine morning with a stiff neck.  After you have a stiff neck it will become difficult for you to turn and have a peek at the rear view mirror on your car too.  If you do not take this seriously you might have to face severe problems in the long run. Massaging with essential oils can prove to be a good treatment for the ache and uneasiness that arises with whiplash.

What is Whiplash?

You might experience a sudden contraction in the muscles of your neck and the forward movement will be blocked.  This is because the muscle might have experienced micro-tears in the neck’s ligaments. The major causes of whiplash are car accidents.

Symptoms of Whiplash

  • Numbness in neck
  • Pain in neck
  • Headaches
  • Stiffness in neck

Note: Whiplash can be identified only after two or three days after the accident.

Essential oils For Whiplash

1. Camphor Oil

It is non-toxic and white in color. It is has natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory agents in it.  It will prove to be a best result for whiplash.  It also has the ability to treat rheumatism, muscles aches, bruises, arthritis and any pains.

2. Wintergreen Oil

This oil acts as an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic agent. It has the ability to provide a warm sensation after it is applied on the skin.  It is also used as a remedy to cure frozen shoulder, tendinitis, arthritis, pains caused by injuries and inflammation.

3. Blue Tansy

This oil possesses pain-relieving properties in it. It is anti-inflammatory in nature.  It also has the ability to lower blood pressure.

4. German Chamomile

This is a natural pain reliever. It treats any clogs immediately.  It has proved to be a better remedy for pain in joints.

5. Osmanthus Oil

It has the ability to break down any blood clots. It is a blend of rich Omega 3s and proves to be a soothing agent for any inflammation.  It has the ability to reduce phlegm.

6. Helichrysum Oil

This oil is a proven remedy for whiplash. It can get deep into the inner skin and work wonders in the joints and muscles.  It is anti-catarrhal in nature.  It is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.  It can act powerfully on any pains and provide a solution for that.

How To Use Essential Oils For Whiplash

You just have to apply a few drops of oil to the affected area and massage the part gently.  After the massage, provide a hot water bag massage for 15 minutes.  You will feel better.

Will Massaging With These Oils Cure Whiplash?

Massage helps in relaxing the muscles and relieves pain in muscles.  A therapeutic massage can increase the oxygen in the blood and add nutrients to it.  Because of this act, the tissues will get enough nutrition and it helps in speeding up of the recovery process. This procedure will work out even when the whiplash discomfort is in a critical stage. The method is termed as myofascial discharge.  In this process the fluids around the muscles are restored working together with the nerves and vessels.  Even the headaches caused by whiplash can be cured with the orthopedic massages.

Neck is a frail part of your body, as it is filled with tissues.  It is advisable to wait for a few days after an accident before taking the treatment for whiplash.  After the accident, finalize if your neck is really suffering from a whiplash or it has undergone a fracture.  After you confirm that you have whiplash, and when your body becomes normal, you can start massaging with these oils and get into the curative procedure.  Take care!

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