50 Best Uses & Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil Benefits and Uses

Sea buckthorn oil is extracted from plants of species from hippophae and it has a recent hype in the market. The oil content in sea buckthorn seeds is on an average of 7-10% and oil content of pulp is 1.5 to 3%.The oil is well known for mono saturated oil content, essential fatty oil, palmitoleic oil, saturated fatty acids and many more.(1)

Seed oil contains small amount of gamma tocopherol. The total amount of tocopheroil is 300mg/100g.  The amount of carotenoids depends upon the species and where the plant is been grown. Here we have brought you a list of 50 which will prove sea buckthorn oil is extremely beneficial over skin, health and hair.

Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil

Did you know?

Sea buckthorn oil seeds are one of the natural resources in the mountain areas of china, Russia and Canada where the plant is used for soil, water and wildlife. It is also know by different names like sallow thorn, sea berry and sand thorn.

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1. Prevents Wrinkles

Sea buckthorn oil helps to prevent the presence of wrinkles on face and also avoids fine lines over them. The essential saturated fatty oil helps to reverse the ageing problem over skin.(2)

2. Cleanses the Skin

Sea buckthorn oil helps to naturally clean the skin. The oil helps to pull out the dead cells and vacuum out the dust and accumulated on the skin.(3)

3. Moisturising Skin

Sea buckthorn oil is rich in vitamin C and E which helps to moisturise the skin well and restores the hydration back to the skin.

4. Restores Elasticity

Sea buckthorn oil is an excellent ingredient which helps to restore the elasticity on the skin and makes it look youthful, fresh and glowing always.

5. Treats Acute Dryness

Dry skin has a high maintenance which needs you to use a high end moisturizing products, which fails to moisturize the skin well. Sea buckthorn oil helps to treat the acute dryness on the skin.
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6. Treats Skin Burns

Skin burns can be treated with sea buckthorn oil too. Due to its antibiotics properties, it helps to treat the skin burns and also heals them rapidly.

7. Treats Skin Wounds

Sea buckthorn oil helps to regenerate new cells and repair the damaged cells on the skin. It is a great ingredient used to treat deep and minor wounds on skin.(4)

8. Treats Sun Damage

Although sea buckthorn oil does not act like a natural protector against sunscreen but its anti-biotic property helps to heal the sun damage on the skin. Sea buckthorn oil is known due to its highly restoring cells over skin.

9. Reduces Skin Roughness

The vitamin E and C present in the oil helps to naturally combat the skin roughness. Massaging your oil once with sea buckthorn oils help to smooth your skin.

10. Effective on Acne

Sea buckhorn oil helps to kill the bacteria and germs settled on the skin. It helps to effectively kill the germs which prove beneficial on treating acne.

11. Treats Ulcers

Sea buckhorn oil helps to treat the ulcer over skin and mouth. It has an anti-bacterial property which helps to heal the mouth and skin ulcers too.(5)

12. Cleans the Blemishes on Face

Few blemishes on the face destroy all your facial looks. Blemishes on face may be due to various reasons and they can be effectively treated by applying sea buckhorn oil on the face.

13. Prevents Dementia

In ancient days the only effective remedy to prevent dementia was using sea buckthorn oil. The vitamin B12 in this oils helps to treat the condition.(6)

14. Treats Skin Discolouration

Sea buckthorn oil helps to treat the discolouration of skin. It helps to balance the uneven pigmentation of the skin especially beneficial for ladies who tend to suffer from discolouration of skin while pregnant

15. Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

The vitamin b12 helps to improve the cognitive decline. It is affective treating this condition due to omega and fatty acids in it.(7)

16. Helps to Treat Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a condition when people suffer when they grow too old or have any hormonal misbalance in the body. Few drops of sea buckthorn oil helps to treat dry eyes.(8)

17. Prevents Infections

This herbal oil helps to prevent infections on the skin. The essential fatty acids in the oil helps to regenerate new cells and alter with the effected one rapidly.

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18. Reduces Inflammation and Redness

Due to the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of sea Buckthorn oil it helps to treat inflammation and redness over skin. It helps to completely treat the condition of an irritated skin.(9)

19. Treats Signs on Measles

Measles are a type of skin infection which leaves its mark over skin and does not get vanish away easily. Regularly applying sea buckthorn oil helps to heal these marks slowly.

20. Improves High Blood Pressure

Sea buckthorn oil helps to cure high blood pressure too. You get tea leaves which are enriched with goodness of sea buckthorn oil in it. Regular intake of this tea helps to improve the level of blood pressure.(10)

21. Stabilises Heart Beat

There are some people who are observed with extra ordinary action of the body. If you are suffering from heart beats which are higher than the normal count, you can put in use of sea buckthorn oil in the diet.

22. Lowering Cholesterol

The amino acids and fatty acids available in the sea buckthorn oil helps to lower the cholesterol level in the body.(11)

23. Boosting Immunity

Sea buckthorn oil is enriches with goodness of amino acids, saturated fatty acids, minerals and vitamins which helps to boost the immunity in the body. You can include using this herbal oil once a day.

24. Prevents Blood Vessel Diseases

Blood vessel diseases are caused mainly due to non-functioning of body parts properly, which may be also a serious issue to be considered about. Sea buckthorn oil helps to prevents blood vessels diseases.

25. Treats Arteries Problems

Arteries problem is mostly related to inflammations of the bones where they are mostly swollen which leads to pain in the body. Massaging with sea buckthorn oil helps to treat arteries problems.

26. Treating Night Blindness

Being rich in vitamin, fatty acids, omega 3, and many minerals in it, sea buckthorn helps to treat night blindness in the person. Not only sea buckthorn oil but also leaves and flowers of this plants helps to treat the night blindness.

27. Improves Digestion

Using sea buckthorn oil is beneficial in treating upset stomach. It helps to improve digestion in the person’s body and cleans the intestinal tracts.(12)

28. Treating Asthma

The most ancient of use of sea buckthorn oil is treating asthma. Sea buckthorn oil contains vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C which helps to treat this condition.(13)

29. Treats Intestinal Diseases

Intestinal diseases may be due to improper digestion problem with the person which results in intestinal ulcers and reflux esophagitis. Sea buckthorn oil helps to treat intestinal disease too.(14)

30. Treats Chest Pain

One of the most important uses of sea buckthorn oil is treating heart problems which include cheat pain. Being rich in all the essential fatty acids, antibiotics properties and vitamins, this herbal oil helps to treat this problem.

31. Liver Damage Prevention

According to various study and researches, sea buckthorn oil is rich in anti-biotic properties which help to prevent liver damage.  It helps to reduce afltoxins in the liver which helps to keep the liver healthy.(15)

32. Rosacea Relief

Rosacea is a condition where you can see extreme redness and red bumps on the face.  Studies have suggested using sea buckthorn oils helps to gives you a rosacea relief

33. Nourishes your Scalp

Highly enriched with vitamins and minerals, sea buckthorn oil helps to nourish the scalp deeply. This gives you a sense of relaxation.
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34. Removes Dandruff Build Ups

The essential omega 3 fatty acids helps to treat the dandruff built ups on the scalp. It helps to treat this extremely scalp and flaky dandruff forming layer over scalp. Sea buckthorn oil creates a unfavourable condition for dandruff to breathe on the scalp.

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35. Induces Blood Circulation

The essential Vitamin C in the body helps to induce a better blood circulation throughout the scalp which helps to make you feel healthy and energetic too.

36. Strengths Hair Roots

Regular use of sea buckthorn site helps to make your hair roots grow stronger. The oil helps to nourish the hair follicles deeply which makes them grow stronger and healthier.

37. Combats Hair Thinning

The essential fatty acids, omega acid and vitamin A help to support better health of the scalp. It helps to combat hair thinning which prevents in further loss of the hair.

38. Keeps Scalp Away from Fungus

Due to its anti-biotic properties, this herbal oil helps to kill the bacteria and fun finding place on the scalp. Sea buckthorn oil helps to keep the skin and scalp healthy.

39. Treats Dry Scalp

Deficiency of oil over scalp leads to dryness which results in dandruff over scalp. This dry condition of scalp can be treated by effectively oiling the scalp with sea buckthorn oil regularly.

40. Gives you Shiny Hair

Sea buckthorn oils helps to maintain the natural shine on the hair and also its texture. It keeps the scalp moisturised and nourished which helps to maintains a unique shine over them.

41. Volumises Hair

Making your hair look fluffy or volumising it in a natural way is task in real world. Only few trusted products and oil can help you to volumise the hair and one among them is Sea buckthorn oil.

42. Maintains the Natural Oil on the Scalp

Oiling is very essential to the scalp, Just like you like to maintain fit and healthy, your scalp needs nourishment too. Sea buckthorn oil helps to maintain the natural oil present on the scalp and also provide essential vitamins needed.

43. Fights with the Free Radicals

Anti-oxidant properties present in the oil helps to fight against the free radicals and environmental factors that are responsible for the changes of the health of scalp.

44. Replenishing the Hair Strength

The amino acids present on the scalp are essential to replenishing the strength and the health of hair.  Sea buckthorn oil is rich in amino acids which promotes healthy hair.

45. Stimulates Health Blood Cells

Sea buckthorn oil is rich in vitamin B1, B2, and B6 which is very essential in creation and stimulating healthy blood cells which helps to provide oxygen and other vital elements to the scalp and body.  Even Scientific research have proved the benefit of sea buckthorn oil over scalp and hair.

46. Repairs Sun Damages Hair

Just like sea buckthorn oil is helpful in treating damaged skin; it is effective in treating damaged hair too.  The omega 7 present in the oil helps to protect the hair from sun damage and keep it moisturised.(16)

47. Stimulate Nail Growths

Sea buckthorn oil is a great agent which helps to stimulate the growth of nails. It provides the essential omega 7 and fatty acids which make your nail grow strong and better.(17)

48. Treats Fungus on Nails

Fungus on nail is the unhealthiest condition. Due to the anti-bacterial and anti-biotic property carried by this wonderful herbal oil, it helps to treat the fungus on them.

49. Making of Medicines

Sea buckthorn oil is used to make medicines which can help to treat blood pressure, arteritis problems, gout pain, lowering cholesterol and many more.(18)

50. Making of Cosmetics

The reason behind everyone has gone gaga over this wonderful oil is mentioned above. Due to its above mentioned advantages and properties, Sea buckthorn oil is widely used in making of cosmetics.(19)

These were the above benefits of sea buckthorn oil. However, this seed oil is not easily available in the market, buy you can order them online as they are available in different bottles and variations. Always keep a check on the date of manufacturing and expiry date of the oil.

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