Top 50 Mind Blowing Neem Oil Benefits and Uses – Why You Need It In Your Home

neem oil benefits

Neem oil is extracted from Neem fruits and seeds which is very beneficial in treating various human snags. It is known as Neem tree in native Indian parts while known as margosa plant in English. This is universal herb which promises to cure various problems related to human body. However, it is not used in cooking but Neem oil benefits over skin, hair and health.

Here are Some Surprising Neem Oil Benefits for Skin, Hair and Health

Neem Oil Benefits for Skin

1. Treats Coughing

Neem has antioxidants property which helps to treat coughing within few days. Drinking Neem water can keep cough at bay and also improve your throat health.

2. Provides Immunity to System

Neem has antioxidant properties which help to fight against the free radicals in the body which treats illness and boost your immune system.

3. Used to Treat Inflamed Skin

Neem is used to treat inflamed condition on the skin or arteries and also inflamed wounds. Neem is rich in anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Anti-Ageing Ingredients

As Neem is widely used in making cosmetic products, Neem is an anti-ageing ingredient which helps to reduce the wrinkles and fine lines of face. Mostly Neem is used in making of many anti-ageing cream used after 30’s.

5. Treats Irritated Skin

This is the worst condition for a person. Trouble skin is too delicate to be handles and Neem is an ingredient which helps to calm down the irritation and soothes the skin. You can use a Neem based cream, face wash or toner on your irritated skin.

6. Treats Sunburn

Neem oil can help to treat sunburn. Adding few drops of Neem oil to the sunscreen is recommended before you leave the home. Neem fights against various environmental skin problems.

7. Treats Uneven Pigmentation

Uneven pigmentation of skin over hands, leg and face may be embarrassing. It never gets treated in one day; you need to religiously follow the procedures to get rid of skin discolouration. Using Neem as a skin toner helps to combat the skin pigmentation problem.

8. Treats Acne Prone Skin

Neem is bliss to be used on acne prone skin as it has properties to handle sensitive skin and can also treat irritation and inflammation over skin. It reduces the chances of bacteria on skin which causes acne.

9. Soothes Dry Skin

Dry skin sometimes becomes cracked, over dry and may lead to various skin problems and injection. Using a Neem based toner or cream can help to soothe dry skin.

10. Treats Nail Fungus

Neem as anti-bacterial properties which helps to kill bacteria and fungus on the body. Rubbing nails against Neem can help you to get rid of fungus and using it continuously may lead to a healthy nail.

11. Treats Sensitive Skin

A person living with sensitive skin has to go through various problems. Their skin is prone to infection now and then. Using Neem oil helps to treat sensitive skin and also keep them away from itching and redness.

12. Restores Elasticity

Neem oil is excellent ingredient for skin, it has anti-bacterial property which removes the dead cells and replaces them restoring elasticity on face.

13. Cleans Skin

Neem oil can be used as a toner or can be added to moisturizer to get a flawless glowing skin. It helps to kill the bacteria breeding on the skin.

14. Treating Eczema

Eczema is a condition where your skin becomes extremely dry, red, irritated and also inflamed sometimes. Neem oil can treat the eczema symptoms but surely visit doctor to treat it permanently.

15. Dental Care

Many of the toothpaste and mouth washes have Neem as their base ingredient which helps to treat the bacterial and fungus problems in mouth. Neem helps to keep your oral hygiene healthy.

16. Treats Cancer Cells

Neem helps to reduce the size of the cancer cell if injected around the area.

17. Treats Ringworm

Ringworms are common skin condition in people. Neem is packed with gedunin, nimbidol which helps to fight against the fungus and bacteria on the skin.

18. Treats Warts and Cold Sores

Applying a paste of Neem over warts and cold sores can help to improve the condition.

19. Neem Oil for Lice

Using Neem oil is the most ancient practice to kill lice in the hair. Neem oil should be applied to your hair which kills the lice and any other toxic substance in hair. This is been used from ancient days, where you get rid of lice in just a few days of using Neem oil.

Neem Oil Benefits for Hair

Neem Oil Benefits for Hair

20. Healthy Hair

Regular use of Neem oil can lead to healthy hair and healthy scalp as well. Neem oils nourish the hair follicles well and also keep them healthy without getting affected by bacteria. It helps to keep your hair look fuller and black. For healthier hair, you may also use crushed Neem leaves sometime and apply it over your scalp.

21. Treats Dandruff

Dandruff condition cannot be treated suddenly. It needs some months to get rid of dandruff completely. Oiling your hair with Neem oil can help to treat dandruff in the scalp.

22. Treats Dandruff Build Up

Dandruff build ups and dandruff problems are worlds apart. Dandruff build-ups can further form a bacteria or fungal point in the scalp. You can treat dandruff build-ups with the help of Neem oil.

23. Treats Fungal Infection on Scalp

If not taken care properly, you may also see virus and fungal infections on your scalp. This may sometime get worst with outcome of blood.  Nourishing scalp with Neem oil deeply helps to treat fungus on scalp.

24. Promotes Hair Growth

Besides keeping your hair strong and healthier, Neem oil also promotes the hair growth. It counters the hair thinning and also promotes strong hair.

25. Reduces Spilt Ends

Neem oil reduces spilt ends which makes the hair unmanageable. Rubbing Neem oil towards the hair end helps to treat spilt ends. You can also mix some Neem oil with olive oil to get better and faster results.

26. Curbs Hair Fall

Neem oil is the nature’s cure for hair which helps to protect the scalp and also make the hair cuticles strong. It helps to combat the thinning of hair which later curbs hair fall.

27. Cuts Down Morning Frizzy Hair

Morning frizz is always unwanted and especially when you want to rush out of home. Adding few drops of Neem oil to shampoo and then applying it to the scalp helps to cut down the morning frizz. This will also make your hair black, shiny and frizz free.

28. Makes Hair Lustrous and Shiny

Neem oil helps to add shine to your natural black hair. In ancient days, Neem oil was preferred over coconut oil for scalp because of its anti-bacterial properties. After applying oil, make it sure that the oil is allowed to rest of scalp at least for a day.

29. Combats Hair Thinning

If you have tired treating your ultra-thin hair, try oiling your hair twice a week with Neem oil. Neem oil makes the hair follicles grow strong which avoid hair loss and also combats the problem of hair thinning.

30. Increase Hair Volume Naturally

Neem oil helps in volumising hair. It makes the hair grow strong and healthy too. Neem oil provides deep nourishment to the scalp, eradicating the dandruff and other infection problem.

31. Hair Regrowth

Hair loss may be worst and scary sometime. Once you start loss your hair, there are chances they never come back even. When you see the situation going bald, you need to take immediate steps for hair regrowth. Neem oil is extremely beneficial to hair and scalp which also helps in hair regrowth.

Few More Neem Oil BenefitsBenefits of Neem Oil

32. Anti-Septic Properties

Neem oil is used in many products and cosmetic because of its anti-septic property. It can be used to treat any type of wounds with ease.

33. Making Medicines

Neem oil is used in making medicines which treats blood pressure, diabetes, digestive problems and many more.

34. Making Cosmetics

Majority of products contain Neem oil it is due to anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties. It protects your skin from bacteria and also enhances the beauty. There is a wide array of cosmetic products which uses Neem in its making.

35. Treats Scabies

Although there are much effective and good treatment available, Neem oil helps to treat scabies. As the nature’s cure, Neem is a natural treatment on your skin.

36. Treats Chicken Pox

You might have observed the importance of Neem leaves in chicken box. Neem oil can also be applied to your skin which keep the itching away and also use it to treat the scars on face.

37. Treats Athlete’s Foot

Neem oil has proved its benefits in treating athlete’s foot. It completely treats athlete’s foot it is necessary to use Neem oil along with some dietary changes.

38. Treats Diabetes

Neem oil has been used from ages to treat the disorder of diabetes. Mostly doctor recommend you tablets made out of Neem.

39. Treats Freckles

You can mostly see freckle appearance on fair white skin and the skin starts turning red if it comes in contact with the hard UVB rays. Neem oil is an effective remedy to treat freckles on face. Apply some Neem oil over the affected area or throughout the face to treat freckles.

40. Treats Cracks and Skin Breakdown

Neem has antiseptic problems which forms a bridge between the cracks skin. It supports good pigmentation to the skin and also treats cracks on them.

41. Treats Piles

Piles are an anus disorder which is due to swelling of veins. This condition can be treated with Neem oil which helps to treat the inflamed part and visit to doctor is must.

42. Neem Oil as a Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito bites can lead to many other health problems, so it is always necessary to keep your family protected from mosquito and mosquito bites. This strong property of Neem acts as a mosquito repellent which helps to keep away risk of malaria and other problems. It acts as a good repellent up to 12 hours.

43. Cleaning

There is much such equipment at our home, which contracts enough of dust on them and they are really hard and tedious to be washed every day or month. Neem oil makes this trouble some work a bit simple. You can clean you mattress or dirty clothes with Neem oil which kills the bacteria and keeps them at way.

44. Prevents Mosquito Breeding

If you feel any nearby area can be a mosquito breeding ground, you can sprinkle few drops of Neem oil which will prevent mosquito breeding in the areas. Keep your family away from mosquito breeding ground as far as possible.

45. Making of Germicide and Pesticide

Neem is multipurpose oil which is used in making of germicide as well as pesticide. Neem oil inhibits the growth of bacteria in agriculture, thus reducing its life.

46. Making of Bug Repellent

This is an excellent product to be used in making of bug repellent. Neem plant can combat insects like bedbugs, mites and cockroaches at home.

47. Healthy Plants

Just sprinkles little of Neem plants can be to preserve the plants and also make them healthy. Neem helps to kill the fungus and bacteria activities on them. Neem also ensures the healthy growth of pants and protects roots from being infected and dying.

48. Making Pet Products

Pet products have a high risk of attracting lies, flies and other tiny insects. Neem oil is used in making various pet care treatments which help to keep them away which further leads in controlling disease like scabies.

49. Treats Skin Ulcers

Using Neem oil is an efficient remedy to skin ulcers too. Applying Neem oil with the help of a cotton ball before you sleep can help to treat the skin ulcers.

50. Treats Bloody Nose

Neem oil is used to treat bloody nose. It helps to treat the minor wounds over nose and also control the bleeding. However it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Have a happy period using Neem oil! 🙂

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