7 Home Remedies for Pimples on Female Private Parts

Tea Tree Oil

Vaginal pimples have been a cause of concern for lot of women. Most women feel uncomfortable discussing about them, but if not cured for it might lead to something serious. The vaginal pimple or acne can be due to an underlying cause like an STD or maybe due to clogging of the pores.

Understanding the cause before looking out for an appropriate treatment is essential and should be primary concern for any women. So before we look at the treatment, let understand the causes better

Causes For Vaginal Pimple

1. Hormonal Imbalance: Hormonal imbalance can lead to various health issues and especially in women it is quite alarming. This hormonal imbalance leads to sebum production that is responsible for clogging pores. These clogged pores then lead to vaginal pimples and vaginal acne.(1)

2. Excessive Sweating And Oil Production: Being covered most of the times, the vaginal area hardly gets any air and tends to trap sweat. Every woman experiences excessive sweating which leads to oil production in the genital area. This acts as a lubricant, however these secretions can clog skin pores and lead to a lesion thus form a pimple in the vaginal.(2)

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3. Tight Underwear: Wearing a tight underwear of a non-absorbent cloth can trap moisture. This moisture in the pubic region can cause pimple and lead to deep pore lesions. Hence one should avoid tight underwear and only chose to wear cotton.

4. STD And Herpes: These diseases can cause lesion like bump, that looks like a pimple. But if one is suffering from an STD or herpes, there are other additional symptoms(3)

5. Menstrual Pimples: Women encounter pimples around the vaginal area during their monthly periods. This happens because of the heat that gets trapped because of the sanitary napkin. These pimples don’t last long, but if they keep coming back then it could be hinting to an underlying condition

6. Bacterial Infection: Bacterial infection can cause vaginal pimples by infecting the hair follicles. These infected hair follicles then lead to puss formation and form bumps. Now that we are aware of the causes of getting a vaginal pimple.

let us help you with how you could manage these and what are the various home remedies that can be effective in curing them.(4)

How to Treat Vaginal Pimples?

Firstly, if you see other symptoms like vaginal discharge, itching and redness around the lesion area, you should seek medical advise as it could possible indicate to be herpes or a STD. If evaluated so, medical treatment would be required to cure the specific ailment.

But usually women suffer from vaginal pimples due to clogging of pores and because of all the oil that gets trapped. Treating these pimples with home remedies is a great solution and can relieve one of all the pain and discomfort they are facing.

Have a look at these 7 time tested remedies and say bye bye to that vaginal pimple with ease.

1. Lavender Essential Oil

lavender essential oil

Lavender oil is extremely effective as it contains antiseptic properties that helps in healing pimples. Applying the affected area with a mixture of lavender oil and almond oil, can reduce the inflammation thus gradually curing the pimple.

How To Use

  • Take two teaspoons of lavender oil and a few drops of almond oil to it and Mix it well.
  • Now use a cotton ball or a cotton bud and dip it into this oil mixture and apply it over the pimple.
  • Do not apply pressure while applying the oil.
  • Always remember that any essential oil should be diluted before their use.
  • Applying the concentrate can burn the skin, hence almond or coconut oil is suggested to dilute.
  • Repeat these for a week and you would see reduction in the pain and swelling too.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil

Applying tea tree oil to the affected area can heal the pimple in two weeks from the application. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties are essential for healing the vaginal pimple and it also avoids scarring. A combination tea tree oil with olive oil is suggested for dilution.

How To Use

  • Like the way we applied the lavender oil, one needs to take a cotton ball or bud and dip it into this combination of tea tree and olive oil.
  • It should be applied all around the area and the pimple should be dabbed properly.
  • This procedure should be repeated thrice a day for as long as two weeks.
  • At the end of treatment, the pimple will heal and the damage skin tissue would be cured too.

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3. Apple Cider Vinegar

how to use apple cider vinegar for yeast infection

Apple cider vinegar has many health benefits and is used to treat various health ailments. Not just for female genitalia or genital pimples, apple cider vinegar is effective in destroying bacteria that cause pimples.

How To Use

  • Using apple cider solution, that is a mixture of 2 cups of apple cider mixed with one cup of water is effective for cleaning and cleansing the female genitalia area.
  • One should wash their female genitalia area with this solution at least three times a day.
  • The acetic acid helps in killing all that bacteria that promote the growth of these female genitalia pimples and helps in preventing as well as curing them.

4. Neem

Neem Leaves

The whole of the neem plant has medicinal properties. Right from the stems to its leaves, it is an important part of every home remedy for curing bacterial and viral infection. Likewise, neem is also used for treating pimples everywhere. However, when being considered as a treatment for vaginal pimple, one can needs to follow the below mentioned procedure.

How To Use

  • One can use neem oil to cure vaginal pimple.
  • Neem oil is readily available in the market and can be used.
  • One needs to dab some cotton into the oil and apply on the affected area every night.
  • Additional one can take neem capsules for fastening the healing process of the vaginal pimple.
  • While on the neem treatment, one needs to keep in mind that all kind of processed food should be avoided.
  • An application of the oil for a week or two should cure the vaginal pimple effectively.
  • One can also boil a handful of neem leaves and then post cooling and straining, it can be used a medicated bath for the vaginal pimple.
  • One can wash their vaginal area thrice daily with this solution for quicker results.

5. Epsom Salt

epsom salt

Epsom salt when mixed with water, is highly antibacterial and anti-fungal. It is found effective in treating eczema, skin rash, allergy , pimples and acne. One can use to cure and prevent vaginal pimples by the below mentioned procedure.

How To Use

  • To the three inch depth of water in a tub, one needs to add a cup of Epsom salt and prepare the bath.
  • Once mixed well, one can soak themselves in it for 20 minutes, that would effectively help cleansing the vaginal area and hence heal the pimple.
  • This treatment will dry and soothes the lesion.

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6. Burdock


Burdock is an essential plant that can be used for curing vaginal pimple. Being an antioxidant and having antimicrobial properties helps in drying and healing the vaginal pimple fast. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, that add to its effectiveness. Like Neem, one can use burdock too in many ways to cure their vaginal pimple, have a look.

How To Use

  • Making root tincture from the burdock roots is found effective in curing pimples.
  • The roots when churned with water forms a paste that can be applied on the vaginal pimple.
  • This can be done for once in the nigh for a week or two.
  • Along with this, once can take burdock capsules or have some home-made burdock tea to effectively cure the vaginal pimples quickly.

7. Marigold


Marigold is prominent for its astringent, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Readily available in the market in the form oil, ointment , tincture and powder. All of these can be applied and used to cure to pimples.

How To Use

  • One can use any of the above mentioned form marigold on the affected area and can see good results.
  • An extensive use for two weeks is suggested so that the vaginal pimple is healed from within and the dead tissues are cured too.

With this, we wind up our 8 easy-to-do home remedies that can help you cure your vaginal pimple discretely and without any hassle. However, if there is not any sign of improvement, one should consult a doctor and rule out the underlying cause and get treated accordingly. We urge you to try these remedies for vaginal pimple and let us know which is more effective and how long it took to cure.

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