How to Use Cocoa Butter for Scars?

cocoa butter for scars

Due to damage in the dermis of skin scars are formed. Need of fresh collagen fibers are there for skin mending and to treat the scars. Scars can be caused because of acne or even for some operation done. Application of Cocoa butter on daily basis will improve the texture of the skin and will slowly fade the scars. Here are some effective home based ways to use cocoa butter for scars removal.

What Does Cocoa Butter Do for Scars?

Cocoa butter is considered good for making application both on skin scar mark areas and the surrounding skin of the areas. Aside to skin softening it also moisturizes the skin.  It will help to smooth out skin tone and its texture . This way it will make scars appear less noticeable.

How to Use Cocoa Butter for Scars?

There are many ways which you can follow to apply cocoa butter on your skin for removing skin scars.

1. Cocoa Butter Lotion for Scars

Cocoa butter lotion is excellent for treating naturally dry, sensitive and skin with scar. It’s a healthy fat in a saturated form like coconut oil.


  • Good quality cocoa butter lotion having 100% cocoa butter.

Preparation Time: 5 mins.


  •  Before you apply lotion make your skin ready for application.
  • Take show and exfoliate the dead skin from the scar area  using wash cloth gently.
  • Cleanse the skin using a face wash or gentle soap. Rinse the face well and pat it dry
  •  Now apply the cocoa butter lotion on the affected area and allow it soak within your skin

How it works: With regular soaking of the lotion by skin with time you will see gradual fading of the scar.

Repetitions: Daily.

Best time to Apply:  After taking a shower.

Tips: Avoid using the lotion if your skin turns red or itchy.

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2. Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter for Scars

Vitamin E is known for enhancing the look and health of the skin and restricts the spreading of infection.


  • Vitamin E Capsule
  • Cocoa Butter cream

Preparation Time: 5 mins.


  • First check the size of the scar you have
  • Take the required amount of butter cocoa based on scar size
  • If the size of scar is big take 2 capsule and if small 1 capsule of Vitamin E
  • Now extra the oil from the capsule and add with the cocoa butter and mix well
  • Now apply the mix on the affected areas of the skin and massage gently

How it work: Slowly it will help in  breaking the scar tissues of the skin and will even it out for a smooth look.

Repetitions: Daily for 2 months.

Best time to Apply:  Better to apply in your free time.

Tips: Apart from applying on face start taking a Vitamin E capsule after food for making fast improvement.

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3. Bio oil and Cocoa Butter for Scars

Bio‑Oil helps in improving the look and appearance of both new and  old scars.  Scars caused due to surgery, burns, accidents, scratches or acne or chickenpox can be treated with this oil enriched with Vitamin E.


  • Cocoa Butter
  • Bio Oil

Preparation Time: 5 mins.


  • Take a look at the size of the scar you have
  • Take the required amount of cocoa butter based on scar size
  • Add 10 to 12 drops of bio oil in the butter and mix well
  • Now apply the mix on the affected area and massage it gently to let the skin soak the mix

How it works: This helps in reducing the skin inflammation and condition of the scars. It penetrates deep down the  skin and moisturizes it to evenly fade away the marks of scar.

Repetitions: Better you apply it daily for 3 to 6 months

Best time to Apply: In free time.

Tips: For a soothing feel you can add few drops of lavender oil in the mix.

There are many other ways in which you can apply cocoa butter on your skin. The above 3 are simple methods and result giving too. If you have skin allergy from cocoa butter use, meet your dermatologist immediately.

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