25 Easy Plaited Hairstyles for a Touch of Glamour

Plaited Hair Ideas

When it comes to gracing your hairstyle with something glamorous yet elegant and sophisticated, the plaited hairstyles come to the rescue. A perfectly plaited hairstyle not only makes the hair easy to manage but also elevates your everyday look. Since there are multiple plaited hairstyles, it is easy to get an effortless look on different occasions. From the simple plait to the one with waterfall braids and updos, you can style hair in multiple ways. Check out our collection of 25 stunning plaited hairstyles for different occasions. 

25 Plaited Hairstyles for Every Occasion

1. Half up, Half Down with a Plait Hairstyle 

Half up, Half Down with a Plait Hairstyle

This is a glamorous hairstyle where you can see how beautifully a braid is created on the crown, and the rest of the hair is kept open. The beach waves created on the open hair make the entire look gorgeous. It is perfect for everyday looks as well as for special occasions. 

2. Plaited Hairstyle with Wavy Hair

Plaited Hairstyle with Wavy Hair

The single plait created right from one corner of the hairline to the other creates an alluring look. The plait on the crown region makes it look nothing less than a braided hairstyle. The rest of the hair is kept open after making them wavy. 

3. Plaited Hairstyle with a Bun 

Plaited Hairstyle with a Bun

When keeping the hair seems unmanageable, tying the braids and other hair into a bun creates an alluring look. Here, a single plait is created on either side of the head, and both are tied down to a low bun. This messy low bun hairstyle gives you a carefree and elegant look. Some curly flicks are kept on the forehead to elevate the look even more. 

4. Single Long Plait Hairstyle 

Single Long Plait Hairstyle

The single long plait created in this hairstyle gives an elegant and sophisticated look. It makes the hair look chic and manageable, too. Here, the hair expert tied all the hair and created a single long plait with multiple artistic twists. 

5. Plaited Hairstyle with an Updo 

Plaited Hairstyle with an Updo

If you like to keep your hair open but want to make it easily manageable, try this beautiful single-plait hairstyle with an updo. Here, the hairstylist has created plaits from the above and ended them into an updo while keeping the rest of the hair open.

6. French Plaited Hairstyle for Bun 

French Plaited Hairstyle for Bun

The beauty of this wonderful plaited hairstyle lies in the way this one-sided French braid has been created. The same plait is also on the other side of the head, and both plaits are ended in a cute little bun. It’s a great hairstyle for brides, bridesmaids, and people who want to keep their hair sleek and polished with a stunning look. 

7. Plaited Ponytail Hairstyle

Plaited Ponytail Hairstyle

The messy hairstyle created in this plaited ponytail gives you a carefree look. Here, a single long French braid is created on one side of the head, and it ends in a ponytail. The ponytail is kept wavy and slightly messy to complete the look. 

8. Two French Plait Hairstyles with Mid Partition 

Two French Plait Hairstyles with Mid Partition

To get a sporty look, these amazing two French plait hairstyles are the best bet. Here, firstly, the hair is sectioned from the middle, and then two French braids are made on either side. It gives you a sporty look and makes hair easily manageable, especially when they are too long. 

9. Single Plaited Hairstyle Around the Head

Single Plaited Hairstyle Around the Head

Moving across the head, this single-plaited hairstyle adds to the charm and grace of the personality. Women with round or square face shapes must get this hairstyle in which a single plait is created all around the head, starting from one side and ending on the other. It looks great on brides when accessorized with hair clips and beads. 

10. Plaited Bun Hairstyle

Plaited Bun Hairstyle

The use of plants to create this intricate bun speaks a lot about this amazing hairstyle. Here, the plaits are created on the either side of the heads and are ended into a complex bun that looks extremely impressive. Such hairstyles give an edge to your character and increase the oomph. 

11. Loose One-sided Plait Hairstyle

Loose One-sided Plait Hairstyle

In this lovely one-sided plait hairstyle, a single braid is created with loose twists so that some of the hair remains free and messy. The curly flicks on the forehead bring so much beauty to this entire style and make you look prettier than ever. 

12. One-Sided Cornrow Plaited Hairstyle 

One-Sided Cornrow Plaited Hairstyle

If you want to add distinctiveness to your hairstyle, this unique plaited hairstyle is the best bet. Here, the hair is sectioned from the side, and on one side, multiple cornrow braids are created that end in a single plait. The other side of the hair is kept loose and open. This plaited hairstyle looks great on short hair length. 

13. Plaited Hairstyle for Short Hair 

Plaited Hairstyle for Short Hair

If you have short hair length up to the neck and you want to create some glamorous plaited hairstyle, this is your go-to option. Here, a single half-length plait is created on one side of the head, and the rest of the hair is kept open with some wavy and curly pattern. 

14. Plaited Bob Hairstyle

Plaited Bob Hairstyle

The multiple plaits in this hairstyle add to the beauty of it. Here, the hairstylist created multiple knotless plaits in the ear-length hair and parted them side-on. It makes the thick hair easy to manage and looks perfect with bob haircuts

15. Halo Plaited Hairstyle

Halo Plaited Hairstyle

Giving a halo-like effect, this amazing halo plait hairstyle is one of a kind. The best part about this hairstyle is it stays as such even after a long, tiring day, making it suitable for women who have to attend a long function. It looks great on brides as well as bridesmaids. Here, a single braid is created across the head while the rest of the hair is kept open and wavy. 

16. French Plaited Hairstyle for a Sporty Look 

French Plaited Hairstyle for a Sporty Look

The two French plaits created in this hairstyle, after sectioning the hair from the middle, make long hair easily manageable. At the same time, the sleek and polished braids give you a perfect sporty look to carry every day to your sports classes. 

17. Box Plait Hairstyle

Box Plait Hairstyle

It is another stunning plaited hairstyle where multiple box plaits are created to make long hair easy to manage. If the hair are colored, these multiple box plaits adds to the oomph and give an edge to your personality. Multiple micro braids are also included in this wonderful plaited hairstyle. 

18. Side Plait Hairstyle  

Side Plait Hairstyle

One sided plait in this hairstyle makes you look prettier. Here, the stylist has taken a few hair from one side of the head from the hairline and created a unique plait that looks thick. The plait is then tied to the rest of the hair to create an open hair tail. 

19. Plaited Hairstyle with Multiple Twists 

Plaited Hairstyle with Multiple Twists

The use of multiple hair strands in creating this unique single-plaited hairstyle helps to grab all the eyes. Women with thick hair can create this single-plaited hairstyle to manage them and look elegant yet chic and stylish. The plait is side-swept to make it look distinctive. 

20. Short Bob Plaited Hairstyle

Short Bob Plaited Hairstyle

For women who like short hair but have fewer ideas on short hairstyles, this is their go-to option. Here, multiple plaits are created for bob-length hair and are then side-swept to give an edgy look. The plaits are kept knotless for a stylish and chic appearance. 

21. Fishtail Plaits

Fishtail Plaits

When you don’t want your hair to come forward and disturb, a plaited hairstyle like this comes to the rescue. Here, two fishtail plaits are created after partitioning the hair from the middle. Whether you have long hair or short hair up to shoulder length, this fishtail plait is the perfect option for sporting the look. 

22. Medium Colorful Plaited Hairstyle 

Medium Colorful Plaited Hairstyle

Colored hair already looks chic, and when a hairstyle like this is created on them, the stylishness increases. Here, the hairstylist created medium plaits, giving an ombre effect to the hair in pink and black colors. These plaits are kept knotless to look more fashionable. 

23. Plaited Hairstyle with an Updo 

Plaited Hairstyle with an Updo

When plants are made into an updo, the oomph of the hairstyle increases manifold. Here, the stylist has created a single halo plait that comes from both sides and ends into a bun. The bun itself is in a braided form, and the halo plaits increase the look of it even more. 

24. Three Plaited Updo Bun Hairstyle 

Three Plaited Updo Bun Hairstyle

In most of the plaited hairstyles, the plaits are created from the hairline; in this, they start from the bottom of the head and move upwards. As the three plaits in this style move up, they are tied together to create a bun, giving a perfect three-plaited updo bun hairstyle to the person. 

25. Single Soft Plait Hairstyle for Short Hair 

Single Soft Plait Hairstyle for Short Hair

This is another great plaited hairstyle for women who have short hair length. Here, a single plait is created after multiple twists that make this style very unique. A few curled flicks on the forehead bring a youthful look to the face. 


Plaited hairstyles are not something new as women create them for a long time to manage their long hair. Something that was considered mainstream for a long time is now the new fad as there are multiple gorgeous plaited styles available today. With the unique twists and turns you have varying options to try with plaited hairstyles.    

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