13 Fat Burner Side Effects You Must Be Aware Of

Fat Burner Side Effects

Fat burners are the new fad to hit the markets for people who want to lose all those excess weight. They have been gaining immense popularity and you can see a lot of people opting for these supplements rather than going the traditional way of exercising to lose weight. Though using fat burner supplements might seem a bit easier than sweating out all to excess fat, a lot of reports have surfaced which claim that these supplements are dangerous, especially when someone overuses them.(1)

If you are still not convinced, then we suggest you read on to find out some of the side effects of consuming fat burner supplements and take a call on whether you still want to go ahead and use them.

13 Side Effects Of Fat Burner Supplements

1. Stomach Problems

The consumption of fat burners over a period of time can affect your metabolism greatly. These supplements which are mostly taken for weight loss can actually result in various stomach disorders like diarrhea and constipation. The consumption of such health supplements lead to a decrease in the vitamins present in the body and result in a lot of health disorders.(2)

2. Addiction

Nowadays people get addicted to various things quite quickly. It is the same with fat burners as well. Using the prescribed dosage for a longer period of time can actually get you addicted to it. And this addiction can prove harmful and fatal for you in the long run.(3)

3. Risky Heart

The numerous heart burners which are prepared scientifically can cause some serious heart-related issues. Using the heart burners will stimulate your heart and you will notice that there are some variations in your heart rate. Do remember that overdosing on these fat/heart burners can be very dangerous.(4)

4. Change In Behaviour

When you consume fat burners, you would notice quite a few behavioral changes in yourself. When your nervous system gets affected due to the usage of such health supplements, it results in various health conditions such as edginess, irritability, hunger suppression, increase in blood pressure, insomnia, deliriums, hot flashes, hyperactivity, etc. There are cases reported where people have noticed blood clots due to the usage of fat burners for weight loss. It is not necessary that you will have all of these changes, however, you do need to be prepared in case you are using fat burners.(5)

5. Allergic Reactions

The fat burners actually consist of a number of ingredients and are prepared scientifically. Not every ingredient used in it might be suitable for you. When you have certain ingredients which don’t suit you, it results in allergic reactions. If you notice such reactions, it would be best to consult a doctor to find out if it is due to the fat burner or not. You could then find out which are those ingredients that don’t suit you.(6)

6. Body Discomfort

One of the side effects of using fat burners is that you would have to face some serious bodily discomfort. When such a situation arises, you would basically have not much control over your bowel movements, you would notice that the stool appears oily and there is also quite an increase in flatulence. Remember all of these when you think of including fat burners in your daily routine!.(7)

7. Anxiety

Because fat burners have a lot of side effects associated with them, you need to carefully monitor all the changes that you are undergoing while taking the fat burner supplements. While monitoring the changes, if you observe any anxiety or sleeplessness then it would be best to stop using the fat burners immediately. These side effects of fat burners can be overcome only by stopping their usage.(8)

8. Fatigue And Dizziness

While using the fat burners, there is a chance of you feeling tired or dizzy which are common side effects. You might not associate fatigue and dizziness as the side effect of fat burners and this is why it is very important to clearly record any changes or disorders that you face while taking these supplements.(9)

9. Gastrointestinal Problems

Irritable colon, abdominal pain, etc., are some of the common gastrointestinal problems that are experienced by people who take fat burner supplements. If you do face any of these issues, the best advice would be to stop using the supplements rather than aggravating your condition even further.

Apart from the above described side effects, there are few other serious side effects too like coma, heart attack, seizures and in some cases death too! So please be really careful while using fat burners and make sure you do not abuse it.(10)

10. Symptoms Of Flu

While using fat burners you might observe certain symptoms of flu like muscle aches, fever, runny nose, congestion, chills, cough, etc. All of these are the mild side effects of consuming fat burners. You need to take note that the above mentioned side effects can be caused due to other ailments as well. So before you conclude them as the side effects of your fat burner supplements, get yourself checked by a doctor to find out the root cause.

11. Headache

Over dosing on fat burners can also result in mild to severe headaches. In such instances, the best option would be to stop the consumption and consult with a physician to determine what the right dosage is for you. If this side effect persists even after changing the dosage, then you need to stop using it immediately. 

12. Depression

This is one of the major side effects of using fat burners. Over dosing or prolonged use of fat burner over a period of time can lead to depression. People who already have depression-related issues should strictly stay away from fat burner supplements.

13. Dryness Of Mouth

Another mild side effect of using fat burners is dryness of mouth. There are a lot of medications also which cause this side effect and though there is nothing to get worried about, it is advised to talk to your doctor regarding this and find out if there is some way to overcome this side effect.

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