How to Do Smiley Face Nails: Step by Step Guide

How to Do Smiley Face Nails: Step by Step Guide

You mostly use the smiley face emoji in your text messages, so why not use it on your nails as well? Smiley Face Nail is incredibly popular, and people love it for all the good reasons. 

Smiley faces on nails are one of the happiest and most fun nail trends. The nail artists get very creative with these smiley-face nails. They can create many options with the smiley face besides plain yellow.

Generally displayed in ultra-bright, multi-patterned, and multi-colored designs. Smiley face nails are super fun, cute, and very unique. Many celebrities rocked the smiley face nail look. They started to get this design to show their emotions on their nails.

And what’s better than bringing a smile on others’ faces just with your nail art?

Let’s see what’s trending when it comes to smiling faces on nails and how to create them. 

Manicure Trend

Smiley face manicures were one of the biggest nail trends in the previous years. But in reality, they are the classic trend of all time. The design has become a popular go-to when the weather gets warm.

Let us check out some of the all-time favorite smiley face nail trends.

1. Classic Yellow Smiley Faces

Classic Yellow Smiley Faces

It began with those classic yellow smiley faces. You cannot go wrong with that classic smiley face design. This bubbly design features blotches of yellow with a singular happy face on each nail.

2. Good Vibes Manicure

Good Vibes Manicure

This cute smiley manicure shows buttery yellow faces on a pale pink backdrop. And the center nail reads, “No bad vibes.”

3. Bright Colors and Smile

Bright Colors and Smile

Bright colors and happy faces go hand in hand in this joyful manicure. It also features glittery silver tips and white starbursts for some texture and dimension.

4. Smiley French Manicure

Smiley French Manicure

You cannot decide between a French manicure and a smiley face. With this design you get both together. Getting a little more creative and adding multiple colored smiley faces bring oomph to this stunning nail art. 

5. Mismatch Smiley Face

Mismatch Smiley Face

If you want even more color, try a smiley face design with a different base hue on every nail. Use ten different sunny shades of the spectrum to show precisely how you feel. No wonder, it shows how you feel throughout- lively and happy!

How to Create Smiley Face Nails

When at home and feeling like doing something creative, just pick up some manicure stuff and start creating fun smiley designs in the nails. Doing so is simple and brings out the creative nail artist inside you.

Here is how to put a smile on your nails using traditional nail polish.

  • Choose a design: Social media such as Instagram and Pinterest would be great for gathering design inspiration.
  • Gather manicure tools: To paint smiley face nails, you will need the following tools:
    • Nail file
    • Metal pushback tools
    • Nail scissors/ clippers
    • Dotting tool
    • Fine liner brush
    • Cuticle nipper
    • Nail polish brush
    • A clear base coat/ top coat
    • Nail polishes in different colors as you like
  • Prepare your nails: Nail art adheres better to nails in good condition, so remove any old nail polish. Trim and file the nails, and push back your cuticles. Buff the surface of the nails to smooth ridges, and apply a cuticle or hand cream.
  • Apply the clear base coat and a colored coat: A clear base coat protects your nails. It helps the layers of colors to last longer.
  • Paint the smiley face: You need a fine liner brush and a metal dotting tool to create tiny details of a smiley face. Precision is the key, so keep it slow and steady.
  • Seal with a top coat: When your nails are dry after the nail art, seal them with a clear top coat.

Once you are done, look at your nails. Didn’t get the perfection? Wel, there is nothing to worry about as beginners fail to get the design perfectly. However, keep practicing to get those bubbly smile faces on nails. 


The technique you use to make smiley face nail art can be adapted to create many other designs. Designs created can be flowers, stripes, leopard print, abstract art, and many more. Think creatively, and do not be afraid to experiment with beautiful nail designs.

Image Source : instagram

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