What Happens When You Smoke a Cigarette in the Morning?

What Happens When You Smoke a Cigarette in the Morning

Having an early morning puff isn’t just a habit for some people but a serious addiction. Smokers find it very appealing to smoke as the first thing when they wake up. However, it becomes very hard when they decide to quit. 

Smoking cigarettes within minutes after waking up increases the risk of lung cancer and respiratory ailments. Other fatal diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and COPD have a high chance of developing as well.

If you wonder what happens when you smoke a cigarette in the morning, this article is going to shed light on the same. For every chain smoker and those addicted to smoking, the article will be an eye-opener. Keep reading!

What Happens When Cigarettes Are Used as the First Object in the Morning?

Increased Chances of Cancer

cigarettes are used as the first object in the morning

Smokers who prefer to light up a cigarette as soon as they wake up find it very hard to quit. It is a highly dangerous and unsafe practice. Such people have a high risk of developing mouth and lung cancer (1). 

Smokers have high levels of Nicotine (2) in their blood throughout the day due to continuous smoking. At night, as the blood nicotine level drops, their neurotransmitters send signals to the brain that arouse the need to smoke as soon as a person wakes up. This makes a person smoke to quench the smoking thirst.  

Increased Chances of Heart Problems

People who tend to inhale more deeply or take more puffs of each cigarette are also at a greater risk of developing cardiac issues (3). 

Therefore, determination to skip the cigarette in the morning is the first step towards a better controlled life. 

Harmful Effects of Smoking Cigarettes in the Morning

There are various harmful effects of smoking early in the morning:

  • Bad breath: Smoking can disrupt your tasting and smelling senses. When a person smokes in the morning, the breath smells of nicotine and other chemicals found in the cigarette. This can impact the sensory system and make a person dull in the morning.
  • Respiratory system: Smoking negatively affects the respiratory system (4). As soon as a person wakes up, the body needs fresh air to replenish and rejuvenate. Smoking early in the morning reduces oxygen, irritates the lungs, and increases mucus production. It may lead to excessive phlegm production and persistent coughing.
  • Dull skin: Smoking in the morning can make the skin appear pale and dull. The hazardous chemicals found in cigarettes constrict the blood flow, making them reach the cells slowly. This makes the skin sallow and prone to infections.
  • Unexpected increase in blood pressure level: Smoking is harmful to cardiac health. If you smoke early morning, the blood pressure can shoot up due to nicotine. Also, the heart rate may increase unexpectedly, thereby leading to restlessness and anxiety.
  • Unhealthy sleep patterns: The major component of cigarettes, Nicotine, is a stimulant. It alters sleeping patterns and makes it difficult for smokers to have quality sleep.

How to Quit Early Morning Smoking?

How to quit early morning smoking

There are many ways which you can apply to leave the habit of puffing in the morning. The first consideration is what prompts you to reach out for a cigarette. Identify the triggering point and reflect on habits that eventually lead to smoking.

If you can identify the trigger, it will be easy for you to quit cigarettes. You need to completely remove or omit the triggering points that lead to smoking early in the morning. Managing early morning habits will help in the long run to maintain your health.

Quitting early morning smoking needs a strong will and inner choice to bring good habits into daily routine. Here are a few tips that you can follow to quit early morning smoking:

  • Get rid of lighters.
  • Start your day with a glass of water. Hydrating sufficiently ensures craving reduction.
  • Plan activities that can distract you from smoking.
  • Introduce exercises in your daily regime.
  • Avoid coffee if you take coffee and cigarettes together.
  • Use stop smoking tools like e- cigarettes or nicotine replacement chewing gum.


The government has been spreading awareness against smoking and how it negatively affects human health. Several studies have confirmed that smoking early in the morning makes one more prone to developing heart diseases and cancer. 

The frequency of smoking and the quality of nicotine also play a major role in developing the habit of early morning smoking. It is important to quit such habits to have a healthy lifestyle. Remember, the more you smoke, the closer you get to being sick and risking your life with life-threatening diseases. 

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