Top 10 Hidden Vodka Side Effects Need to Know Before Drink

vodka side effects

Vodka will have the same effect on you like any other alcoholic drink unless not consumed in moderation. Vodkas contain as much as 40 to 50 percent alcohol, depending on the region where it is being sold. You need to moderate your consumption from 1.5 to 3 oz. While consuming so that the alcohol does not adversely affect your body. Here we will discuss some of the common side effects that vodka can give you.(1)

Top 10 Hidden Vodka Side Effects Need to Know

 1. Liver Disease

Liver Cirrhosis is the most devastating effect of vodka on your body if you do not know when to stop drinking. Alcoholic hepatitis causes the liver to become inflamed and weak. If care is not taken it eventually leads to a painful death. Short term symptoms include nausea, fever, jaundice, pain etc… You need to stop drinking and consult your doctor at once.(2)

2. Brain Damage

Excessive consumption of vodka can wreck havoc on you nervous system, motor functions, speech and even locomotion. This happens due to the loss of brain cells, which are neither replaced nor grown back. The first symptoms of brain damage are lack of concentration, delayed reaction, etc… With the lapse of time and absence of medication all motor functions and control functions will be impaired.(3)

3. Sleep Disruption

The usual idea is that vodka in excess makes you drunk and you are eventually put to sleep. But if this consumption in excess continues then the opposite happens. Vodka or alcohol abuse costs you quality sleep. You are even troubled with nightmares that come with alcohol abuse. All your activities are affected due to your drinking habits.(4)

4. Alcohol Dependence

Heavy consumption of alcohol makes you physically and emotionally dependent on it. Continuous consumption makes the withdrawal difficult and life threatening. You must consult a doctor to get rid of your alcoholism. It is the safest way to curb this problem. This is a very dangerous side effect of drinking that will ruin your life.(5)

5. High Blood Pressure

Another side effect of vodka is high blood pressure. Alcohol in large amounts in the blood reduces the oxygen. This increases the blood pressure and puts strain on the cardiovascular system. Your chances of acquiring high blood pressure will be more if you are consuming high quantities of vodka. It also leads to unnecessary weight gain.(6)

6. Sexual and Reproductive health

Men with the habit of drinking in excess suffer from erectile dysfunction. It also prevents the production of sex hormones and reduces your libido. Women who are heavy drinkers stop menstruating early. The chances of infertility are also very high. Drinking during pregnancy leads to miscarriage, premature delivery or even stillbirth.(7)

7. Heart Disease

Persons who drink vodka on a regular basis are more likely to develop heart related problems. Women who are heavy drinkers are more likely to develop heart diseases. You need to regulate the amount of vodka you are drinking.

These are some of the side effects of drinking vodka. Excess vodka leads to alcohol poisoning. The most responsible thing to do would be to drink in moderation, whereby you get to enjoy yourself without disrupting your health. Stay healthy and avoid heavy drinking.(8)

8. Nerve damage

Vodka consumption directly affects your central nervous system. Slurred speech is the first sign. it reduces brain and body coordination. You will experience a strange tingling sensation in your hands and feet. Do don’t drive in such a condition. Drinking also reduces your ability to make memories. You will not be able to remember what you did under the effect of vodka. Over time, the frontal lobe of your brain which handles your emotions, memories, and judgment will be affected.

9. Blood Sugar

Heavy drinking affects the pancreas which produces insulin. Under conditions of damaged pancreas the body runs into the risk of low blood sugar or hypoglycemia. It can also prevent the body from producing the required insulin required by the body. This prevents the proper utilization of the sugar in the body. It causes hyperglycemia.

10. Dehydration

Excessive vodka leads to dehydration which will lead to further complications like muscle injuries, fatigue, cramps and poor appetite ultimately having the vital organs  shut down.

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