8 Dangerous Side Effects of Weed

Side Effects of Weed

The term weed that is commonly used to refer to the drug and smoking is “Cannabis”, which is also known by the name Marijuana. Though, cannabis has several benefits,  despite these benefits the weed do contain some of the side effects that can be very risky for anyone. Some of the side effects of the chronic use of weed include are mentioned below for better understanding of the drug.

8 Dangerous Side Effects of Weed

1. Stunt Brain Development

Excessive intake of weed can have a negative impact on the person’s brain and it’s development. It can stunt the development of the brain in the users until around the age of 25, when the brain reaches it’s maturity thus causing various ailments related to the brain health come into affect.

2. Breathing Problems

Prolonged consumption of weed can have an adverse effect on the lungs and thus cause breathing problems. Excessive intake can lead to the risk of having several lung related infections and illnesses in the users, which can be even permanent.

3. Increases the risk of Heart attack

Weed consumption often raises the heartbeat of the user and thus increases the chances of having a heart attack. This is more likely to occur among users who are old or have heart problems already. So if person do es have heart problems,  then weed can be dangerous.

4. Brain Health Of Fetus

If a pregnant woman smokes weed, it will not only affect her but also the child she is carrying in her womb. Smoking of weed can have several brain and behavioral issues in the child. Hence, it is always better to avoid the intake of weed during pregnancy. Not only will it save the child’s health but also the woman’s from having negative effects.

5. Anxiety & Depression

Weed intake can worsen the existing mental issues or may create one if there is none. It can increase the existing anxiety issue, depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and give a rise to suicidal thoughts. Thus, if you are suffering from one of them, it is time that you have a check on your smoking pattern. And even if you are not, excessive consumption can land you up in a mess hence it is better to give up on cannabis.

6. Addiction

Like other drugs and narcotics, weed has proven to be addictive too. According to a research, everyone out of 11 users get addicted to it. This addiction can lead to chronic smoking of the same and thus may give rise to several adverse effects that weed have on a person’s mind and body.

7. Testicular Cancer

A study was done in 2012 taking healthy men and men with Testicular Cancer into consideration. It was found that the men suffering from Testicular Cancer were correlated with the abuse of cannabis. Thus, it can be said that Testicular Cancer and the intake of marijuana are correlated and heavy consumption of cannabis can be one of the causes for it.

8. Weight Loss

Most cannabinoids are fat soluble making them lipophilic. This means that the compounds are easily stored in the fat thus leading to slow elimination of the same from the body. This sustaining of weed in the body can cause weight loss over a period of time. Also the long term users  can have positive results of weed in their body  even after two-three months of stopping of the weed intake.

It is advisable to always have a check on the quantity as well as one’s own health conditions while consuming weed. The consumption of weed can get them high easily because it is an addictive element. So it’s better to stay away from weed if you have already started consuming it in high amount. Also consulting a doctor should be must to helpget deaddicted of the weed addiction.

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