What Happens When You Quit Smoking Weed?

what happens when you quit smoking weed

Weed smoking can be an addiction to some people and that is when it is a problem. Some doctors, however believe one can never be addicted to the same. Anyway, smoking is a really bad habit for health. Be it weed, cigarettes or anything, they really have adverse effects on overall health, giving birth to several problems in body especially the respiratory issues. Weed is basically an undesirable plant which is used as a drug. Though it is not addictive in nature, but there are bad impacts on health.

Why Quit Smoking Weed?

One may avail a number of benefits and avoid serious health issues by quitting the weed smoking. Needless to say smoking weed is very dangerous. According to men’s journal, smoking weed can affect body in serious ways like damaging blood vessels, increasing testicular cancer risk, raising the risk of death from hypertension and other such problems. In fact in some cases, the damage caused by the weed smoking is not even cured permanently. This is why it is recommended to quit smoking weed and live a healthy life.

What Happens When You Quit Smoking Weed?

Well, a long term weed smoking can be a part of addiction. Usually quitting the same gets very difficult and even impossible in some of the cases. And it is often seen quitting smoking weed can have negative impacts on body. Following are the possible bad impacts on body when you quit smoking weed:

1. Possibility of Having Crazy Dreams

  • Since you had been on a drug, your body had the habit of the same, thus there are fine possibilities that you have crazy dreams in beginning of quitting smoking weed.

2. Comparative Lesser Appetite

  • It is often seen that some people tend to have a comparatively lesser appetite after quitting smoking weed. Well this, like the previous point is temporary and happens only in beginning.

3. May Drool at Times

  • It is an old belief that if someone suddenly stops smoking weed, the person is likely to drool during their sleep. Quitting smoking weed may result in drooling while sleeping.

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Negative Impacts of Smoking Weed

Following are the negative impacts when a person smokes weed for a long time.

1. Dull or Slow Development

This is especially for teenagers and youngsters. Weed smoking affects our brain in multiple ways but one of the common is by damaging brain cells, which demotes the growth and development of brain and body. In some cases, weed smoking permanently destroys brain cells.

2. Respiratory Problems

  • This is one of the most common factors arises when you are on smoking. A long term smoking of weed or other drugs could result in severe respiratory problems. Quitting smoking weed is very important.

3. Worsen Short Term Memory

  • A long term weed smoking can turn you weaker in sense of your short term memory. It impairs the same and can get dangerous.

4. More Risks of Serious Diseases

  • Weed can increase the risk of testicular cancer and death by hypertension. In addition, it can give birth to a number of other serious health problems which may never get cured permanently.

5. Mood Swings

  • This too is very serious. People may not take it that seriously but smoking weed can cause mood swings. Not just that, it can be converted into big psychological disorders.

Note: It is important to note that every individual has different body and structure. Not all the people may experience these effects.

Weed smoking is one of the ways of drug intake which may result in several body problems including the respiratory disorders, memory issues and some of the severe and serious problems in human body. As they say, prevention is always better than the cure, it is always recommended to not try any drug. Often it is seen that quitting smoking or any other relevant drug intake may result in side effects. In case of weed, there might be some bad impacts but they usually appear only in beginning and are temporary.

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