What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol for a Month?

what happens when you stop drinking alcohol for a month

The use of alcohol has extended from occasionally to regularly and has thus become a major problem. Also, this habit of some people has an adverse effect on their family, their kids and spouse. Several people have tried methods to do so but some, on the other hand have not been able to cope up with the same. You should know what exactly happens when you stop drinking alcohol for a month. Knowing the good results of stopping alcohol consumption might help a variety of people to achieve their goal.

What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol for a Month?

Stopping alcohol drinking for a month have several good and positive aftereffects on body’s overall health. Following are the most probable results you will come across if you do so for a month:

1. Reduce The Risk of Breast Cancer

  • This one is a big result of stopping alcohol for a month. Breast cancer according to doctors is a common disease among women, registers around 1 million cases per year in India.
  • Alcohol attacks the tumour killing antibodies, so stopping alcohol drinking for a month reduces the risk of breast cancer.(1)

2. Lose Belly Fat

  • It is quite common to notice that alcohol increases belly weight. Actually a long time consumption of alcohol damages your stomach and liver which results in poor digestion of fats.
  • This extra fat gets stored on belly. We must have come across a number of examples where quitting alcohol for a month reduces belly fat, help in better sleep, bright eyes, clearer skin and many more benefits.(2)

3. Normalizes Glucose Levels

  • A lot of people have uncertainty about alcohol affecting the glucose levels. Along with numerous problems occurred due to alcohol for long time, this is one more.
  • Alcohol interferes with the blood sugar levels, by reducing the effectiveness of insulin. Stopping drinking alcohol for a month will normalize glucose levels.(3)

4. Improved Glowing Skin

  • Skin is one thing which we focus on the most, take care about the most. Skin gets dull and less attractive due to alcohol consumption.
  • Alcohol makes your skin less glowing. For a month pause of alcohol consumption is likely to turn your skin better.

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5. Improved Mood, Concentration and Mental Performance

  • This must be quite relatable to most of the people who have left alcohol. Alcohol has adverse effects on our nervous system, be it the decision making ability or relaxed mind.
  • Improved mood, a better concentration and good mental performance is probably the greatest and well know benefit of stopping alcohol.

6. Save More Money

  • Now this is obvious and might be a bit funny as well. If you quit drinking alcohol for about a month, you would be able to save enough money that was uselessly wasted. Also, one shall be able to regulate the usage of money in a better manner due to better consciousness and concentration.

7. Sleep Better

  • People on alcohol have this huge problem of not having a good quality sleep.
  • Alcohol addicts are often found dizzy and less active because of lack of sleep.
  • Just a one month pause or quit of alcohol will let a person sleep much better in terms of quality.

8. More Energy

  • Like other benefits, it is correlated to one other. A good sleep, better mental performance and improved mood is directly proportional to the activeness and energy.
  • It is impressive as a benefit. Quitting alcohol gives you a great energy level in your body.

Alcohol consumption should be occasional because once it gets an addiction becomes very hard to leave. Stopping alcohol drinking for just a month can bring so much of healthy benefits. Several research and studies conducted on alcohol addicts reveal that knowing benefits of quitting alcohol for a while can bring a number of changes in schedule and thinking, eventually helping in stopping its consumption. It really has magical benefits on overall health.

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