Beauty Concepts Detoxifying Wipes Review

Beauty Concepts - 2 Pack

When you are travelling or you are camping you can observe a lot of dust, oil and impurities lie on your skin. You can just swipe with beauty concepts lavender face wipes to remove all the build upon your face.

These wipes easily and effectively remove stubborn makeup, dirt and oil. These wipes help to attain a natural radiance and even skin tone.

Beauty Concepts Detoxifying Wipes

How it Works

  • The natural ingredients like lavender and aloe refreshes your tired overworked skin.
  • Especially lavender has the ability to lessen acne and help to lighter skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Where aloe vera helps to replenish its moisture.
  • The nice aroma of these facial wipes makes you feel refreshed and gives nourishment to your skin.
  • Give a wipe and get natural radiance and even skin tone.


  • Designed to be easily portable.
  • Resealable packaging to keep wipes fresh.
  • Restores healthy and smooth skin.
  • Gently and effectively removes stubborn makeup.
  • You can get refreshed skin easily.


  • One wipe is not sufficient to remove the tough eye makeup.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Lavender with aloe facial wipes deep cleanses your skin and eliminates makeup, dirt and oil. These wipes are nice and soft, and after using your skin feels good. You never thought of rinse or wash after using these wipes.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

Q. Is this gluten free?

A: Yes, it is gluten free.

Q. Is there alcohol in this product?

A: There are ingredients like “phenoxyethanol” that sound like alcohol. But I like this product. It is gentle but effective and NOT tested on animals.

Q. Is this portable?

A: Yes. It is portable.

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