Can Skin Get Used to Products?

Can Skin Get Used to Products

We all have that skincare product that we utterly have faith in and that becomes our favorite. There is always one special ingredient in our beauty arsenal that we start using and find it giving positive results. Gradually, we end up using it continuously forever.

Some skincare products really suit our skin and change its look and feel in such a way that you can feel and everyone can see the noticeable difference. Such products become a permanent resident in your beauty shelves. But is it likely that if you use that product for long time your skin can get used to it?

In this regard, can skin get addicted to the product is one of the commonly asked questions and this article will discuss the same. Keep reading to find out!

How Does Skincare Product Work?

How does skincare product work

Before we understand if our skin gets addicted to a product that we use continuously, it is important to learn how skincare products work.

Skincare products work for our skin similarly the way a healthy diet works for our body (1). When buying a skincare product, it is essential that we should get the one with ingredients that suits our skin type. Such products will always be beneficial for our skin and work efficiently to improve the skin concerns.

Every skincare product contains an active ingredient which is its hero. When applied to the face, the active ingredients perforate deep into the layers of the skin and start functioning. From hydrating and moisturizing the skin to strengthening it from the inside, these active ingredients work for what they are meant.

Does Your Skin Become Used to Your Favorite Product?

If you wonder if skin can get addicted to a product, the simple answer is “NO.” Your skin won’t become addicted to the products over time that you have been using for a more extended period now.

You have been using a particular skincare product because it worked wonders for your skin. Some people complain that the product is not giving the same result after a few years of constant use. It leads them to question if this could be because the product has become ineffective or the skin has become addicted?

If you think that your product does not work like it used to and has become less effective in terms of productivity, then there are a few reasons that could cause this to happen-

Decreasing side effects: Sometimes, when we start to use a new skincare product, we can experience some side effects. These side effects are caused by the skin getting accustomed to the new product. With time and regular applications, the side effects start to diminish. That means the skin is enduring the ingredient in the product without any negative impact.

Changing season: As we know that our skin condition changes with the changing season. During winters the skin starts to dry out and during summers it tends to become oily. The same product that worked in summer, might be ineffective for winters. For example, in summers we use light-based moisturizer and in winters we use heavy ones. If we use the lighter ones in winters, it will not work to improve the dryness. Similarly, if we use the heavy ones in summer, they might cause acne and breakouts.

Environmental stressor (2): There are many other factors that can hamper with how your skin behaves. Few of the reasons are hormonal changes, stress, age, diet and lifestyle. These are some of the stressors that can change how the product correspond with your skin. In that case you should pay close attention to what is triggering the cause and work on its treatment.

So, if you think that a skincare product which used to show certain immediate effects is not responding in the same way, it could be due to other reasons. The skin doesn’t get addicted to a product.


Your skin does not get immune to the product or the ingredients you use regularly. If you want to keep going with your regular skincare routine, there is nothing to worry about. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the product, you should contact your dermatologist. And before using any products ensure that the product and the ingredients in it are right fit for your skin.

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