What Does Cholesterol Do for Your Hair?

What Does Cholesterol Do for Your Hair

Cholesterol (1) is a natural fat-like component of the keratinocyte membranes, the cells that make up the hair. It is a waxy and fatty substance that is present in humans, as well as many animals. People also use this substance to treat external areas such as the body and hair.

The body uses cholesterol in various internal functions, like making hormones and building cell walls. Cholesterol is essential to tissues in the hair and skin to keep these cells healthy.

The body makes all the cholesterol it needs, so it is unnecessary to consume any cholesterol sources. However, external sources of cholesterol have some important uses for the hair.

What Does Cholesterol Do for Your Hair?

Cholesterol (2) is a type of lipid. It forms a part of the cells that make up the hair follicle from which each strand of hair grows.

Using cholesterol for hair treatments is one of the most common home treatments for hair. Ingredients which are high in fat, such as mayonnaise, egg yolk, and olive oil, are commonly used in cholesterol treatment.

Benefits of Cholesterol for Hair

cholesterol for hair

A cholesterol treatment has several benefits for all different types of hair. Those with oily hair can apply the treatment only on the ends of the hair. At the same time, those with dry hair can apply the treatment from scalp to end.

During winters, the hair gets dry and brittle the most. A cholesterol hair treatment (3) helps retain the moisture and stay soft and healthy.

The following are the benefits that the cholesterol hair treatment provides to the hair:

  • Repairs the hair: Cholesterol treatment helps repair damaged hair. It coats the hair with lipids and transfers some of those fats and minimal protein into the hair shaft to strengthen it.
  • Rehydrates the hair: People lose the moisture of their hair due to over washing, using too many hair products, or simply having dry hair type. Cholesterol treatment may be beneficial for providing rehydration to the hair.
  • Helps the hair cuticle lay flat: The cuticle of hair may start to open or spray when they get damaged, giving the hair a frizzy look. Adding lipids such as cholesterol, ceramides, and 18-MEA helps to restore the barrier in the hair. That helps the cuticle lie flat, giving it a more natural look.
  • Hair softening: Cholesterol treatments also help in softening the hair. The cholesterol may help improve damaged or rough hair. It helps soften the dry hair by adding a protective layer to the hair strands.
  • Defining curls: Curls and waves usually lack natural oil or sebum in the middle and ends of the hair cuticles and shaft. The oils in cholesterol treatment can help build sebum. The additional moisture helps to make the hair more elastic, bouncier, and a lovely natural curl pattern intact.
  • Hair shine: Damaged hair may be dull and have an unhealthy look. Cholesterol treatments help restore the natural shine of the hair.
  • Great for over-processed hair: Hair treatments involving heat, dyes, or chemical processes may leave their hair overworked or damaged. Heat may affect the structure of the hair cells. It may cause long-term damage to the hair fiber. A cholesterol treatment is designed to counteract that damage. This treatment helps restore the hair’s health, moisture, and softness.

Cholesterol Treatment for Hair

Cholesterol treatment for hair

Mayonnaise treatment: One of the oldest forms of cholesterol is mayonnaise. Mayonnaise treatment may help to add cholesterol to the hair. Mayonnaise contains egg yolk, rich in cholesterol, vinegar, and other acids to lower the pH.

Steps involved- 

  1. Apply mayonnaise to the hair, starting from the scalp to the end of your hair. 
  2. Cover the hair with a cap. 
  3. Let it sit for 20-30 minutes. 
  4. Rinse the mayonnaise from the hair and then wash it using a shampoo.

Egg treatment: You can also do the above treatment with eggs if you do not have mayonnaise. 

Steps involved- 

  1. Beat the number of eggs depending on your hair length. 
  2. Apply the beaten eggs to the hair in the same way and wash. 

Eggs also help the cholesterol to get into the hair. People who do not like the smell of the eggs on their hair can use other methods.

Hot oil treatment: Hot oil treatment is suitable for those people who do a lot of chemical or heat styling. They need their hair follicles to be nourished in order to make them look strong, shiny, and healthy.

Steps involved- 

  1. Apply cholesterol hot oil treatment after shampooing your hair. 
  2. Cover your head with a plastic cap for 5 minutes and wash it off. 
  3. Follow with your regular conditioner.

Cholesterol deep conditioning treatment: Several cholesterol treatment products are available in the market that do not smell like eggs or salad dressing. You can use these treatments like a deep conditioner.

Steps involved- 

  1. Apply cholesterol products to your damp hair after shampooing. 
  2. Cover your head with a plastic cap and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. 
  3. Rinse off with cold water.

Avocado treatment: Avocado contains vital minerals, vitamin A & E, and healthy fatty acids. These are essential to nourish and strengthen the damaged and dull hair strands.

Steps involved- 

  1. Mash a ripe avocado to make a smooth paste in a bowl. 
  2. A little olive oil or honey can be added to provide extra shine and moisture. 
  3. Apply this mixture from scalp to the ends in damp hair. 
  4. Massage it evenly and cover the head with a plastic cap, and let it sit for 30 minutes. 
  5. Rinse it off and wash it with a mild shampoo.


Cholesterol treatment helps to repair and replenish, damaged and dry hair. It should be used externally. Consuming high-cholesterol food will not provide the same result as applying topically to the hair; however, it might impact your health negatively.

So be mindful of your choices and use cholesterol for hair correctly to achieve good results. 

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