20 Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Guava Leaves You Never Knew

health Benefits Of Guava Leaves

Guava is a tropical fruit and is consumed majorly all around the globe. It is sweet and juicy and is usually available throughout the year and is extremely healthy. Enriched in Vitamins A and C , pottasium, lycopene, dietary fibres and other minerals, guava has been used used and acclaimed for various medicinal purposes and is part of various tested remedies.

Likewise, guava leaves too have medicinal value and have multiple health benefits. It is an antioxidant and is rich in flavanol quercetin which is important for maintaining good health. So without overlooking the myriad of medicinal and healthy properties these leaves consists of, lets go through in brief the various health benefits of Guava Leaves.

Here are Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

1. To Treat Diarrhea

It is majorly used to treat symptoms of diarrhea. Diarrhea affects one when their colon doesn’t absorb any water and their is no fluid retention. Hence there is an immense discharge and the body tends to get weak and in a state of fatigue. This occurs due to a bacterial infection namely Staphylococcus Aureus that can be effectively fought by the anti-bacterial properties of guava leaves. These leaves contain tannin and other essentials oil that inhibit the bacterial growth and cures diarrhea.(1)

2. To Decrease Cholesterol

Guava leaves are also found to effective in controlling cholesterol levels of the body, thus preventing many health problems. These leaves have phtyochemical substances that inhibit pancreatic cholesterol which reduces the body’s overall cholesterol level. Chemicals like the gallic acid, epicathecin and cathecin that are present in these leaves are responsible for this reduction and balancing of cholesterol levels.(2)

3. Induces Weight Loss

The presence of the compound quercetin and cathecin restricts the fat cell formation and the latter has a fat burning effect in the body. These compounds help in inducing weight loss thus preventing obesity. Being an epidemic of the modern day lifestyle, obesity has taken a toll on lot of lives. It is the root cause for various health ailments like heart problems and diabetes. Hence, guava leaves have proven beneficial for ones looking at losing ounces of weight, however with other additional activities.

4. To Prevent Diabetes Type 2

The hypoglycemic effect of cathecin present in guava leaves helps in maintaining blood glucose levels. Using it for a long run can prevent Diabetes type 2, that is caused by obesity. Being more of a lifestyle disease, a change in one’s regime and the consumption of guava leaves have been found immensely effective in it s prevention and is highly recommended.(3)

5. To Prevent Heart Disease And Stroke

Another major compound present in quercetin, that is anti-oxidant which detoxifies the body. It is essential in reduction oxidative stress that are caused by free radicals. It restricts the formation of low density lipoprotein (LDL) which forms plaque in the blood vessels. This is considered to be bad fat and it can develop atherosclerosis. By consuming guava leaf, plaque formation can be inhibited thus prevent heart disease and stroke.(4)

6. To Prevent Cancer

Found to be effective in preventing several types of cancer such as gastric, breast, oral and prostate cancer, the anti-cancer activity of guava leaves is recommendable. The presence of antioxidant quercetin, lycopene and Vitamin C induce apoptosis , i.e self – killing of the cancerous cells. This was published in a study in 2011 and has since then guava leaves have been incorporated for prevention of cancer.(5)

7. For Prevention And Cure From Cholera

As per a study by Rahim et al, guava leaves have strong anti-microbial properties that is effective against Vibrio Cholera. Being an epidemic in many countries, cholera has caused many deaths around the globe. Therefore consumption of guava leave extract has been suggested to the ones suffering from cholera.

8. To Prevent Inflammation

The presence of ethanol, has been found to have effective anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent inflammation. This was stated in a study by Dutta and Das. Another study by researcher Kawakami, found anti-proliferative properties in guava leaves that could restrict the catalytic properties of prostaglandin endoperoxide. That is responsible for causing inflammation. Even the glycosides present in the guava leaves extract have properties that restrict the histamine protein production that triggers inflammation.

9. To Protect Liver

Guava leaves protect the liver by curing various injuries caused to the liver. The liver can be damaged by excessive paracetamol consumption or from enzymes like bilirubin, alkaline phosphate, aspartate aminotransferace and alanine aminotransferace . These leaves with their effective hepatoprotective property helps in detoxifying the organ.(6)

10. To Prevent Dermatitis

The ethyl acetate compound present in guava leaves extract restrict the chemokine in keratinocytes that are responsible for causing dermatitis. This can be effective in curbing other skin inflammation or skin diseases.

11. To Reduce Allergy

Quarcetin is known for its anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties that is effective in preventing food allergy, skin allergy and dust allergy that could asthma. Guava leaves is the best natural remedy one could opt for to prevent these allergies.(7)

12. To Reduce Arthritic Pain

An autoimmune disorder, arthritis causes severe joint pain. The presence of quercetin in guava leaves reduces the pain and is effective in reducing infection too.(8)

13. For Treating Stomach Ulcer

The methanol present in guava extract that consists of saponine, volatil oil and flavonoid helps to treat stomach ulcer. The presence of tannin promotes the healing of gastric wound and gastric ailments.

14. To Treat Cough

Guava leaves are effective in soothing any irritation in the respiratory act. It is found to have anti-cough properties that relaxes the respiratory muscles thus treating cough. One can prepare guava leaf tea with its extract and have it with honey and ginger, to cure cough.

15. For Hair Growth

Guava leaves are effective in treating hair problems like hair loss and hair growth issues. Applying it on the scalp helps promote hair growth and reduces hairfall.(9)

16. To Improve Skin

Being an anti-oxidant, guava leaves extract can protect skin for various skin problems caused by free radicals. These radicals are responsible for premature aging of skin and for damaging skin cell. Hence consuming guava leaf tea can help in keeping the skin young and firm.(10)

17. To Cure Acne

Having anti-bacterial properties, guava leaves directly attack the bacteria P. Acne, responsible for causing acne. Applying the extract directly onto the acne reduces the acne and dries it. Being anti-inflammatory, guava leaves reduces skin inflammation and heals the skin.(11)

18. For Treating Dengue Fever

With its properties to increase the trombocyte, platelet level in blood, guava leaves can be used to cure dengue fever. The same was stated in a study and now guava leaves are an effective alternative treatment for dengue fever.(12)

19. Treating Bronchitis

With the ability to loosen muscles and relax any distress among them, guava leaves have been observed to promote lung opening thus soothing the cough for one suffering with bronchitis. These leaves reduce the infection in the bronchus of the respiratory system thus gradually curing the symptoms.(13)

20. To Improve Oral Health

Guava leaves can effectively improve oral health considering its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Chewing the leaves can soothe oral discomfort like reducing inflamed gums and mild toothaches.

With the above mentioned health benefits, it is now understood how effective guava leaves are. Hence it is suggested that one should try incorporating these leaves in the health regime for noticeable improvement in their well being. So why wait? Get some guava leaves and bring in the change ladies.(14)

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