How To Take Care of Yourself After a Tooth Extraction

How to Heal Pain After Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction surgery often leads to the continuous pain of varying degrees for several weeks which would require post-surgery medication and additional care from the patient’s side. While regular dosage of specific medicine is administered, a few natural remedies including use of clove oil, warm salt water, etc. often help in speeding up the process of recovery.

How to Heal Pain After Tooth Decay

1. Clove Oil for Tooth Extraction Pain

Clove oil is often used as a first aid when one encounters a severe toothache. It has Eugenol works as a naturally available anesthesia that numbs the nerves in your mouth. Since it has a strong odor and might lead to some side effects sometimes, Clove oil is not recommended for children. It should be used in smaller quantities by briefly dipping it on a piece of cotton/tissue and wiping it over the gums where one experiences the pain regularly.

2. Warm Salt Water

Salt Water has historically been used as a natural medicine for a number of issues including tooth pain. Apart from its ability to stop the bacteria from breeding in our mouth, salt water also promotes healing and can be used post tooth decay surgery. It contains salts and minerals required by our body in the ideal concentration which helps in reducing the irritation caused in the mucous membrane present in the mouth. Salt water is, therefore, a regular recommendation by the dentists for a speedier relief from tooth decay.

3. Tea Bag for Extracted Tooth

Post-tooth extraction surgery might be experienced with bleeding in the mouth. Tea bags are of great help to stop the bleeding. Tannins causes the blood to coagulate thus stopping the bleeding from taking place. Dentists often recommend black tea bag boiled in water for a few minutes to be used on the affected area for 5 minutes for relief. Tea bags also act as an antiseptic which helps in killing the bacteria and preventing the affected area from being infected.

4. Mouth Wash after Tooth Extraction

The immediate hours and subsequent few days after the tooth extraction surgery can make one experience excruciating pain. It is advised to mouthwash during the first 24 hours after the surgery. One can avoid brushing the teeth for the first few weeks and ensure that he/she regularly uses mouthwash instead. Alternating it with the use of salt water every two hours for a week after the surgery would help in reducing the pain at a faster pace.

Dangers of Infected Tooth Extraction

An infected tooth extraction has a few dangers attached to it which can be avoided by taking conscious care on part of the surgeon. There can be a persistent pain, swelling and discharge of yellow or white infected liquid from the mouth. It might lead to a nerve injury which makes the mouth numb.

What Not to Do After a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction pain healing often takes a few weeks depending on the severity and the personal recovery strength of an individual. To make sure one does not slow down the healing process some of the things one should not be doing post tooth extraction surgery include avoiding brushing in the pain area, avoiding lying flat and using a pillow to prop the head up and lessen bleeding, not to rinse, spit or brush forcibly. One should also shift from a diet of solid food items to more soluble food items such as yoghurt, soups and applesauce.

When to Brush Teeth After Tooth Extraction

Brush teeth 24 hours after the tooth extraction however one should not brush the area affected by the surgery and resort to a mouthwash instead.

How Long Does it Take to Recover from Tooth Extraction

The surgery though a bit painful helps one ensure healthy teeth. The post surgery pain usually lasts 2 to 3 weeks but might vary with the individual’s healing ability. The use of the various natural remedies that have been described above can in many cases speed up the process of healing.

Can I Smoke After Tooth Extraction?

The dentists strictly advice against smoking after any oral surgery. Since tooth extraction deal with a number of post surgery issues, smoking aggravates these issues and extends the healing time period. It is advised to quit smoking for at least the first five days as otherwise, it can dislodge the blood clot leading to a dry socket which is an infection that can occur in the empty tooth socket after extraction.

What to Eat and Avoid Eating After Tooth Extraction?

As mentioned earlier, one should avoid solids and only eat soft food items and in fact just liquids such as soup and juice in the first-week post surgery.

Can I Drink Alcohol After Tooth Extraction?

An important part of the healing process post the tooth extraction surgery is to ensure that you do not disturb or dislodge the clot formed as it aids healing. Drinking alcohol and smoking next to the extraction dissolves the clot and leads to a retardation of the healing process. It is therefore strictly advised not to drink alcohol at least for the first 72 hours after the surgery.

Can I Use Mouthwash After Tooth Extraction?

Yes, you can use mouthwash after tooth decay and it is preferable to use one as compared to brushing the sensitive area post surgery.

Severe tooth cavity requires the surgery of tooth extraction to take place. While the surgery ensures that your gums and tooth structure is protected from such cavity, the after effects of the surgery might make a few people daunted enough to never get the surgery done. However with regular check-ups, a series of recommended medication and regular application of the natural home remedies one can reduce the pain considerably and fasten the healing process helping one to cope up with the pain easily.

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