How to Do Hair Tinsel at Home: Step By Step Guide

How to Do Hair Tinsel at Home: Step By Step Guide

Hair tinsel is a popular social media trend that’s trending and takes styling to the next level. These tinsels are luminescent extensions installed on the mane that give a shimmery look to the hair. It is very common amongst influencers, celebrities and the younger generation.

If you want to have a new rocking look using tinsels and are wondering how to put tinsels in hair, read this article till the end.

Hair tinsel obsession is not new. These tinsels not just add glitter but bring freshness to overall appearance. The glittery strands make you look fashionable and chic. 

Hair tinsels are made of silk or polyester that are easy to install without using any bleach. They come in a wide range of colours and give you the liberty to embrace the fantasy that you have always dreamt of. 

Though common amongst the youngsters, it is not unusual to see other generations styling up their fashion quota by using hair tinsels.

Hair tinsels are easily available in the market and you may have to spend depending on the number of strands that you want to put on.

How to Put Hair Tinsels

put hair tinsels

It is usually recommended to put hair tinsels at a salon to maintain hair quality and ensure proper installation for a long-lasting effect.

The two easy ways to put hair tinsels are:

1. Single- Strand Method

Create a slip knot with tinsel and tie it with a few hair strands close to the scalp. This method gives a natural look as tinsels blend with the hair perfectly. This way is ideal when you want to have hair tinsels for a few days only. 

Here are the detailed steps to put tinsels in the single strand way-

  • Brush your hair well. There should be no knots. 
  • Part them the way you do naturally. 
  • Take one inch wide section on each side and clip them at the top of your head.
  • Install tinsels on the undersides of these sections.
  • Create a slip knot loop by folding hair tinsels in half. 
  • Take a small section of hair in one hand and hold slip-knotted tinsel on the other hand. Pull the hairs through the knot and tighten up. Double knot the hair and tinsel to secure them well.
  • Trim the tinsels length up to your hair length.

2. Microlink Method

Take a small hair section and thread it through the microlink bead. Take a few tinsel strands and through the bead thread them to the top. Once tinsel and hair are inside, clamp the bead down with pliers. This method gives a dramatic look to the hairstyle and stays for a long time. 

Here are the detailed steps to put tinsels using microlink method-

  • Use a microlink kit to put tinsels in this method.
  • Brush well and section off the hairs to make them knot free.
  • Temporarily keep a few hair tinsel threads above hair parting using a flat clip. 
  • Take a small hair section below the tinsel using a threader.
  • Using a small bead, fish them together. Take it to your scalp top and let it rest.
  • Once the bead is at the right position, clamp the bead shut using the pliers.
  • Trim excess tinsels to make them your hair length.

How Long Does Hair Tinsel Last?

hair tinsel last

Hair tinsel life depends on care and maintenance. Single strand method usually lasts for 1-2 weeks as they can slip off easily while washing or brushing the hairs. The microlink method may last longer upto few months depending on the method of installation.

If you want to purposely remove hair tinsels, it is recommended to visit a hair stylist so that it can be removed without affecting the hair. The method of removal largely depends on the method of installation. 

In a single strand method, the slip knots are opened and hair slides out. In the microlink method, the beads are squeezed out with pliers in the opposite direction. This makes the tinsel fall out.


Hair tinsels are a great way to include a chic look in your hairstyle. They are not just easy to put on but also fun to add to your hair. You can do it as a DIY, or if you want a long-lasting style, you can visit a salon. 

However, keep in mind not to put tinsels on wet, damaged, or brittle hairs, as it might lead to hair fall. 

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