How to Shave Your Pubic Area Female?

how to shave your pubic area female

Being clean and hygienic is an integral part of everyone’s life. Gone are those days when grooming oneself was not a major concern and was something only celebrities did. The trends have changed and we are simply loving it. One such trend that changed across the period of time is grooming the pubic area. The market is flourished with so many products for personal grooming, the pubic area is not a secret anymore. We are still skeptical to talk about it but that shouldn’t hinder us from keeping it all neat and tidy down there. Let us read to know them in detail how to shave your pubic area female.

How To Shave Your Pubic Area Female?

So lovely ladies, its time to get trimming! Pick up the razors and scissors, lets get care-free being all hair-free.

1. Say Hello To The Scissors

Well it must hairy down there, if this is the first time you are doing this. Well that’s ok! We all have our first time and you should be glad that you have us telling you how to rock it. First you need to take a scissor and chop of all that length of your pubic hair and keep the length as close as possible to the skin. Be slow and gentle. Avoid bruises by not being too quick.

2. Wash It Off

With all that chopped hair over your pubic area and thighs, it would be difficult to have a clear view. So before you get your hands on the razor, wash the area and apply some conditioner to make all that hair soft and moist. The softer it is, the easier it will be to use the razor to shave it. Once done, pat it dry with a towel and get ready for the next step.

3. Foam It Up

If you don’t have one, then go and get yourself some shaving foam. If you were thinking of using soap, then it won’t work on your coarse pubic hair. Once you have the foam handy, spray it all over the area and massage it evenly. Ensure it doesn’t get into your interiors as it might cause irritation. Be every careful and gentle while massaging.

4. Grab Your Razor

Yes, we need a razor but please ensure you pick not based on the color but on the number of blades. Ideally if it is a multi-blade, it would be easy and convenient for you to shave it all in one go.

5. Time To Shave

Now that you have the shaving foam and razor all ready, all you need to do is pull your abdominal skin tight and use the razor in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Be slow, gentle and have a good grip of the razor. Always remember not to over shave around the same area. You might land up peeling your skin and bruising yourself bad.

6. Exfoliation Time

Once you are done shaving, wash all that mess. A lot of women tend to skip this step, but this the most important step to complete procedure. Usually when you shave, one gets a lot of rashes and boils if not exfoliated properly. So to avoid all that additional pain and trauma, use a natural product like rose water. Take a few drops and massage it gently over the shaved area. Gently massage the area so that there is good blood circulation. This step cleanses the pores and extends the time for all that hair to regrow. You could do this on a regular basis.

7. Moisturize it All

After you are done with all that exfoliation, it’s time to head out of the washroom. Come out and pat your yourself dry. Hold on! If you are planning to talc all that area, then stop right now. Women should never talc their pubic area as it increases the chances of ovarian cancer. For moisturizing the area, use an aloe- vera gel or baby oil or egg oil. All these three products are meant for the sensitive areas and aren’t harmful. Massage it well to feel soft and clean down there.

8. Flaunt That Bikini

With that all new hair-free pubic area, flaunting those bikinis is just another cup of tea. Take out your favorites shorts and trunks, and head to your dream beach vacation right now. All that effort you put down there, should give you a lighter and wonderful feeling.

We hope all of you have a smooth and great time shaving, Happy Flaunting Ladies! 🙂

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