How To Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed: 6 Ways

How To Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed

Getting a gorgeous tan is the dream of all. While some people prefer a natural tan, some are not patient enough to sit for hours under the sun to get it. For such people, there are multiple ways of getting tanned, like applying self-tanning sprays, lotions, and creams or sitting in the tanning bed for a few minutes.

What Is A Tanning Bed?

Tanning bed is a device that emits ultraviolet radiation to give people a tan and make their skin darker. Also called sunbed and solarium, it helps to achieve a darker, bronzed tan in a short time and without spending hours outdoors.

How Long Does It Take To Tan In A Tanning Bed?

A noticeable difference in skin tone comes just after one session in a tanning bed. However, it is advised to take at least 3-4 sessions to develop a perfect sun-kissed look.

While the first few sessions provide very small SPF, around SPF 2 or 3, the successive sessions help to darken the skin without damaging it. Initial sessions help build the base tan that holds the visible tan for longer.

How To Tan Faster In A Tanning Bed?

Before you lie in a tanning bed, there are a few things that keep in mind that will help you to tan faster, and some of them need to start before going for your appointment.

Check out the ways to tan faster and give your skin a deeper gorgeous glow.

1. Skin Prep

Preparing the skin ensures it will tan faster in every tanning session. Follow these steps for skin prep-

  • Exfoliate the skin- The outermost layer of the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays first. It is where the dead skin cells reside that shed gradually. Therefore, removing all the dead skin cells before hitting the tanning bed ensures faster and deeper tanning. Use a gentle exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells a day before your tanning session. It will give time for the skin to recover before being exposed to UV rays.
  • Moisturize the skin- Hydrated skin tans the best as it absorbs the UV rays better. Therefore, applying enough moisturizer to the skin will help improve the tan over a few sessions. Besides, dry skin is prone to burning, which is something you would not like.
  • Shave- Where there is more hair on your body, like legs and hands, the UV rays would not be able to reach, resulting in uneven tanning. Therefore, shaving your hands and legs for smooth and even tanning is advised.

2. Remove Makeup And Skincare Products

Before you enter a tanning bed, remove all the makeup and skincare products from your skin. Some cosmetics may block the pores and hinder UV rays from reaching the skin. Also, makeup and cosmetics may contain certain ingredients that react with UV rays exposure.

So, it is better to be safe than sorry. Remove makeup, creams, lotions, deodorants, and everything else you have applied to your skin.

3. Select Your Tanning Bed

Make sure you know the type of tanning bed you use to get tanning. While some tanning beds have more UV bulbs, some emit stronger lights. At the same time, some tanning beds are designed to tan you faster.

You should also consider the difference between lay-down and stand-up tanning beds. Do some research on this before heading to a tanning bed. Also, find what spectrum of ultraviolet rays the bed emits- full-spectrum UV rays or both UVA and UVB?

4. Apply Tanning Bed Lotion

Tanning bed lotion aids in faster and quicker tanning. It is essential to apply this lotion as it prevents making the skin dry and damaged due to UV rays exposure. You can find different types of tanning bed lotions-

  • Tanning accelerators- They contain ingredients that help the skin tan faster and evenly.
  • Bronzers- Bronzers tan skin quickly and protect it from UV rays. At the same time, it also aids in providing an instant bronzer that will give your skin a beautiful darker glow.
  • Tingle lotions- Such lotions intend to accelerate the blood flow and increase melanin production, hastening the tanning process.

Note: Make sure the tanning bed lotion has a small amount of SPF so that your skin remains protected from UV rays damage yet develops a tan without peeling or burning.

Use only tanning bed lotions and not any other tanning lotion, as the minerals or chemicals in outdoor tanning lotions may damage the interior of tanning beds.

5. Change Positions

If you want to get an even tone, it is advised to change your position after every few minutes. It means you must expose all the body parts to the UV rays. You can ask the technician to set a timer to remind you about changing the position.

This step is necessary when you are in a lay-down tanning bed.

6. Schedule Tanning Sessions Frequently

Although it is advised not to use a tanning bed daily, you should schedule frequent tanning sessions for a safe and good tan build-up.

One session is not enough to tan fully, irrespective of how many fast tanning tips you use. Good tanning in a tan bed results from a few good sessions to build it up.

Firstly, get a good base tan that will require using a tanning bed two to three times a week. Once the base tan develops, successive tanning sessions will help you get the desired skin tone.

Using a tanning bed once or twice a week will suffice to maintain this tone. Just make sure that each time you hit a tanning bed, you apply tanning bed lotion for the best result.

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