How to Tan with Fair Skin and Freckles?

How to tan with fair skin and freckles

Fair-skinned individuals are prone to sunburn when exposed to the sun. Though the sunlight can tan them sometimes, the damage caused by the harmful sun rays is often severe. The key to dealing with it and tanning the skin effectively is using the right amount of sunscreen and observing the skin’s response to the sunlight.

Tan with Fair Skin and Freckles

Types of Skin and How to Tan Them

There are two types of skin:

  1. Type-1: It is sensitive and doesn’t tan but burns on exposure to the sun when there is no sunscreen applied.
  2. Type-2: It tans to some extent and sunburn is caused quickly.

Process of Tanning

  • Using a skin darkening cream is the best way to tan any of the two types of skin. Indoor tanning cream or self-tanning lotion can be used once a day to create a fake tan which would appear natural.
  • Conventional and natural methods of tanning have health concerns like skin cancer. Hence it is important to never miss using sunscreen and keep an eye on if there are changes in the moles or freckles.
  • Tanning in the sun results in freckle formation in fair-skinned individuals. These may appear tan but they are not and would eventually disappear.

Sunlight should be used safely during the early hours of the day for vitamin D and let it tan naturally in this period rather than staying in the harsh sunlight to tan the skin. Even though you get the tan, there are chances of developing skin cancer, which would cause severe damage. So, always opt for a safer method.

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